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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obama Announces His Presidency All About Race

President Obama called a press conference, in which he again took no questions, and has formally declared that his presidency is all about race and little else while his bizarre henchman, Eric Holder, vows to “get George Zimmerman” without regard for law and justice.
Can you imagine John F. Kennedy holding a press conference about a single American citizen? It’s just so weird. And then to make the situation all about race is so crazy I hardly can believe my ears. So much for the myth that Obama is the president for ALL Americans when clearly he is not.

He’s more like the “Get Whitey” president since he really hasn’t done much for his black constituency either.  His yearning for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens will hurt the black population more than any other since many occupy the same social strata and would be in direct competition for the same jobs.
Just before his re-election black organizations including the NAACP had accused Obama of neglecting them.

But now with the Treyvon Martin case to invigorate them, they are back on board and all is forgiven regardless of the circumstances because we all know that Obama’s cult of personality trumps law and even truth.
The truth is that Zimmerman’s defense never invoked the Stand Your Ground law. It wasn’t used. It didn’t have anything to do with his trial or acquittal. George Zimmerman claimed the God given right to Self Defense and won.

But to these Race Panderers that currently occupy the Oval Office and the Department of Justice, it is like the trial and innocent finding didn’t even happen.  
Perhaps this is because they want the country to continue to focus on race and the racial divide they themselves have cultivated. They need it to distract the population from the economy or the lack thereof. We are in for some tough financial times and everybody knows they’re coming.

Obama and Holder are trying to do this with the “we know what it’s like to be a suspect” bullshit. Like white people never get pulled over for suspicion or followed in a department store. I’ve worked in retail and whites get trailed plenty also. I was also pulled over in a neighboring town because I went down a street twice looking for a friend’s address. The officer said I was exhibiting suspicious behavior. Whatever.  
Oh, but you don’t know what it’s like to be black and no I never will but I’ve had the same things happen to me as what Obama has claimed happens to ALL black people but since I’m white I guess that doesn’t count.

Nothing counts to a demagogue but the results of their specious appeals.
And it appears to be paying off in spades for Obama and Holder who are peerless in their instigation of racial tension, violence and fear. Not since the Civil War has this nation seen such a Federal effort to incite the population to riot. Perhaps they hope for another.

That’ll get our minds off of ObamaCare.

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