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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obama Talks Smack at the United Nations

During his speech at the United Nations today, President Obama has vowed to rethink his National Security Agency’s policy of spying on everybody in the world and has instead decided to just spy on American Citizens.
This will help Mr. Obama avoid any more embarrassing foreign privacy issues like the one raised earlier by Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff who somehow misunderstood the intentions of the NSA when it intercepted communications between her and her cabinet members and eavesdropped on Brazil’s U.N. mission and state-run oil company.

“Oops!” Mr. Obama was heard to quip, “But look on the bright side, just look at what we do to countries we DON’T like!”
 Obama went on to note that he doesn’t experience the same outcry at home, “Since my press corps keeps all the important stuff off of the National News.” The Commander in Chief went on to say, "All that talk about upholding the Constitution and all that is dying down. The only thing anybody in the U.S. cares about any longer is when the next iPhone is coming out and the next episode of "Breaking Bad" on cable. I can do what I want here."

President Obama once again repeated a vow he has repeated every year for the last 6 years that he is ready to transfer prisoners out of the military prison at Guantanamo Bay and close it down. He also pledged renewed support for education and economic rebuilding for the people of Egypt, long forgotten since Syria and Iran have pushed their decent into chaos off the American headlines. “Soon I hope to bring the kind of prosperity we have enjoyed the last 6 years in the U.S. to Egypt!” Mr. Obama exclaimed with an emphatic smash of his fist against the palm of his hand. “We’ll fix Egypt!”
Mr. Obama also renewed his vow for peace in the world while warning Syria and Iran that the U.S. will use its “extraordinary military capabilities” to crush anyone who crosses us. “We’re still the world’s policeman and until anybody can knock us off our perch, we’re gonna stay the world’s policeman.” said the President.

And that concluded any real business at the United Nations. Basically it was a typical day.
“Hey, did anyone get a new iPhone this week, aren’t they great?” Exclaimed the U.S. President as he took his Dog and Pony show out of the United Nations building in NYC on his way back to the White House where he still has the important work of sinking the American economy, continuing to wage war all over the world and to feign outrage at just about everything else he cares to meddle in.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

U.N. Indisputably Partisan in Syria Report

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said Monday that results of a report by U.N. inspectors confirming the use of chemical weapons in Syria are “overwhelming and indisputable.”

Actually there is plenty to dispute in the U.N. examination concerning the use of Sarin gas. Surface to air missles are very portable and both sides have them. There has been quite a bit of talk in the past of Syria Opposition forces, the al-Nusra, being caught in Turkey with Sarin. There were also accounts of Sarin being supplied to the Opposition from Saudi Arabia. The Opposition could have also obtained gas from former Syrian government bases that have fallen into their hands. Of course, nothing of the like shows up in the U.N. report.
It's all well and good to state emphatically that Sarin gas was used in Syria but it carries no weight. It is all a Big Lie to point to the Assad regime when the Opposition had access to the same weaponry and, as we all have seen before, has no qualms about staging a Propaganda Scene as only they can with the occasional unwitting martyr thrown in. Where is the moral high-ground for a group of Muslims who can strap a bomb to a mentally disabled teenager and send them into a crowded marketplace? So now we in the West are to believe that it is THEY who are wronged?

And did the U.N. count all the bodies? Early reports stated that MOST the "dead" were buried quickly since the Opposition "feared spreading contamination". If this is the case then the U.N. could never have counted them. No mention of counting them or exhuming the "bodies" appear. Having the Opposition control this message without independent confirmation simply can not be believed. And the film footage from the Opposition is also suspect. People writhing on a gurney with a oxygen mask on their face only reminds me of the Lebanon war where people were planted in destroyed buildings and when they were "rescued" they'd look up at the sky and blame Israel! I was born at night but not last night.
The United Nations is a juiceless organization propped up by the United States to do it's bidding around the world and their "work" in Syria is a classic case. In the eyes of most Americans they never had credibility and therefore cannot lose any more than they had.
The U.N. remains a joke and a puppet. The American people are tired of being played by our overbearing government and aspiring overbearing governments everywhere. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obama: Syria Deal Was My Idea!

Below are some of the more prominent excerpts of President Obama's speach to the nation last night in which he outlined his idea of having the Assad regime turn over their gas stockpile to a neutral country.
 My fellow Americans:
“Although I still really want to bomb Syria into dust to make up for my administration's past mistakes in this region, this plan would be the best thing for the Middle East and I am really glad I thought of it.”, said the president.
“But by not responding to Assad’s alleged chemical attack, that may or may not have occurred just outside of the Syrian city of Demascus, and that may or may not have resulted in the deaths of 1400 people, 498 who very well could have been children, and who may or may not have been killed at all would be a travesty of justice.”

"I mean, facts are facts, if we don't choose to believe these allegations then how can we use them as an excuse to do what we want in the Middle East? We can't take these rumors of abuse of power lying down."

“But in the sole interest of peace, on the advice and council of Secretary of State John F. Kerry, I have instructed my Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to put forth the proposal that Mr. Assad give up his stockpile of gas weapons. It’s the right thing to do.”
“I would also like to appeal to America’s overtapped potential for outrage by siting the use of gas in World War I and the Holocaust even though it has no bearing whatsoever on what is going on today in Syria's civil conflct mainly because we had proof back then that everybody was using gas during those world wars and we don’t really have anything beyond a sliver of an allegation today in a country that is no direct threat to the United States.

But lets not get caught up in minutia.

It is my profound hope that by drawing this imaginary line from the past to the present will somehow get me the votes I need in the House of Representatives so that I can bring proper destruction to Syria the only way a guy like me can since the U.S economy is in such a crappy state of affairs under my leadership and my administration is so deeply corrupt that I have to keep bombing Middle Eastern nations and needlessly killing their people so that the mostly disinterested people of the United States of America will not catch on.”

“And furthermore, if this doesn’t help, then I will rely upon my national media Apparatchiks to float the scenario that if Congress doesn’t let me bomb Syria like I truly need to do, that the American presidency will somehow be diminished and that America itself will lose its place in the world as the top nation that bombs the crap out of other countrys every time a sitting president gets in hot water at home. I hope it doesn't come to this."

"I mean, where would we be as a nation if we had to give up our God given right to do this? 
“As a side note, I have called the Nobel Peace Prize Committee this morning and have told them that the medal they gave me 8 ½ months into my first term is in the mail to them Return Receipt Requested.”

Thank you all and God Bless America under my Presidency.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Obama Risks Global Nuclear War

Even if the present administration can't see it, I’m starting to get a picture in my mind about how this Syrian encounter could possibly play out.
The United States has already sent 6 war ships to the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Russia has 4 ships stationed in Syria with three on the way and has a naval base at Tartus.
If the U.S. does attack Bashir Assad’s positions, what happens if a Russian ship is hit? What also is to keep Russia from putting a “focus” on the Assad opposition to keep them from moving into Damascus upon a U.S. intervention? To avoid a direct conflict with the U.S. in Syria Russia could intervene on behalf of Assad. This could keep the balance of power together.

Since Russia has declared a U.S. intervention without UN involvement to be an illegal act, Putin is too shrewd politically to directly challenge the U.S. once the shooting starts.

However there could be an “incident” where one or the others forces or even a ship is hit. If boots U.S. boots hit the ground in Syria, there will most certainly be Russian boots there as well. With all the ordinance that will be flying around, this could be a problem.
This could escalate a direct conflict with nuclear power Russia. If a Russian ship or Russian troops are hit as a result of a U.S. “surgical” strike, all hell will break loose in the world.

Is this what the U.S government and President Obama wants?
Why would we risk so much based upon a lie?

It makes no sense. It is obvious to everybody but the people in charge of the country that this is in nobodys best interests, especially ours.
What are we doing?

President Obama is a megalomaniac and he and his henchmen in Congress will lead us down the road to ruin if he is allowed to continue.
Who will stop this man?

Monday, September 2, 2013

John Kerry's Legacy: A Political Life of Idiocy and Opportunity.

Is there a bigger idiot in the U.S. government right now than the current U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry?
Even with that lunatic warmonger John McCain running a close second, the big difference there is that John Kerry made his political “bones” as an anti-war advocate during the Vietnam War. John McCain has always been a warmonger. Kerry is a peacemaker suddenly turned war officer.
John Kerry had also publicly thrown “his” war medals over the White House fence in protest of the Vietnam war! Only it turned out decades later that he had thrown someone else’s medals over the White House fence. He actually kept his own and he only owned up to the ruse when a reporter spotted the medals framed and hanging on the wall of his Senate office. So in reality he had thrown another veteran's medals over the White Hosue fence and publicly claimed that they were his own. How stupid is that?

This is a man who had a fire hydrant moved from in front of his Boston condominium at taxpayer expense just so he could park closer to his unit. This man has no shame.
I don't have to go into how his fellow Swift Boat buddies feel about him.
In his "Let's go to War" speech earlier this week, as Secretary of State for the United States of America, John Kerry stood up in front of the American people and lied his ass off…again.

As one person whom I’d identify if I knew his name said it best: “He looked like he was trying to win a high school debate.”
Well said and by the looks of things the American People remain unconvinced.

Why? Because there is no case. Everything John Kerry said is unconfirmed. We don’t know how many people supposedly died in the “strike”, nobody does. We don’t even know if there was a strike. We don’t know who else has poison gas and we don’t know who had actually used it. There is no confirmable proof at this time. And his appeals to our feelings about the CHILDREN were hollow liberal-speak. Nothing we haven't heard from this man his entire carreer as a near-do-well politician who by virtue of being around so long has finally grasped the brass ring of higher power.
But it doesn't matter who is telling the tale, it is still a tale.

Why is it yet again the United States job to teach ANYBODY in the world a lesson in ANYTHING?
The American people, so weary of decades of almost constant warfare, are finally tired of being the World Police. So for the very first time in his bizarre, conflicted and divisive presidency, Mr. Obama is going to state his case to Congress and leave the matter for them to decide.

The last time they got to do this beyond a merely symbolic vote after troops were already sent and involved was World War II. Congress, according to the U.S. Constitution, should be involved in ALL decisions to go to war. This power has routinely been ignored by past presidents since Lyndon B Johnson which resulted in the War Powers Act of 1973 which was passed over the veto of then President Richard Nixon.
But now Congress has the chance to re-assert itself into government.  The outrage of the American people is resolute and has shown to be a resounding “NO” when it comes to this latest act of aggression against a sovereign nation.

The eyes of the world will be upon them. Will the do the right thing? Can they?
The world should now learn that they should fight their own battles. With the prospect of having to deal with the possible destruction of their own territories and economies, they all may be more amenable to negotiation rather than pulling some stunt to get the U.S. involved on their side. Those days should be declared OVER.

Other nations may decry the "Fall of the West" and call actually voting on whether to go to war or not a sign of Weakness but the bottom line is that WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA are tired of spilling the blood of this countries best and brightest for NOTHING and for people who only care about themselves. This includes our own big businesses as well as foreign countries. Our sacrifices have been ignored and our virtues dismissed. We're tired of it and here is the chance we get to state it.

Free trade and non-intervention should return as the policy of the United States of America. We love you all but don’t expect a check.
We should stop funding terrorist dictators everywhere and quit exporting our misery creating infernal machines world-wide. That may sound naïve but look at where the current policy has gotten us. No safer, no richer and has won us no real friends.

The world is full of bad men and lord knows we’ve funded quite a few of them ourselves.
It’s time to stop this cycle of pain and try something else.