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Friday, January 9, 2015

West Secedes Territory to Islamic Expansion

By allowing an unchecked flow of immutable peoples into their countries and by allowing them to separate themselves from long the long standing customs that have made this countries unique, the First World has invited the events that are unfolding almost everywhere these people have landed. 

France isn’t the only country that has become a battleground for Western Civilization, it’s only the biggest. The United States, United Kingdom and Spain are all just as vulnerable to these bold and escalating soft target attacks by Islamic Fundamentalists.

Back in the century leading up to the Iberians ultimate victory over the Moors in 1492, the Spaniards of that era over time became just as ruthless as their foes. They HAD to. History reveals this in its chronicles of the Spanish conquests afterwards on the North and South American continents. This hardness and convition was formed over centuries of hardship and conflict. Must we have to endure this now?

The civilized world finds itself in the same situation. Empathy is not going to do it. Empathy is going to get us all killed or forced onto prayer rugs facing Mecca.

What it will take to stop these killings is for people to rise up and quit coddling the killers or the communities that produce them.

“We should not have to prove our fealty to France.” It has been stated by the Mulism community. “Oh, but yes you do!” should be the reply.

“We are a moderate people who do not advocate such violence.” It has been said. “Well then prove it.” Should be the reply since there is only one group out there right now yelling “Alla Akbar” when they shoot a group of unarmed people, begging for their lives, in a public place in a major city. Tell me of another and I will correct myself.

If government cannot do this, then the people eventually will. People are not going to continue to stand idly by and watch their neighbors butchered without recourse and retaliation. This will happen at some point. Eventually there will be no protecting anybody and it will become a street to street war.

What is under attack by the new Islamic Fascism is not just Free Speech but Civilization itself. Republics must survive or these ignorant people from blighted and dysfunctional societies will send us all back to the dark ages. By allowing Islamic autonimous regions, host countries have invited dischord and chaos. What other group is allowed to operate in this fashion? In the U.S. our Native Americans are barely given such leeway and they were here first! 

Until we grasp the situation firmly in our minds and resolve to make not just the killers pay but the communities that produced them and even sanction the countries they are from, then our survival prospects are dim.

The families of Islamic killers should be expelled from the country and lose all assets which should then be allocated to the victims. Their names should be added to a registry and are to never return.

If a group does not want to conform to a nations educational and societal provisions then they should not be allowed to remain in the country. You want to wear a hijab to high school even though it is secular? Bye bye, wear it in your Islamic high school back in Yemen you want to wear is so bad. Only nuns wear a habit in the U.S. Are you an Islamic nun? Then lose the head gear or get out.

By compromising and giving in to the uncompromising only leads to more demands and the secession of the authority that keeps a Republic together. By granting more rights to a group of people only emboldens them to ask for more and to eventually impose their will upon other groups. We see this with the Rainbow Coalition and the NAACP who as “oppressed minorities” enjoy more rights in the workplace and in politics than the majority of people in the nation.

As events have unfolded, we can see that we have given away too much as it is. We have given too much support and too much autonomy to people who have only viewed this as a weakness.

Until the so called “Moderate” Muslim community starts mixing with the general public, starts denouncing and outing suspected radicals, why should we give them anything?

Many groups of people have come to this country in the past and conflicts have arisen but right now we don’t have Buddhists shooting up a shopping mall in the name of the Budda. We don’t have Jehovah Witnesses shooting up a coffee shop yelling “Jehovah is the only God!” We don’t have Jews shooting up a newspaper because somebody offended Israel and nobody cares about offending Catholics since the Middle Ages.

But we do seem to have a crop of Islamist Fundamentalists with murder on their minds for the slightest infraction. And as Aesop would say,  “Any excuse will serve a Tyrant”.

So why are they here? Are they here looking for a better life than the one they had where they were, to become Americans and accept the American way of life?

Or are they here to mold America to their cultish image of the world and to impose their religious ideals upon the rest of us at the end of a gun barrel?

The jury is out on that.

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