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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Obama of Everything!

An excerpt of today's fact sheet released from the White House:

“Laws in 19 states—some specifically written by special interests trying to stifle new competitors—have held back broadband access and, with it, economic opportunity. Today, President Obama is announcing a new effort to support local choice in broadband, formally opposing measures that limit the range of options available to communities to spur expanded local broadband infrastructure, including ownership of networks."
Taking over your school lunch programs. Expanding your government run school system. Taking over your healthcare providers. Expanding your welfare programs. Taking over immigration. Running the country through cabinet ministries. Circumventing a spineless Congress. Spending money your kids haven't even earned yet...
And now taking over what Al Gore began, The Internet!
That’s right, the man who keeps on taking and taking and giving and giving is going to provide equality among the masses: Everybody’s Goose is Cooked!
The President was later heard to say: "Hey, you can't beat us, we have ALL THE MONEY!" as he left for his 1, 279th round of golf since he's been in the Whitehouse.
You will never speak or send another message that doesn’t pass through the government’s able hands. You will never email another picture of your kids birthday that some elite government hack doesn't have access to. You will never view naked pictures of pregnant women that someone in government doesn't know about. As the Whitey-hating rage filled Reverend Wright once said: This is your chickens come home to roost.
There is always someone left out. Always someone discriminated against and Mr. Obama can use that person to drive a wedge between the public at large and the U.S. Constitution. Good show Mr. President!
Somewhere there is a person without a government handout and the president is going to FIND that person and give him (or her) a check, a phone, a free lunch AND the Internet. After all, someone must have oppressed that person in the first place that they don’t have all that already.
What won’t he do next that rascally totalitarian presidential emperor!
By decree, his phone and his pen Barak Hussein Obama will right the wrongs meted out by society and the world. His word will carry and all will be well again.
Your Internet is HIS Internet to do with as he pleases. And he pleases that the government should be the guardian of Free Speech!

What can possibly go wrong!

No private enterprise is safe.  They are all bad for people, bad for equality and bad for the nation. Producing things for people to actually purchase, how absurd. Don’t they know like the President knows? Forgive them Father, they don’t know what they have done.
And what is next?
Your 401k perhaps. After all, the government is already going to take care of your retirement with Social Security, you won’t actually be NEEDING that extra cash where there are so many more deserving than you.
Your home. You don’t own it anyway, the bank does and the GOVERNMENT owns the banks. Even if you pay it off, the GOVERNMENT owns the land and you’ll never be able to afford the taxes if you even TRY to pass it along to your heirs.  Give it up now and we’ll go easy on you.
You fly? That’s the government’s airline you’re flying on. Take a train? Ditto!
The statues are being carved and the two story posters are being printed and will soon be in position.
Never say Never.

Obama for everyone!

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