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Monday, January 12, 2015

Muslims Really Should Question Faith

Why is it that Islam is associated with violence?

Why is Islam so unshakable when so many people are killed in its name in the 21st Century?
Why should Muslims be upset with people being worried when they are around? What they should be upset with is that fellow Muslims are killing people in droves. Does this not bother them?

Islamic militants are currently pressing armed conflicts and killing scores of people in the countries of India, France, Russia, China, The United States, The Philippines, Nigeria, Somalia, Algeria, Belgium, Uganda, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Chechnya and Israel. I'm sure I'm missing a few.

And people are somehow put off on Islam by this. 

With straight faces, Islamic defenders express that this paranoia is unreasonable. THEY are not the cause of the killing but a minority radical element. People shouldn't blame THEM

How CAN'T the producers of world-wide insurrection and the export of terror around the globe be surprised at people’s paranoia in regards to Muslims? How else are people supposed to react?
When they are actually out to get you, paranoia is really just GOOD THINKING.
Should we simply ignore the fact Muslims are sending 10 year old girls into the marketplace with bombs strapped to their bodies to kill innocent people? Should we simply rely on marches and candle-light vigils to combat the growing menace that is radical fundamentalism among…Muslims?
And how does it feel to belong to a religion mostly known for mass murder and forced subjugation to their faith? You don’t agree? Off with your head. And even if you do agree? Off with your head. This is a worthwhile pursuit? 

It's all about force with Islam. It's more important to gain converts than what to do once converted. The main object is to convert and since most people don't want to, force is a requirement. This force draws people who feel powerless and so Islam gives them an excuse to exert force upon others. Convert or die. Allah has spoken and in the blink of an eye we are back to 1095. 

What kind of people tie a man's hand behind their back and throw them from a two story building? I suppose anyone can do this stuff but not anyone is doing these things. There is only one group doing all of this. 
What do I see when I see a Muslim?
Either rightly or wrongfully, I see a religious fanatic. I see a person whose religion dominates not only the way they see God and the world but every action in their daily lives. I see a person who differentiates people as either fellows or outsiders, fellow Muslims or Infidels. I see an uncompromising autobot who blindly follows without questioning. And I see either a killer or a potential killer, an enemy of civilization walking down Main Street, U.S.A. 
Even the women, especially the women, are suspect. And while I'm at it, women in a free society do not live in bags!
Am I alone in this feeling? How did I come to think this way? I wasn't born with this attitude, my attitude was MADE.
The cold cruel nature of the way these Muslims kill casts a pall over every Mosque and Muslims should feel at least somewhat ashamed.
But they don’t feel ashamed.
They feel mistreated. They feel put upon. They feel that THEY are the victims.
And why in the world should they feel that way? See above.
If you want to wail against the insidiousness of Western Culture, our gaudy magazines, our lecherous people and our morally corrupt Hollywood movie machine (ok, point taken), THEN DON’T MOVE TO A WESTERN COUNTRY! Why did you leave your majority Muslim country of peace, love and mutual respect to come to a heathen enclave of blasphemers? Huh? Once Muslims gain a significant population in any country, they start insisting they call the shots for their own community and issue their own laws. 
It is a poor house guest indeed that shows up and tells you how to run things when the place they came from is a royal fucking mess of their own making. It displays an arrogance of a rare stripe.
They come saying they want freedom but then attempt to impose their restrictive religious orthodoxy upon their host country. France is the biggest example that springs to mind but there are others.
This is why Islam cannot lead. Oh, it may take over but it can’t hold. It rages and destroys but has no hope of accomplishment because turmoil and destruction accomplishes nothing. Islam, even what they call Moderate Islam, is a religion of rigidity that cannot bend or change so it will wallow in the pain of history that it has brought to the world and until it stops, there is no choice but that the world see Islam as the death of civilization.
In light of all that has been happening, can someone prove otherwise?

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