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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Obama Risks Global Nuclear War

Even if the present administration can't see it, I’m starting to get a picture in my mind about how this Syrian encounter could possibly play out.
The United States has already sent 6 war ships to the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Russia has 4 ships stationed in Syria with three on the way and has a naval base at Tartus.
If the U.S. does attack Bashir Assad’s positions, what happens if a Russian ship is hit? What also is to keep Russia from putting a “focus” on the Assad opposition to keep them from moving into Damascus upon a U.S. intervention? To avoid a direct conflict with the U.S. in Syria Russia could intervene on behalf of Assad. This could keep the balance of power together.

Since Russia has declared a U.S. intervention without UN involvement to be an illegal act, Putin is too shrewd politically to directly challenge the U.S. once the shooting starts.

However there could be an “incident” where one or the others forces or even a ship is hit. If boots U.S. boots hit the ground in Syria, there will most certainly be Russian boots there as well. With all the ordinance that will be flying around, this could be a problem.
This could escalate a direct conflict with nuclear power Russia. If a Russian ship or Russian troops are hit as a result of a U.S. “surgical” strike, all hell will break loose in the world.

Is this what the U.S government and President Obama wants?
Why would we risk so much based upon a lie?

It makes no sense. It is obvious to everybody but the people in charge of the country that this is in nobodys best interests, especially ours.
What are we doing?

President Obama is a megalomaniac and he and his henchmen in Congress will lead us down the road to ruin if he is allowed to continue.
Who will stop this man?

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