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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

George Soros and His Money Mean Nothing

Everywhere on right-wing radio and TV I hear about the “power” of George Soros, how George Soros is funding this left wing group or that left wing group and how I should jump through some hoop or run out into the street to decry this billionaire crazy person who seeks to change the world into a socialized utopia. There's also a fund I can contribute to so this other group can fight his evil plan.

It reminds me of the time I got a campaign letter from my local Congressman about how he has fought to keep my taxes low for the last 8 years and I thought he wasn’t doing much of a job because my taxes seemed to be rising instead of falling. It’s the same deal.

So called “right-wing” stations NEED these “left-wing” foils or otherwise they wouldn’t have anything to talk about and sew fear so you will all run en-mass to a giant hand to take your cash. These right-wing yobs love to quote the Wall Street Journal and their slanted articles. And I would think that if you didn’t like what some newspaper was printing, wouldn’t you stop reading it? If the articles that appear in the WSJ are so slanted then why are you bothering to read them at all?

I don’t read the WSJ so the only way I know they’ve written something is when the right-wing stations pick it up and use it for their own slanted purpose. See? It doesn’t make any sense.
It’s sort of that analogy of it takes two people to slander you, first is your enemy that bad-mouths you and your best friend to tell you what he said.

Anyway, it’s like that with this guy I’ve never heard of except from right-wing media. I am told he is a Billionaire who uses his money to influence government. And here I thought there was already a line for people like that? He’s the only one?
But he funds unscrupulous left-wing groups and backs extreme socialist candidates for public office? So? Why is this important to me?

As a Libertarian I can see only market forces at work here. Billionaire George Soros is using money he’s earned to buy influence. He’s paying people to carry out his itinerary and they will do for him what his money will buy from them. They will therefore put the money they receive from him back into the economy with the consumption of goods. Now if he actually achieves what he’s after is irrelevant, he’s reportedly spending oodles of cash in the quest of an evil empire. Rather Ironic, isn’t it?

There’s only one problem…he’s either got it wrong or the right-wingers have it wrong about him. He may achieve his Socialist Society but he wouldn’t be able to hold onto it for very long and he more than likely already knows this. Perhaps he, much like Obama, doesn’t really care about achieving a Socialist State.

Rather than sowing the seeds of Socialism, Soros Inc. can only ultimately sow the seeds of fiscal collapse. No Socialist State can emerge and here’s why: The State, which does not actually produce anything, will inevitably take too much from producers that production will decline. A declining production will lead to declining revenues. To compensate, the State may print more money but that will cause inflation to rise and the money to lose value. This is economics 101. It's the law of diminishing returns. And here we are.

The government has voted so many guarantees to the public system that it is clear the system will not stand. What follows is collapse and possible chaos. What emerges from that no one can guess.
But I’ll wager a sure bet: There won’t be any social welfare benefits being given out. No pensions, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI or EBTs either. Unlike the first Depression, we've already printed all the money we can get away with to prop up this house of sand. There are no more tricks after that. If a collapse occurs it will be sink or swim baby for everyone. Any society that emerges will again stratify into the producers and the non-producers. This is instinctive, this is heredity, THIS is what a human IS and a human has wants.
This is why Socialism is always a failure: People want to own stuff!

The third word you learn as a child after “dada” & “Muma” is “MINE”. Nothing is going to make that any other way, not public education, WNPR or George Soros. The trees will grow the sand will blow and history will move on. People will behave the same as they always have.

No amount of money is going to change that.

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