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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jackbooted Police Attack Press in Ferguson, MO

The Press is outraged!
How ironic.

Visiting journalists have had teargas canisters shot at them, had real guns pulled on them , been shot by rubber bullets, arrested and released with no charges, been manhandled, shoved around and bruised, forced out of areas for their own “safety” and generally threatened and harassed as the enemy.
How did it come to this?

Perhaps it is because they are the enemy.
Isn’t this the same esteemed people of the press who have looked the other way and underreported the Obama administrations flouting of the U.S. Constitution?

Are these the same people who have attacked every Tea Party political candidate and orchestrated smear campaigns against the people of the Tea Party, regular working-class folks who sincerely have concerns about the power of our federal government, and branded them as “Kooks” in their left-leaning publications and jokingly referring to them as that homophobic slur “Tea Baggers”?
Could these be the same “Journalists of the People” who have never bothered to take to task the criminality of the National Department of Justice, repeatedly giving Attorney General Eric Holder a pass on his felonious activities such as running American arms to the Mexican drug cartels resulting in hundreds of deaths on the border including U.S. boarder agent Brian Terry and issuing orders to not deport illegal aliens? The same press corps that has not taken President Obama to task for not enforcing the nation’s immigration laws?

Is this the press corps that is now shocked to discover the same disregard for the Bill of Rights has been applied to them?
How pathetic.
In some degree the police are getting the chance to do what many taxpayers would have liked to do but I’m afraid that there is more to this action than a little comeuppance for our honored American press corps.

The tear gassing and manhandling of the press in Ferguson, Missouri  a small suburb of St Louis with a population of 21,203, will serve as a training ground for the future as our government ramps up their troops which used to just be the local and state police forces. Manuals will be written and future police training classes will be initiated in the art of "Handling the Press". But it will not stop there.

With the militarization of the world come the militarization of our nations police forces who now have a wide arsenal of weapons at their disposal including full body armor, night vision goggles, gas masks, stun grenades, semi-automatic shot guns, hollow-nosed bullets in their high-capacity 9mm handguns, fully automatic machine guns and armored personnel carriers with mounted machine guns. 

The pictures coming out of Ferguson, MO right now with people standing with their hands in the air while police in military armored vehicles train machine guns at their heads is a most wondrous sight. 

Now every American town can have their own little Tienanmen Square or Czech Occupation and finally get to know what it's like to be looking down the barrel of a loaded high-powered automatic weapon just like everybody else in the world has. That's a new experience for many U.S. citizens but one I'm sure they will take in stride like they have with everything else that's been going on in the country. Just pay your taxes and shut up and sit down. 
Ferguson, MO looks to be a dress rehearsal for what awaits us all in this country after the shortages our governments “Borrow and Spend, Tax and Spend, Print and Spend” monetary and regulatory policies will bring if allowed to continue. They have made their power grab now let’s see if they can keep it. There will still be a vote come this November.

But the guns are just there to remind us all to keep in line.

Perhaps a bread line.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

United States Escalating World Wide Warfare

President Obama has been taking some heat as the Republocrat War Mongers in the U.S. Congress have climbed over each other to gain the ear of the American public to make political hay from the advancing Muslim horde in Iraq.

This is one of the major public statements Mr Obama has said:

What I just find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up, as if this was my decision. Under the previous administration, we had turned over the country to a sovereign, democratically elected Iraqi government, so let’s just be clear: The reason that we did not have a follow-on force in Iraq was because the Iraqis — a majority of Iraqis did not want U.S. troops there, and politically they could not pass the kind of laws that would be required to protect our troops in Iraq. So that entire analysis is bogus and is wrong. But it gets frequently peddled around here by folks who oftentimes are trying to defend previous policies that they themselves made.”

And actually, what the President said here is true. The Obama administration was indeed negotiating to stay in Iraq but that notion was shot to hell when the "Democratically elected Iraqi government" refused to indemnify U.S. troops which was a critical factor in keeping a force in that country. It wasn't like it was refused once either but the Obama administration was repeatedly rebuked in it's attempts and urging for an agreement to keep U.S. troops in Iraq. But having been denied this agreement, Obama then ordered the troop withdrawal. It was all over the news. This happened three years ago in 2011 by the way.

So in fact Obama was for keeping troops in Iraq before he started taking credit for withdrawing troops, finally, from Iraq. I mean, it was a major campaign promise back when he was elected president the FIRST time in 2008. 

The Iraqi government has spoken. It's not our fight any more and really it never was. We destabilized the country and now lament that it is unstable. If Turkey wants to keep ISIS off their border I suggest they get busy and intervene their own selves. The U.S. should not be in the business of doing the dirty work for nations and governments who are unwilling to do the work and take an interest in their own defense. We've got enough to worry about right here at home.

But here in the United States, war is business. Big business.

What needs to be pointed out in all this is that the escalating arms race that we are heavily involved in is the root of the very problem we claim to be trying to solve. The more arms we supply only serves the purpose of fueling the need for, you guessed it, more armaments.

ISIS has become the best supplied army in the country why? Because they have all the tanks, Humvee and shoulder-fired rockets that we've been supplying the no-show Iraqi army. Who knew? Everybody knew! We've heard for a decade that the Iraqis weren't going to fight. Now it's a surprise. But the bottom line is: We've been sending high-end weapons over there and now ISIS' got 'em. Good Thinking!

One side orders U.S. arms to counter the arms from Russia or Iraq that the other side is getting and then we send in our armaments and so that in turn increases the orders for more Russian and Iranian made armaments. It's quite a little experiment in free market economics.

The Middle East is a weapon manufacturer's wet dream. Millions of uneducated religious fanatics going at each other driven by religious fervor, oil money and a desire to destroy the "unbelievers". The constant consumption and need for arms is just too good to pass up. And who cares if people get killed? They LIKE it when they get killed. Just too perfect.

But plenty of people who don't like it get killed too. Nothing is ultimately achieved. Generations are wasted, societies fail to advance and the people fail to prosper. Nobody is saved. It has just been a blood orgy for as long as I can remember. And many times the "Made in the U.S.A" label is on the product.

The solution is: We have to quit selling tanks to any idiot with a bank account. We've got to stop supporting demi-tyrants and dictators who's jack-boot tactics foster a dedicated opposition.

I don't want the Republocrats back if all they want to do is to continue fighting wars especially in the Middle East where we've been for over a decade just squandering our resources and children's futures. We don't need it and it hasn't been working, has it? 

Selling weapons is a big money maker for the U.S. and we sell the most but at some point we've got to assess what is behind the escalating violence and it the answer is in the mirror.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The United Nations: Just Another Jewish Hate Group

It's obvious, it's glaring and it's telling.

The actions of the United Nations runs counter to events on the ground in Gaza. The IDF has found weapons in multiple United Nations facilities especially the U.N. schools. The first time that missiles were discovered in a U.N. school, they just handed them back to Hamas. A U.N. spokesperson was quoted as saying; “Oops!”

The U.N. vowed an investigation. I wonder how that turned out.

But the U.N. being caught out in the open does not register with them. They will not let facts get in the way of their mission of bailing out Hamas.

It is an open secret that Hamas has been subjecting foreign journalists with intimidation when they should happen to inadvertently photograph or film Hamas in an “unfavorable light” like when they dress in civilian clothes as they fire rockets at Israel or firing rockets from hospital grounds or more pointedly U.N. facilities and schools. Only journalists who have left Gaza have been able to report these truths. Hamas, whether by accident or on purpose, even bombed their own refugee camp…nothing, it is all forgotten. To the U.N. the onus is on Israel to prove every step while Hamas operates with impunity in their eyes. “Prove to us that Hamas is firing rockets from refugee camps. Prove to us that Hamas is using human shields!” they demand. What does Hamas have to prove? This is absurd.

Who admonishes Hamas to “do more” to protect their “civilian” population? Who is calling for Hamas to stop using their population as shields? I haven’t heard that out of the U.N. Must’ve missed that press release.
They aren’t fooling anybody.

So far the United Nations has never failed to pull Hama’s bacon out of the fire (pun intended). Hamas has come to depend on it and with the U.N. behind them, they are further emboldened in their single-minded nefarious enterprise.

This is why Israel has to defeat Hamas. They have to pound them and pound them again. Right into the fucking ground until they yell “Uncle”. You don’t hear them say it, then, keep at them. Only when there is victory over this pestilence in human form, will there be a pause for reflection and peace in the region. Otherwise they will slither back into the light of day and need to be stomped back into the soiled earth that they sprang from. The U.N. has done it's best to keep this conflict going but it should succeed no longer.
There are no civilians in Gaza
I find it an odd occurrence that whenever an Israeli plane shoots a missile at a terrorist, it can hit nobody but civilians. How can their aim be so poor?

Under media questioning all Gazans seem to spout Hamas “talking points” like they were trained in politics. Listen to them next time and you will hear them. End “the siege” or "We are prisoners of Israel." and witnesses  of “random fire” from the IDF. 

This is a puzzle to an outside observer, how can they be in unison? Nobody ever says, “ I wish Hamas would stop the rockets.” They are all either plants for visiting media or they are all soldiers in their war with the Jewish State. I will say they are the later: Everybody in Gaza is a soldier for the fall of Israel.

These people have been brought up hating Israel.  It’s what they do. When they aren't shooting at Israel, there is little to do in the enclave but make more bombs. It’s not like they were busy stitching blue jeans together at their clothing factory for export to Sears or Walmart before the latest conflict started.

When a Gazan declares a dead comrade a "martyre in the fight against Israel" then that person, along with his dead comrade, is a soldier. But not just against Israel for when they go to fight wearing the insignia: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet" they are also soldiers against humanity.

The people who inhabit Gaza are taught from birth to hate Israel and their training to fulfill the declaration of the elimination of Israel starts on their first day on Earth. 

The reality of the situation

There is a suspension of belief here in the United States about the Gazan Arabs. We find it hard to believe that people will live this way on purpose. We project our abilities of recognizing what’s right and wrong, our working class sensibilites, onto other peoples of the world and think that "We are all brothers under the skin." We see these orchestrated images coming from the conflict and think them real. Because really, how can an entire population be enlisted in such a fashion and how can people just put their children in harm’s way like this?

This message of Israeli oppression that Hamas is sending is for us.

This is the same naive thinking of America prior to September 11, 2001 that lead to the World Trade Center buildings being knocked down. The attackers told them nobody would be hurt. We just want the plane. So they gave up the plane.

They said that’s all they wanted.