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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Goes off Deep End, Thinks He’s God.

This is what happens when the State runs things over private choice. Once they took over the Medical field in the 1950s with Medicare, the government then decided that they can tell us what’s good for us. After all, since medicine was now a collective and we are all paying into the "system" the government decided that they could tell us what was good for us. It’s only natural. They own the plan, you just shut up and do as you are told!

If you could have a single payer health plan, like your car insurance, nobody could tell you what to do. If you used it too much, your costs, and yours alone, could increase. But since collectivism has crept into almost everything we do, we get absolute crack-pots like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who thinks he alone knows all and you just are too stupid to understand what he’s putting down in the name of helping you.

Besides being totally mentally ill to believe banning sodas over 16 oz is going to do any good, Mayor Bloomberg first agreed to term limits then decided he should overturn that law so he can do the “Chavez Thing” and appoint himself Mayor For Life!. Good luck to him. Perhaps he felt that by being mayor forever that this will somehow keep someone from throwing a net over him and taking him to a Nut House because if anyone should belong in a mental institution, it's Mayor Bloomberg. The guy is delusional if he thinks this will do anything but make him look foolish. More foolish.

Like this is the biggest problem facing the city of New York! Unemployment is growing, people are shooting each other for drugs, taxes are increasing and people are leaving New York in droves and up in the clouds of Mt Olympus, Emperor Nero is applauding.

But such are things these days in the Formerly Supreme United States of America where up is down and right has somehow become wrong. This man Bloomberg professes to not understanding what all the fuss is about. He’s either lying or stupid. I’ll vote for both.

So I'll be quitting my job this week so I can run 20 oz sodas to New York City. I know I’ll be risking arrest but the payoff will be enormous. I plan on making some good money selling Black Market Beverages on the streets of Manhattan.

Me: Hey man, you need some sodas?
Addict: Yeah man, whatchugot?
Me: I've got 2-litters of Mountain Dew, the hardest stuff you'll find in a bottle, man.
Addict: Oh man, yeah, how much?
Me: That'll be $30.00.
Addict: Thirty? You crazy man? I can get 20 16 oz bottles for that money.
Me: Well go ahead, bro, and have fun opening up all them bottles.
Addict: Just kiddin, man, here's your money, gimme the stuff will ya?
Me: Cool dude, I'll be here every Tues and Thursday.
There you have it. I am off on a new vocation. Der Mayor has created a new profession for me. A new Prohibition and if I play my cards right, maybe I’ll start me a new Kennedy-like clan built off selling my illegal sodas for willing addicts to buy.

What a country!

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