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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

U.N. Indisputably Partisan in Syria Report

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon said Monday that results of a report by U.N. inspectors confirming the use of chemical weapons in Syria are “overwhelming and indisputable.”

Actually there is plenty to dispute in the U.N. examination concerning the use of Sarin gas. Surface to air missles are very portable and both sides have them. There has been quite a bit of talk in the past of Syria Opposition forces, the al-Nusra, being caught in Turkey with Sarin. There were also accounts of Sarin being supplied to the Opposition from Saudi Arabia. The Opposition could have also obtained gas from former Syrian government bases that have fallen into their hands. Of course, nothing of the like shows up in the U.N. report.
It's all well and good to state emphatically that Sarin gas was used in Syria but it carries no weight. It is all a Big Lie to point to the Assad regime when the Opposition had access to the same weaponry and, as we all have seen before, has no qualms about staging a Propaganda Scene as only they can with the occasional unwitting martyr thrown in. Where is the moral high-ground for a group of Muslims who can strap a bomb to a mentally disabled teenager and send them into a crowded marketplace? So now we in the West are to believe that it is THEY who are wronged?

And did the U.N. count all the bodies? Early reports stated that MOST the "dead" were buried quickly since the Opposition "feared spreading contamination". If this is the case then the U.N. could never have counted them. No mention of counting them or exhuming the "bodies" appear. Having the Opposition control this message without independent confirmation simply can not be believed. And the film footage from the Opposition is also suspect. People writhing on a gurney with a oxygen mask on their face only reminds me of the Lebanon war where people were planted in destroyed buildings and when they were "rescued" they'd look up at the sky and blame Israel! I was born at night but not last night.
The United Nations is a juiceless organization propped up by the United States to do it's bidding around the world and their "work" in Syria is a classic case. In the eyes of most Americans they never had credibility and therefore cannot lose any more than they had.
The U.N. remains a joke and a puppet. The American people are tired of being played by our overbearing government and aspiring overbearing governments everywhere. 

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