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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jackbooted Police Attack Press in Ferguson, MO

The Press is outraged!
How ironic.

Visiting journalists have had teargas canisters shot at them, had real guns pulled on them , been shot by rubber bullets, arrested and released with no charges, been manhandled, shoved around and bruised, forced out of areas for their own “safety” and generally threatened and harassed as the enemy.
How did it come to this?

Perhaps it is because they are the enemy.
Isn’t this the same esteemed people of the press who have looked the other way and underreported the Obama administrations flouting of the U.S. Constitution?

Are these the same people who have attacked every Tea Party political candidate and orchestrated smear campaigns against the people of the Tea Party, regular working-class folks who sincerely have concerns about the power of our federal government, and branded them as “Kooks” in their left-leaning publications and jokingly referring to them as that homophobic slur “Tea Baggers”?
Could these be the same “Journalists of the People” who have never bothered to take to task the criminality of the National Department of Justice, repeatedly giving Attorney General Eric Holder a pass on his felonious activities such as running American arms to the Mexican drug cartels resulting in hundreds of deaths on the border including U.S. boarder agent Brian Terry and issuing orders to not deport illegal aliens? The same press corps that has not taken President Obama to task for not enforcing the nation’s immigration laws?

Is this the press corps that is now shocked to discover the same disregard for the Bill of Rights has been applied to them?
How pathetic.
In some degree the police are getting the chance to do what many taxpayers would have liked to do but I’m afraid that there is more to this action than a little comeuppance for our honored American press corps.

The tear gassing and manhandling of the press in Ferguson, Missouri  a small suburb of St Louis with a population of 21,203, will serve as a training ground for the future as our government ramps up their troops which used to just be the local and state police forces. Manuals will be written and future police training classes will be initiated in the art of "Handling the Press". But it will not stop there.

With the militarization of the world come the militarization of our nations police forces who now have a wide arsenal of weapons at their disposal including full body armor, night vision goggles, gas masks, stun grenades, semi-automatic shot guns, hollow-nosed bullets in their high-capacity 9mm handguns, fully automatic machine guns and armored personnel carriers with mounted machine guns. 

The pictures coming out of Ferguson, MO right now with people standing with their hands in the air while police in military armored vehicles train machine guns at their heads is a most wondrous sight. 

Now every American town can have their own little Tienanmen Square or Czech Occupation and finally get to know what it's like to be looking down the barrel of a loaded high-powered automatic weapon just like everybody else in the world has. That's a new experience for many U.S. citizens but one I'm sure they will take in stride like they have with everything else that's been going on in the country. Just pay your taxes and shut up and sit down. 
Ferguson, MO looks to be a dress rehearsal for what awaits us all in this country after the shortages our governments “Borrow and Spend, Tax and Spend, Print and Spend” monetary and regulatory policies will bring if allowed to continue. They have made their power grab now let’s see if they can keep it. There will still be a vote come this November.

But the guns are just there to remind us all to keep in line.

Perhaps a bread line.

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