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Monday, June 25, 2012

States Lose Right of Self-Determination

The very fabric that has held the Union together today was torn. The fears of the founding fathers has been realized and the usurpation of the Constitution is complete. These United States are no longer a more perfect union under God but a direct extension of the Federal Government lead by an all-powerful leader. The autonomy of the States has now been dissolved. The President now dictates to all the mandates he and he alone feels that are best for the country. There is now no power higher that can stand up to the position of the US Presidency.  There is no law but Federal Law.

It really didn’t matter what the Supreme Court determined today in regards to the Arizona Immigration law, the President would have just issued an edict circumventing it anyway. Who could stop him? Will it be Congress? They wouldn’t even try. Perhaps Mitt Romney, the supposed “opposition” candidate? Nope, he’s really there for show. Even if he should ascend to the Presidency, he would only do the same, just like GW Bush before him. They all work for the same syndicate.

But now that Barack Obama has finally achieved what the government monarchs have been aiming for these past decades, will he be able to hold onto this power? History tells us he can’t and while he’s busy running the US economy into the ground; he jeopardizes his already shaky Fiefdom. The collapsing economy will only throw more and more people out of work and the more they are extended a government “helping hand” the quicker the spiral downward. Without wealth to grow, the economy can only shrink. Everybody can’t be on assistance. Right? Well, we’ll find out won’t we.
President Obama’s victory will be a hollow one in American history but perhaps there won’t be an American history after this.

The trouble with the plan is that the Obama regime doesn’t actually know how to run a country. Without the empirical knowledge of organization, division of labor, open markets and allocation of resources that was, like it or not, first developed and employed by the Europeans in their self-driven elevation from Tribe to Village to City-State, a country cannot stand. Obama’s America could very well look like North Korea in the decades to come: A virtual presidential dictatorship ruling a nation of despair, subjugation and of no cultural or economic value to anybody.

Just like the useful idiots from the slums of Venezuela that have kept Hugo Chavez in power for the last 12 years, Obama’s minions will ultimately end up with little. They’ll get to go to school but where will they work? Will the government employ them all? And with what will they pay these educated and privileged masses?  Only a Soviet style que awaits us all.

There was triumph in Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe and his hordes of “oppressed” farm workers managed to “overthrow” the white European farmers who they had worked for all those years and were paid little when compared to the farmer’s prosperity. After all, it was they the farm workers, who made the farm produce. So they took the farms for themselves and rejoiced in their revolution. Now things were going to change for them. And they did. They starved. They took the most successful thriving economy on the African continent and within the year reduced it to the least. The farm workers, now destitute were drinking out of mud puddles and dying of Cholera in the streets. And why was that?
Because they didn’t know how to run a farm.

And here we are.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

George Soros and His Money Mean Nothing

Everywhere on right-wing radio and TV I hear about the “power” of George Soros, how George Soros is funding this left wing group or that left wing group and how I should jump through some hoop or run out into the street to decry this billionaire crazy person who seeks to change the world into a socialized utopia. There's also a fund I can contribute to so this other group can fight his evil plan.

It reminds me of the time I got a campaign letter from my local Congressman about how he has fought to keep my taxes low for the last 8 years and I thought he wasn’t doing much of a job because my taxes seemed to be rising instead of falling. It’s the same deal.

So called “right-wing” stations NEED these “left-wing” foils or otherwise they wouldn’t have anything to talk about and sew fear so you will all run en-mass to a giant hand to take your cash. These right-wing yobs love to quote the Wall Street Journal and their slanted articles. And I would think that if you didn’t like what some newspaper was printing, wouldn’t you stop reading it? If the articles that appear in the WSJ are so slanted then why are you bothering to read them at all?

I don’t read the WSJ so the only way I know they’ve written something is when the right-wing stations pick it up and use it for their own slanted purpose. See? It doesn’t make any sense.
It’s sort of that analogy of it takes two people to slander you, first is your enemy that bad-mouths you and your best friend to tell you what he said.

Anyway, it’s like that with this guy I’ve never heard of except from right-wing media. I am told he is a Billionaire who uses his money to influence government. And here I thought there was already a line for people like that? He’s the only one?
But he funds unscrupulous left-wing groups and backs extreme socialist candidates for public office? So? Why is this important to me?

As a Libertarian I can see only market forces at work here. Billionaire George Soros is using money he’s earned to buy influence. He’s paying people to carry out his itinerary and they will do for him what his money will buy from them. They will therefore put the money they receive from him back into the economy with the consumption of goods. Now if he actually achieves what he’s after is irrelevant, he’s reportedly spending oodles of cash in the quest of an evil empire. Rather Ironic, isn’t it?

There’s only one problem…he’s either got it wrong or the right-wingers have it wrong about him. He may achieve his Socialist Society but he wouldn’t be able to hold onto it for very long and he more than likely already knows this. Perhaps he, much like Obama, doesn’t really care about achieving a Socialist State.

Rather than sowing the seeds of Socialism, Soros Inc. can only ultimately sow the seeds of fiscal collapse. No Socialist State can emerge and here’s why: The State, which does not actually produce anything, will inevitably take too much from producers that production will decline. A declining production will lead to declining revenues. To compensate, the State may print more money but that will cause inflation to rise and the money to lose value. This is economics 101. It's the law of diminishing returns. And here we are.

The government has voted so many guarantees to the public system that it is clear the system will not stand. What follows is collapse and possible chaos. What emerges from that no one can guess.
But I’ll wager a sure bet: There won’t be any social welfare benefits being given out. No pensions, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI or EBTs either. Unlike the first Depression, we've already printed all the money we can get away with to prop up this house of sand. There are no more tricks after that. If a collapse occurs it will be sink or swim baby for everyone. Any society that emerges will again stratify into the producers and the non-producers. This is instinctive, this is heredity, THIS is what a human IS and a human has wants.
This is why Socialism is always a failure: People want to own stuff!

The third word you learn as a child after “dada” & “Muma” is “MINE”. Nothing is going to make that any other way, not public education, WNPR or George Soros. The trees will grow the sand will blow and history will move on. People will behave the same as they always have.

No amount of money is going to change that.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Merkel Would Be Wise Not To Listen To Obama

Taking financial advice from President Barack Obama would be like opening a Big & Tall man’s clothing shop in Tokyo. What does this man know about money except to print and spend it?  Merkel should stick to her calls for austerity.
Contrary to popular media trumpeted misconception, the Stimulus spending package Mr. Obama initiated did not take the United States out of financial crisis; it only put it off for a spell. The U.S. is still in big trouble. Our “Too Big To Fail” policies have put us in a holding pattern right now but we won’t be able to hold up our massive bureaucracy for much longer. That’s why we need another sucker somewhere.

Having Germany underwrite Eurobonds to keep the Eurozone afloat for, let’s say, after the November presidential election, would be a folly of epic proportions. It’s just more of Obama’s soak the rich philosophy that Germany has so much yet Greece and Spain have so little. It’s a shame they didn’t pay attention to their business like Germany did; now Germany will have to pay? Tough sell. The financial cost for THIS YEAR is in the 900 Million Euro neighborhood. What do you suppose it will be NEXT YEAR? Earlier this year the European Central Bank already issued over a Trillion Euro Long Term Refinancing Operations bonds and they did nothing to stop the EU debt crisis so throwing more money at it is going to help? Guess again.
First of all, no nation on God's Green Earth has spent itself into prosperity on borrowed cash. All this money is supposed to be paid back but if it only goes to propping up existing bureaucracy, then it’s all going to waste. The money will be spent and the economy will not be any bigger but the bill for the damages will be. Obama is proposing the same medicine that got the EU into this mess; spending without producing. Without a corresponding increase in production or decrease in overhead, nothing will change except more wealth will be lost. This time German wealth.

Why should the German people, who have done the right thing by not overextending themselves while watching the United States, Greece and Spain grow their money bubbles, now have to go into debt and put off their own pursuits just to bail out a bunch of people who spent money they hadn’t earned yet like there was no tomorrow? It makes no sense. If she falls for Obama's line, I'd like to see Merkel explain it to the German people.
Just because President Obama, a guy who’s never held a private sector job, calls you up and tells you that your austerity measures are too harsh when he’s done nothing but run massive deficits, do you listen to this guy? What does he know about financial health?

Holding Obama and his fiscal know-nothings up until election time at the expense of the German people doesn’t seem like it should be on Angela Merkel’s list of things to accomplish. I wouldn’t buy a used car from this man let alone go along with his proposal to float almost a Trillion Euro to prop up EU countries that only want to avoid any responsibility for their negligent actions.
Only time will tell if Ms. Merkel has Obama’s number or not.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We Can't Afford Public Unions Anymore

Public employees should not be allowed to unionize. It’s that simple. If people don’t like it, they shouldn't enter public service. Public service does not make money, it is a service. When they bargain for raises and benefits, they are bargaining not for profits, like a private company, but taxpayer money. They are bargaining for OUR money.

This isn't a case of labor vs. management like with private unions. The difference between private unions and public unions is apples and oranges.

We are not talking about the Mollie McGuires vs the Coal Companies and the Pinkertons here. The Mollies didn't get their heads clubbed in just so a teacher doesn't have to pony up a $20.00 co-pay like the rest of us have to. Public servants are not gasping in coal mines for want of proper breathing equipment because the robber baron company boss won't spring for it. There is no line to be drawn from one to the other.

Public service was never a big career move. It used to be something people went into for the hours and the benefits, not the wages themselves because public servants never used to get much since everybody in those days understood it was taxpayer money. But somewhere down the line and it really snuck up on all of us, the public sector’s wages really took off in a big way.

People who work in the public sector have always been treated well and have worked in good environments. Now they are treated very well, enjoying rights, privledges and pay beyond most of the people who pay their salaries. Who still gets a pension these days?

The Public Unions use the money collected in dues to support sympathetic political candidates and then sit across the table from them when it's time to negotiate a new contract. The town I live in, Obscurity, Massachusetts, at one time had three of the five Selectman positions held by town employees. They have recently disbanded the Selectman in favor of a panel of 10 District Councilmen.
And never is it more evident of the sky high money some of these people are getting than the public school system. A second year science teacher can get over $50,000.00 a year! Some are making $70,000. That’s with 3 months off, full paid medical and generous sick time. Oh sure, they’re teaching your kids, creating inquisitive minds blah, blah, blah but they’re also making more than that kid’s parents. You know, the people who’s taxes go to pay that salary? Yeah, those parents.
The Teachers Union is the third most powerful union in the United States. Second only to the Police and Firemen’s union, the “Brotherhood”.  The Public School budget is the largest budget the town has to deal with, often amounting to over 50% of the town's budget and in some towns in Massachusetts, closer to 60%. That’s a big deal.

Every increase, every benefit boost and every pension “sweetener” comes out of a taxpayer's pocket. That money could have gone to their kids tuition or to support any of the local businesses but it can't because it's been taken.

The pension liabilities for these communities is more than any of these towns can pay going forward. The contracts must be rewritten but it’s just a case of town employees negotiating with other town employees so what the union wants, it’s gotten up to this point.
But there’s a new wrinkle. We’re BROKE! There are less working people to pay the exorbitant taxes to keep the public unions in silk undershorts.

Wisconsin’s Teachers Union has 98,000 teachers in it. That’s a hell of a voting block and if they want to vote themselves another raise, they most certainly have the votes. Many cities and towns are under the heel of these Kleptocrats. They enjoy more wage and salary benefits than the people who pay their salaries and in the case of the Teacher’s Union in Central Falls, Rhode Island, WAY more. Central Falls had a median income of $22,000.00, one of the poorest in the state. Yet the teachers have been making $72,000.00 to $78,000.00 on average. Plus the school was getting a failing grade for educating its students. When the principal asked that these overpaid lunch-suckers spend more time with the students, they complained and asked for more money. After all, they deserved it, right?

That’s the situation in a nutshell. Public Unions are out of control and call people “Radicals” for wanting to stop the crazy spending that is crushing the taxpayer and local businessmen alike.

No more. Public Unions are killing the towns. You want big money? Start a business. A PRIVATE business. No more living fat off of the taxpayer. We’ve got better things to do with our money than throw it down a public RAT HOLE.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Goes off Deep End, Thinks He’s God.

This is what happens when the State runs things over private choice. Once they took over the Medical field in the 1950s with Medicare, the government then decided that they can tell us what’s good for us. After all, since medicine was now a collective and we are all paying into the "system" the government decided that they could tell us what was good for us. It’s only natural. They own the plan, you just shut up and do as you are told!

If you could have a single payer health plan, like your car insurance, nobody could tell you what to do. If you used it too much, your costs, and yours alone, could increase. But since collectivism has crept into almost everything we do, we get absolute crack-pots like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who thinks he alone knows all and you just are too stupid to understand what he’s putting down in the name of helping you.

Besides being totally mentally ill to believe banning sodas over 16 oz is going to do any good, Mayor Bloomberg first agreed to term limits then decided he should overturn that law so he can do the “Chavez Thing” and appoint himself Mayor For Life!. Good luck to him. Perhaps he felt that by being mayor forever that this will somehow keep someone from throwing a net over him and taking him to a Nut House because if anyone should belong in a mental institution, it's Mayor Bloomberg. The guy is delusional if he thinks this will do anything but make him look foolish. More foolish.

Like this is the biggest problem facing the city of New York! Unemployment is growing, people are shooting each other for drugs, taxes are increasing and people are leaving New York in droves and up in the clouds of Mt Olympus, Emperor Nero is applauding.

But such are things these days in the Formerly Supreme United States of America where up is down and right has somehow become wrong. This man Bloomberg professes to not understanding what all the fuss is about. He’s either lying or stupid. I’ll vote for both.

So I'll be quitting my job this week so I can run 20 oz sodas to New York City. I know I’ll be risking arrest but the payoff will be enormous. I plan on making some good money selling Black Market Beverages on the streets of Manhattan.

Me: Hey man, you need some sodas?
Addict: Yeah man, whatchugot?
Me: I've got 2-litters of Mountain Dew, the hardest stuff you'll find in a bottle, man.
Addict: Oh man, yeah, how much?
Me: That'll be $30.00.
Addict: Thirty? You crazy man? I can get 20 16 oz bottles for that money.
Me: Well go ahead, bro, and have fun opening up all them bottles.
Addict: Just kiddin, man, here's your money, gimme the stuff will ya?
Me: Cool dude, I'll be here every Tues and Thursday.
There you have it. I am off on a new vocation. Der Mayor has created a new profession for me. A new Prohibition and if I play my cards right, maybe I’ll start me a new Kennedy-like clan built off selling my illegal sodas for willing addicts to buy.

What a country!