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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama Becomes The Scarlet Pimpernel

“We seek him here, we seek him there, those Republicans seek him everywhere. Is he in Heaven - Is he in Hell? That demmed elusive Pimpernel!”

He is here, he is there, he is everywhere! 

One moment the President is promoting free community college the next he is promoting another Federal government Alaskan land grab. And over here he'll be promoting some subsidy or another. And tomorrow he'll be flying to yet another state to tout universal such and such. It doesn't really matter what, just as long as it's Universal and Free!

In addition to his pen and his phone, Barack Obama now incorporates his plane, or rather, the people's plane, to lead the fight for the Liberal Aristocracy against the murderous Taxpayer Revolution that seeks to thwart his massive spending and taxing schemes.

Just when the Republican party has regained the majority in the both the House and Senate and they think they have a net over the President, Mr. Obama is back on Air Force One, back on the campaign trail and out there trying to give the store away to anyone who with a hand outstretched to take it.

My favorite stupid thing Mr. Obama said during his State of the Union address was that he wanted to "Make Community College free like High School." I hate to break it to anybody who thinks high school is free. Any person who is actually paying a mortgage for a home knows that high school is definitely NOT FREE. The cost comes out of their ever growing property taxes. These taxes used to just go up every year but these days home owners have even been seeing increases quarterly. Over half of every town budget is to cover school costs. Definitely not free. But it SOUNDS great to say and hear the word "FREE".

And this is what Mr. Obama is going to be doing for the remainder of his presidency. Just one declaration after another with the hopes that the Republican party will have to pay attention to and address and take the time to explain every one of them when his partners in the national media, call them the "League of the Scarlet Pimpernel", constantly ask what the Republicans intend to do about each and every one of them.

What to do?

They can’t simply keep saying “Dead on Arrival” even though that is just what these crazy proposals are.

They should simply say that “We are going to listen and study the proposal” and then get right back to being the majority party and sending laws to the president so he can either veto or sign them. And when he vetoes them, they should get busy and override them if they can. That’s the business of Congress. Or at least that’s what it was.

The way to ground Mr. Pimpernel is to send him something he has to make a decision on. Something he has to decide what to do and explain the decision in public. In fact they have to send him lots of things to either sign or not. The rest of his populist bullshit they can just ignore. Brush it aside if asked. “We are involved in the running of the country which the president should join in on and be involved with here in Washington.” And just move on regardless of what he says. "Veto a law? Go ahead and veto it, and while you're at it, here's another."

Scott Pelley, the Leftist pseudo journalist for 60 Minutes, a group that has lost all credibility in the Internet age yet continues on regardless without shame or guilt, just a few days ago asked Speaker of the House John Boehner if he thought sending laws to the President knowing he was going to veto them an “effective way of governing” as if, I suppose, that signing executive orders, flying around the country proposing bills and skirting the checks and balances of Congress was a better way.

This is the kind of Government Media Machine that working people with an idea of holding onto the money they earn for are up against. Rich media reporters who have made their fortunes already working for the government propaganda ministry going after and talking down people who express an interest in and who are in the position to undo the damage President Obama has been doing to the economy overall and to middle income taxpayers in particular.

Keep Talking About the Constitution!

The Republicans should also use the media focus to reiterate and explain the process of Constitutional Government and how it is really meant to work. Talk about the U.S. Constitution, what is in it and what is NOT in it. There is a big problem in government today that NEITHER party talks about the process and how government is supposed to work under our Constitutional framework. No wonder people think Obama has the right to make a law and pass a law. It has to be be put out there at every opportunity by the most prominent of people in government. 

Obama the Arsonist

President Obama is going to continue to fly all over the country, and he likes to pick majority Republican states, and light fires. Just like his presidency was all about redistribution of wealth and destruction of cherished norms, Obama’s energies in his waning days in the White House will be spent in obstruction, distraction, subterfuge, more campaigning and just outright lies.

Hell, it got him to the Presidency didn't it?

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