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Monday, January 5, 2015

The U.S. a Prison and the Police Our Jailers

Even before 9/11/2001, being a police officer in one form or another has been a growth industry in the United States. Practically everyone who wants to be a cop gets to be one. Cops in this country come in all shapes and sizes and people you’d never even think were cops are, indeed, part of law enforcement either by chosen profession or government edict. Here are a few examples:

The Postman. People who work for the Postal Service are part of law enforcement. They work for a government agency and do pay attention to what’s going on at your house and who lives there.

The Fireman. Firemen are cops too. They report what they see in and around your house just like the Postman.

Your Banker. Bankers are cops but not because they want to be. We all know that they have to report transactions of $10,000.00 or more to the government under the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986. The War on Drugs has failed but the act remains making your banker a conscript in the government’s monitoring of average American citizens.

Your School Teacher. Yep, they’re cops too. They work for the government and are bound by law to monitor and report what they hear from you or your kid should it not sound on the level regardless if it’s on the level or not.
Your Neighbor. Especially if there's a Neighborhood Watch program going on in your town. Nothing like a little authority to go to someone's head. Just think George Zimmerman.

Then there are the uniformed police: State Police, Park Police, Environmental Police, Town Auxiliary Police, Mass Transit Police, Town Police and the Sheriff’s depart/Department of Corrections.

Then we have the Federal police forces: IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA, FCC, DHS, ICE, DEA, ATF, USPM, USDA, USCP and the USPIS to name just a few.

We Have Too Many Cops

There was a car accident in front of my tenement here in Obscurity, Massachusetts. You know how many cops showed up?  Four cruisers, an ambulance and a fire truck. This was a two car accident with no injuries. You would have thought that someone took a shot at the president over here.

This town, like a lot of Massachusetts towns, has an awful lot of police officers in it. The amount of cruisers that serve this town is quite noticeable. There are a lot. Obscurity, Massachusetts is not a high-crime town. Can’t remember if there ever was a shooting in the last couple of decades. Since Obscurity University is nearby there are the usual incidences of loud drunk students every now and then and fender benders, lots of fender benders. But real crime on a scale that someone would notice, nope.

But we have a large police force never the less and when there isn’t enough real crime for them to justify their existence they they’ll MAKE crime.

Uniformed Accountants

This is why the police are so aggressive. They will goad you into an adverse reaction so they can make an arrest and cost you a boat-load of money. They’ll bully you and make you feel small ask you a bunch of stupid questions and never wait for an answer because it’s not an answer they want, they want you to make a mistake so It’ll cost you. That’s they’re raison de entente. They could give a shit whether you’re a wiseguy or not. That’s not the point. The point is they got you by the balls and want to have some fun even though you don’t have a record and were minding your own business.

They scan every license plate in every parking lot in town. They scan every plate on every car parked on the side of the road. SOMEONE somewhere is BREAKING THE LAW and by Jesus they’re going to find them and write them a ticket.

I have a friend who suggested long ago that the Registry of Motor Vehicles should issue license plates with a barcode on them so all the cops have to do is swipe a reader over the plate and charge you for an infraction. It can't be long now. And what are you going to do about it, huh? Shut up and sit down!

The cops in the suburbs are mainly just shakedown artists with a badge. Every now and again they hit us with a “road tax” because of some infraction that 800 people before you just did but today YOU did it. That’s the way it works. We have too many police for too little actually crime so when business is bad, and crime has been down for ages, someone has to drum up some business. They treat the American taxpayer like shit.

To them EVERYONE is a criminal. All they have to do is prove it.

A Prison State

We are constantly under surveillance. The United States has become an open air prison and the police are our jailers. We are always monitored. Your license plate is always being scanned. Your phone conversations are monitored for “catch words” and there are cameras everywhere.

The United States today is a land of over-policing, over-regulation, over-the-top law and order and too many people in charge. With so many cops, why don’t I feel safe? With so many public police organizations supposedly looking out for us, why are we being told that we are in more danger now than 9/11?

It's all a justification to grow the Police State. Nothing like having more and more people tell you what to do and where to stand, OR ELSE. It is THEY who are in control and it will be THEY who run our prosperity into the ground. The last thing we need is to have cops run this country. They will turn it to shit. They already have.

What good is calling ourselves a free country when you can't HAVE any freedom?

Too Much Television

I grew up with nothing but cop shows on the television. There was Hill Street Blues, Police Story, The FBI, Hawaii Five O, McCloud, Colombo, Quincy right up to CSI, Bones and Law and Order. It's easy to write these stupid "Law Enforcement Dramas" and people never get tired of seeing some holier than thou cop character who "Keeps his search warrant in his shoe" and kicks down somebodies door because he KNOWS he's a "perp" etc. This is why nobody gets a fare shake in court. You have to be guilty, they arrested you didn't they?

Cops Are Above the Law

Recent events have only proven what we’ve known all along: Cops can do anything and get away with it. They can drive drunk, crash into you on the highway, site you for being in an accident and they don’t even get suspended. That's because they're better than you are. What are you to them other than a paycheck?

They can shoot at your new boyfriend, pull him over, pistol whip him and they don’t even lose their jobs.  It was just a misunderstanding is all.

They can pull their service revolver, wave it at their neighbor in a threatening manner and NOTHING HAPPENS to them. They can act with impunity regardless of whether it presents a danger to the public. The public they took an oath to protect I might add. Nothing happens to a cop if they should violate that oath.

They can flash their badge and get what they want. I've seen it done too many times.

As a young man I washed dishes at a local restaurant and two or three cops would come once or twice a week in the back door and eat for free. I was wondering why the fire department didn't come too since it takes more than one fireman to put out a fire.

The police can’t police themselves

It’s time for a civilian review panel.  It’s time somebody was able to fire a negligent cop. The police department has proven incapable of doing it and forget about a grand jury.

It’s time that a panel of either neighborhood, town or state peers sit in judgment of the police departments in their area and get the bad ones out of the department and clear of any of the protections that they enjoyed to run roughshod over the civilian working taxpayer. It’s time the harassment of law abiding citizens as well as the beatings and outright murders not only end but that punitive measures be enacted for when they do occur. Yes, criminal charges and loss of employment should be meted out.

We pay the police a princely sum and for the most part put them above the law and we should thereby hold them to higher standards of conduct.

But who will Bell the Cat?

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