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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Russia Is Not Our Enemy

Whereas I understand the overwhelmingly Orwellian predilection of Government always finding an external enemy to demonize and for the nation’s citizens to hate and fear, I have grown tired of this overused and timeworn ploy.
For one thing, there seems to be no end to the people we should now suspect and fear. There is Syria, that unstable and supposedly secular state that is now in upheaval at the hands of the Muslims. They have The Bomb.

Then it’s Iran who since the 1950s have chafed under their U.S. backed King turned Dictator, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, The Shah. THEY hate us and will do anything to undermine the good ol’ American way.
China seems to always be threatening us one way or another whether it is economically, militarily, its expansion into the African continent or in its declarations that neighboring states are their own and annexing” them.

So the list just grows: Afghanistan, Iraq, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. etc.
But it seems there was always Russia. Growing up it was the Soviet Union or as their sports jerseys always read: CCCP.

The Soviet Union and their Kiev based government were the perfect nemesis for the ever imperial United States. They were an older culture, educated and in the period after WWII were just as militarily powerful.
They were the perfect foil. The Yin to our Yang, the grim faced Washington Generals to our colorful joke cracking Harlem Globetrotters.

I remember growing up watching Wide World of Sports on TV and there was an international boxing competition where we had a squad of amateur boxers, kids really, like 19 or 20 years old with records like 21 wins and 3 losses and we put them up against a Soviet team where they had mostly “students” or rather “physical education majors” from the University of Leningrad or Moscow or something and these guys were in their mid to late 20s and had records of 116 wins and 8 losses. They were professional boxers in actuality and for the most part the U.S. kids got pasted. The team would lose 10 out of 12 contests and afterward the U.S. coach came on and said, “We’ll need more resources in order to BEAT THE RUSSIANS.” And I turned to my brother, who was older and wiser than I, and said, “You hear that? We gotta beat the Russians!” And I’ll never forget what he said to me.
“Why do we have to beat the Russians?”

And I had no answer. I still don’t have an answer. Why DO we have to beat the Russians?
I don’t see Russia as an enemy and I guess I never have. Oh, I’ve been TOLD that they are bad and lead by a series of bad men and the Supreme Soviet et al and the people were not free to move about or even leave the country. Growing up they were the land of Sputnik, Propaganda and World Domination. They would attempt to prove their supremacy at any opportunity.

But we never got to see why so many of these clashes with the Soviet Union actually happened.
The Cuban Missile Crisis is a case in point. The U.S. put nuclear missiles in Turkey aimed at Moscow and the U.S. attempted an armed invasion of Cuba.  In light of this, Russians sending missiles to Cuba would be a logical counter measure and something they would not have initiated otherwise. So why was Russia the bad guy in this event when President Kennedy’s blunders caused the whole thing? I never got that.

So now Edward Snowden has been granted asylum in Russia. I’m glad for this. I think Russia is a better place to be than that toilet of a country Venezuela, a place that Hugo Chavez has managed to destroy in 13 short years in his attempts to “lift up the downtrodden”. Not to say that Russia doesn’t still have it’s issues but we’re not doing too good around here either thanks to decades of shoddy leadership, national media news blackouts and the growing encroachment of government upon every facet of our lives. Sound familiar? This is exactly what WE in the United States used to accuse the Soviet Union of being. The shoe now appears to be on the other foot.  
But people like Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are the true conscious of America today. They have seen the wrongs our government is doing and in good conscience they could not just stand by and watch. They have risked all to bring the truth out. What would YOU do if you saw what they saw? And now that you know what they know, what will YOU do?

In the 1960s we here in the U.S. applauded dissention. But now that the dissenters are in power, these people cannot be tolerated for doing what was thought not so long ago to be the right thing when they see something unjust.  Neither Mr. Snowden or Mr. Manning can release enough so called classified material that could do as much damage to our nation than what our own government has done on its own.

So we see the U.S. government and their media propaganda machine all on the side of “My Country, Right or Wrong”.  But the Government is wrong in its daily violations of the U.S Constitution. The Congress is wrong in allowing this to happen. Since when can warrantless searches happen and nobody says anything? Since when does the President order payments to foreign countries without the Congress approving the funds? Who is alright with this?
Of course Russia never seemed to be tolerant of dissent even a little bit and the U.S. used to use that attitude to bash them over the head any chance we got. But times have changed and that moral high ground is LONG GONE.

No, the enemy of the American people isn’t Russia, China, North Korea or even Iran. The biggest enemy of the AMERICAN PEOPLE is the U.S. GOVERNMENT. They’re campaign of surveillance, influence buying, unscrupulous alliances with big business and the big banks and then having the American taxpayer bankroll the whole thing over and over is a HIGH CRIME.
It is well past the time to withdraw from our foreign entanglements around the globe. They have served no purpose in the long run but to cause more trouble for the nations involved and their people and in the case of Syria, Libya and Iraq, have caused death and ruin to many civilians. The American people are not served by these actions and it only sends notice that our government is out of control.

 We have created enemies for the sake of creating enemies. Whether it’s the law of unintended consequences or by design, this has become our business.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Obama's New Economic Recovery Campaign #3

Oh look honey, it says here that President Obama is going on tour to speak about the economy...again.
As we are approaching year six of the so called Great Recession, President Obama is once again taking the initiative in a new campaign to outline his agenda for the nation’s economic recovery.

So what’s he going to talk about this time?
Raise the nation’s debt ceiling: This time let’s just raise it to $100 Trillion so we won’t have to come back to Congress to raise it again until maybe 2019.  

Increase taxes: Once again Obama’s solution for “Economic Inequality” is to drag people down rather than lift people up. We all know what will spur economic growth but Obama’s Socialist “Spread the Wealth” ideology won’t let those solutions happen.
More Stimulus: Why not? It’s all just paper anyway so why care about how much the mint prints?

Blame Congress: It’s not Obama’s fault the economy isn’t taking off, Congress won’t pass any of his initiatives and only seeks to hurt the minority population of this great nation. When Obama needs new revenue to repair the "crumbling" infrastructure of this country so "people can get to work", he really just wants money to send to the public unions in each state. This worked out real well with his "Shovel Ready" stimulus of his first term, or is anybody really paying any attention? Apparently nobody cares that no private sector jobs were created. What good is a new road if you don't have a job to drive to?
Obama never had an idea on the economy so it’s hard to say he’s out of ideas. He has never run even a hotdog stand and had only ever gotten his community activist money through government grants. His socialist theories have run into the grime facts of economic reality: Redistribution of wealth at the hands of government does not work and never has.

July marks the month in 2007 where the shit really hit the fan in the U.S. economy. The housing bubble burst and the rest just slid into the hole it left. Nine million private sector jobs disappeared seemingly overnight and the government moved…to bail out the big banks and the public sector.
There has been no recovery. For all the glad handing of the economic numbers, nobody with eyes believes things are getting better. What we have going on right now is, to quote Margaret Thatcher; "Things appear to look better when they stop getting worse".

But there is a looming debt problem in this country that is threating to deal the U.S. economy another blow. The debt is either government sponsored or government incurred. Government is too big and too expensive and has its tentacles in every facet of the marketplace whether it’s over regulating business to the point where profit margins suffer or by competing directly with private industry offering services people don’t need.
The lone answer to economic recovery is simple: Get the Federal Government out of the marketplace; all of the marketplace, the student loans, student lunch program, mortgages etc., reduce the tax burden on consumers and shrink the size of government.  Government must get out of the way of small business and allow the invisible hand of the marketplace to give people a chance to work and earn and to grow the economy.  Only this way will people use their buying power and freedom of choice to gain economic independence. But this is not what our government is about these days. It's about dependence, control and dominance.  

So if government really wants people to go out and buy things they first have to put the taxpayers money back into their pockets.
You won’t hear Obama say that.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Victim Nation Rallies For Treyvon

People came out by…well, by the hundreds today to rally for victims everywhere. You see, here in the U.S., minorities are victims.
Whether they expect a check or a well-placed EBT voucher, victims everywhere rallied today to call into question an act of judicial privilege given to… a Hispanic guy.

“How dare someone claim the right to self-defense in America” declared one victim of “The System”.
“This time it was Treyvon who was killed savagely beating a neighborhood watch member, tomorrow it could be your son!” was heard by another.

Across this nation, victimhood was on display for all us oppressors to contemplate and our victims can only hope that we all will come away with a sense that we have nothing to fear from these victimized peoples, who’s only motivation is justice, marching with their fists in the air and who have been randomly smashing storefronts, burning cars and attacking people in the streets in an effort to share their victimhood with others all the while yelling “No Justice, No Peace!”.
 It just fills you with the spirit of understanding and guilt doesn’t it?

"We are going to make more victims before this is all over." yelled one victim sickened by his own victimhood.
So since a jury agreed with George Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense in the shooting of Trayvon Martin the logical thing to do for these victims and the victims supporters who currently occupy the White House and the Department of Justice is clear; Go after “Stand Your Ground” laws everywhere. After all, they have nothing to do with this case.

But armed citizens defending themselves is a BIG problem.
So big that the President of the United States and the Head of the Department of Justice have to drop what they’re doing; Driving the country to the Poor House and running guns to Mexico respectively, to address a growing problem for minority victims everywhere.  

“We can’t have people just shooting people who are attacking them!” pontificated the scholarly Mr. Holder.
“What will become of criminals if we can just shoot them for pounding our heads into the pavement?” says he. “America is better than that!”

For President Obama’s sake, he has a different perspective.
“I’m a victim too!” Says Mr. Obama.
“I remember growing up a victim. That’s why I smoked so much pot and didn’t study much in college to the point where I won’t ever let them release my grades.” confided the President.

“But being a victim didn't stop me, in fact it helped a lot and now I’m President of the United States and I’m not going to let some half-white guy get away with anything under my watch!”
You tell ‘em Mr. President.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obama Announces His Presidency All About Race

President Obama called a press conference, in which he again took no questions, and has formally declared that his presidency is all about race and little else while his bizarre henchman, Eric Holder, vows to “get George Zimmerman” without regard for law and justice.
Can you imagine John F. Kennedy holding a press conference about a single American citizen? It’s just so weird. And then to make the situation all about race is so crazy I hardly can believe my ears. So much for the myth that Obama is the president for ALL Americans when clearly he is not.

He’s more like the “Get Whitey” president since he really hasn’t done much for his black constituency either.  His yearning for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens will hurt the black population more than any other since many occupy the same social strata and would be in direct competition for the same jobs.
Just before his re-election black organizations including the NAACP had accused Obama of neglecting them.

But now with the Treyvon Martin case to invigorate them, they are back on board and all is forgiven regardless of the circumstances because we all know that Obama’s cult of personality trumps law and even truth.
The truth is that Zimmerman’s defense never invoked the Stand Your Ground law. It wasn’t used. It didn’t have anything to do with his trial or acquittal. George Zimmerman claimed the God given right to Self Defense and won.

But to these Race Panderers that currently occupy the Oval Office and the Department of Justice, it is like the trial and innocent finding didn’t even happen.  
Perhaps this is because they want the country to continue to focus on race and the racial divide they themselves have cultivated. They need it to distract the population from the economy or the lack thereof. We are in for some tough financial times and everybody knows they’re coming.

Obama and Holder are trying to do this with the “we know what it’s like to be a suspect” bullshit. Like white people never get pulled over for suspicion or followed in a department store. I’ve worked in retail and whites get trailed plenty also. I was also pulled over in a neighboring town because I went down a street twice looking for a friend’s address. The officer said I was exhibiting suspicious behavior. Whatever.  
Oh, but you don’t know what it’s like to be black and no I never will but I’ve had the same things happen to me as what Obama has claimed happens to ALL black people but since I’m white I guess that doesn’t count.

Nothing counts to a demagogue but the results of their specious appeals.
And it appears to be paying off in spades for Obama and Holder who are peerless in their instigation of racial tension, violence and fear. Not since the Civil War has this nation seen such a Federal effort to incite the population to riot. Perhaps they hope for another.

That’ll get our minds off of ObamaCare.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Media Fans the Flames of Racial Division (03/27/2012)

The media has gotten it wrong, AGAIN! Or was this what they were after in the first place?

First there was the incident between Harvard “Professor” Henry Gates being arrested by a Cambridge policeman after being questioned about why he was breaking into his own (Harvard University’s) living quarters.

Instead of explaining that he locked himself out, the then 58 year old Gates starts in on the white officer about going after a black man. Gates not only accuses the officer of being a racist but also tells the officer “He has no idea who he’s messing with.”

With such an engraved invitation, the officer couldn’t help but arrest the imperial Mr. Gates. This poor excuse for a collegiate professional then goes on the offensive in the media about how he is being persecuted for being “a black man in America.” So much for a college education these days.

But the story that was beamed all over the globe was that of Mr. Gates. The police officer’s story came later, after the angry diatribes of the misinformed turned the man's life upside down. The flames of racial divide had to first be stoked so that the morons who still believe what they read in the papers and hear on TV can march into the streets in their misguided outrages.

Only then does the truth come out. And here it is: Henry Gates is a Jerk! And an unapologetic jerk at that. A fine image for the folks at Harvard to hold up as a shining example of responsibility for one's actions. The officer, Sgt. James Crowley, was doing his job since the public pays him to ask questions when he sees someone breaking into a house. Duh! He doesn’t know how “important” Gates is until he asks him. And of course Mr. Gates told him in no uncertain terms just how important a guy he is. Now we’re all informed.

But truth doesn’t sell news papers or TV ad space. It doesn’t sell fear and it doesn’t sell outrage. Not revealing all the facts can do that nicely however and the national media has taken race-baiting for cash to a high art form.

Now we have the Treyvon Martin case.

Even though it happened a month ago, we are at first led to believe that Treyvon was minding his own business when a “white” Hispanic “law enforcement wannabe” shoots him dead. For nothing! The people of Florida march into the street once again over yet another tragic, racially motivated outrage.

Or was it?

Now, apparently it wasn’t so cut and dried. Did the boy deck Mr. Zimmerman? There are witnesses that say it is so. How can a story a month old be packaged and sold in such pieces? Nobody deserves to be shot dead but the real circumstances had to have been known prior to the first reports that we have heard (and they were). Was this another instance of the general public being played by the media? Looks like it.

Why does the media do this? What was once an industry born to inform and bring the truth to the people all while selling you dish soap and cigarettes has turned into a tool of propaganda, lies and the expert telling of the half-truth. For what?  Just for the money?

Or is there something more to it. Will social change result from such manipulation? Will any good come from such misinformation? Eventually the facts do come to light and that just triggers more anger. Or, since there probably isn't any money in social change either, is this all a charade to keep our minds off of what’s really going with the way our country is being run?  

Did you hear about how the Political Establishment has a direct link to the tax records of their political opponents and have been using the IRS as a political weapon for who knows how long? Bet you didn't. How 'bout the Fed issuing more bonds to fund our country’s massive debt? How about those gas prices? They have been predicted to rise all summer long. Did you catch that? How about our President’s negotiations with the Russian president Medvedev? Oh, missed that too, have ya? How about the scrutiny of this year’s Democratic National Budget? Ha, caught you on that one! That was a trick question because the Democrats have not submitted a national budget for the last three years! There is no Democratic budget.

But you think you know all about the Gate’s and Martin cases, don’t you?

So there are many reasons for the media to foster racial “incidents” and to broaden divisions in the American people, and although many don’t believe it, we are the American people: white, black Hispanic, Asian and others. We are all under assault by this manipulation. We are all threatened by the chaos and upheaval it could bring. I think they call it "Divide and Conquer".

If you’re tired of jumping through the hoops being thrown at you on almost a daily basis these days by the propagandists in our national media, my question is:

Why are you BUYING this crap from them?  

Smarten up, will ya?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Get Government Out of Health Care

The U.S. government has been screwing with the provision of health care in this country since
On July 30, 1965, Lydon B. Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law as an amendment to the Social Security Act, a pyramid scheme in itself that was the cornerstone of his Great Society utopian ideals.

 Basically it relies on others to pay for free health care to people over 65 years old but has been steadily expanded to include other segments of the population including people on the public payroll, SSI disability and illegal aliens in the country for over 5 years.

Everyone who draws a paycheck in the United States has money taken out to pay for this coverage. Over the years the percentage that is taken from the working has increased while the benefits the plans payout have decreased. There is no choice and there is no alternative.  Even though there are private insurance plans available, you must pay for the government plan regardless of participating in a private plan.

There is no Constitutional mandate for the Federal Government to be in the health care business. There is no article or mention and what is not mentioned in the Constitution of the United States therefore falls to the individual States themselves to rule upon. This is what is written in the highest law of the land.

So government has bought its way into the healthcare business as a vote buying scheme. The seniors vote for their free healthcare and the people who pay for it, their children and grandchildren, are basically stuck with it even though, as we see by rising costs and less and less return, it doesn’t work.

For all the touting of the good Medicare and Medicaid has done for people one should keep in mind that this is all we get to see. We never will see the good that could have been done by a free market system since this was never allowed to happen.

The previous system we’ve had since World War II was the mandate of getting our healthcare through our employer. This system was a result of acts of Congress during WWII to limit wages of people working here at home and not fighting the war overseas. Employers then added healthcare as a “Fringe Benefit” that was not subject to the new laws. This was further enhanced by being able to write off these benefits as a business expense.

This earlier intrusion into government intervention in the marketplace essentially created a Feudal System whereby employees were bound to their employers for their healthcare because under the law, only businesses could write off the costs of healthcare. The individual or private family could not! This has stifled personal freedom of the individual to start their own business since it is usually the spouse who has to work a “legitimate” job to secure affordable healthcare while the other person pursues the “American Dream” This robs them of the services of their spouse and the ability to function as their own independent business entity.

Now with the assertion of the ironically named Affordable Care Act, we have made these past dictums mandatory. You are now compelled by the full weight of the Federal Government to buy into, for now, a healthcare plan but later it will be THEIR plan since the government’s intention is to eventually drive out private insurers by force of law.

And like Medicaid and Medicare before it, Nationalized Health Care will be a fluid, ever expanding lesson in Social Imperialism, gradually expanding by new government edicts and taking more resources from other segments of our economy. Something a friend of mine refers to as “Kicking another brick under the Pyramid” and staving off the imminent collapse or another couple of years.  In this way, government can keep bad policy alive for decades and then tout about all the good it’s done since it’s been around so long.

But see things for what they are: The system will collapse.

If the individual had been allowed to purchase their own health insurance, like their auto insurance and had been able to choose from any provider from across the country, we wouldn’t be facing this crisis of government control.

Only when the individual is allowed to make their own choices will there be prosperity in the nation. It is when some nameless faceless central planning committee that deems itself the entity to “know better” than the individual themselves what is good for them do we have such a rule of tyrants.

The government has run America’s health care system into the ground by its increased intervention and its continued participation will only lead us to more problems.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Future of ObamaCare

There is no future for the Affordable Care Act, it’s unworkable.
Call it Ghandi meets Martin Luther King Jr.

Just don’t participate.
You are not powerless against the implementation of this plan. You are not powerless against this government.  Regardless of the law, you have choices.

The government Screwheads have no clue as to how to really pay for their socialized medicine plan. They are relying on the segment of the population in their 20s to pay for much of it. But for most of their 20s these people are exempt from buying into ObamaCare. They can stay on their parents plan until they’re 26 years old. But what if they don’t buy a plan when they turn 27? And what if they can’t?

Right now the people in their mid to late 20s are facing great financial pressure. A larger cross-section are either unemployed or under employed, carry a large amount of student loan debt and now are expected to pay high fees for a health plan they don’t particularly need since, well, they’re young and will stay relatively healthy for the next decade or so. Forcing them to buy into ObamaCare will reduce their purchasing power, already curtailed by debt and lagging opportunity, to practically nothing.

So what if they don’t pay?
But the IRS will enforce ObamaCare, they will be fined and hounded to pay. But where are they going to get the money? It’s the “blood out of a stone” cliché’.  They going to jail these people?. The healthcare plan will be the last priority for them. They won’t even have money for the fines  But these are the people who are expected to carry the burden for the “Affordable Care Act”.  Good thinking.

Having seen my health care deductible double from $500.00 to $1000.00 in two years and expecting it to go to $1500.00 next year, I can no longer easily pay the bills off as they come in so I started sending them $30.00 every other week. I make my own payment plan and send them what I can. If it goes to collections, I ignore them and continue sending the money directly to the receivable department.  My insurance, for all the money my employer pays to them, provides for less and less until it seems I don’t really have insurance at all. They can wait for the money.
Legalizing 12 million or so Mexicans won’t work either. What makes you think THEY’RE going to all of a sudden pay taxes and buy health insurance?  The U.S. government does but that’s just plain naïve.

The illegals have been getting along quite nicely on the underground economy and they should be in no hurry to get off that gravy train. We’ll have to see about how that plays out but I’m thinking buying into U.S. citizenship won’t be the payoff the government thinks it will be.
Private employers are also not powerless in the face of ObamaCare costs and mandates. They will be jettisoning workers from the full time roles and spinning off companies to stay under the employee limit. Part-time employment ie: underemployment, is already growing faster than full-time employment ObamaCare is driving up the cost of full-time employees so it stands to reason that we will have less full-time employment. Duh!

ObamaCare, like the RomneyCare plan we have in Massachusetts, is already cash starved. RomneyCare has never been in the black and neither will ObamaCare.  The attempts at cost controls have all fallen short. The plans will require more and more money that will not be coming from the taxpayer base. There are so many groups and people already NOT paying for these services, the people who do pay will be hard pressed to keep up. I don't see how we'll be able to do it.

By people and companies not participating, not paying and ignoring the health exchanges in favor of continuing to go to their regular clinics and by even paying cash, the Affordable Healthcare Act will not stand. It’s dead on arrival.  

It’s unfortunate that this plan relies on force to implement rather than the people’s desire and free will to participate and this is actually the basis of the plans undoing. It, like most of President Obamas policies, is against nature and the natural order of things.
So if you don't like what's going on, you need do nothing.