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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Get Government Out of Health Care

The U.S. government has been screwing with the provision of health care in this country since
On July 30, 1965, Lydon B. Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law as an amendment to the Social Security Act, a pyramid scheme in itself that was the cornerstone of his Great Society utopian ideals.

 Basically it relies on others to pay for free health care to people over 65 years old but has been steadily expanded to include other segments of the population including people on the public payroll, SSI disability and illegal aliens in the country for over 5 years.

Everyone who draws a paycheck in the United States has money taken out to pay for this coverage. Over the years the percentage that is taken from the working has increased while the benefits the plans payout have decreased. There is no choice and there is no alternative.  Even though there are private insurance plans available, you must pay for the government plan regardless of participating in a private plan.

There is no Constitutional mandate for the Federal Government to be in the health care business. There is no article or mention and what is not mentioned in the Constitution of the United States therefore falls to the individual States themselves to rule upon. This is what is written in the highest law of the land.

So government has bought its way into the healthcare business as a vote buying scheme. The seniors vote for their free healthcare and the people who pay for it, their children and grandchildren, are basically stuck with it even though, as we see by rising costs and less and less return, it doesn’t work.

For all the touting of the good Medicare and Medicaid has done for people one should keep in mind that this is all we get to see. We never will see the good that could have been done by a free market system since this was never allowed to happen.

The previous system we’ve had since World War II was the mandate of getting our healthcare through our employer. This system was a result of acts of Congress during WWII to limit wages of people working here at home and not fighting the war overseas. Employers then added healthcare as a “Fringe Benefit” that was not subject to the new laws. This was further enhanced by being able to write off these benefits as a business expense.

This earlier intrusion into government intervention in the marketplace essentially created a Feudal System whereby employees were bound to their employers for their healthcare because under the law, only businesses could write off the costs of healthcare. The individual or private family could not! This has stifled personal freedom of the individual to start their own business since it is usually the spouse who has to work a “legitimate” job to secure affordable healthcare while the other person pursues the “American Dream” This robs them of the services of their spouse and the ability to function as their own independent business entity.

Now with the assertion of the ironically named Affordable Care Act, we have made these past dictums mandatory. You are now compelled by the full weight of the Federal Government to buy into, for now, a healthcare plan but later it will be THEIR plan since the government’s intention is to eventually drive out private insurers by force of law.

And like Medicaid and Medicare before it, Nationalized Health Care will be a fluid, ever expanding lesson in Social Imperialism, gradually expanding by new government edicts and taking more resources from other segments of our economy. Something a friend of mine refers to as “Kicking another brick under the Pyramid” and staving off the imminent collapse or another couple of years.  In this way, government can keep bad policy alive for decades and then tout about all the good it’s done since it’s been around so long.

But see things for what they are: The system will collapse.

If the individual had been allowed to purchase their own health insurance, like their auto insurance and had been able to choose from any provider from across the country, we wouldn’t be facing this crisis of government control.

Only when the individual is allowed to make their own choices will there be prosperity in the nation. It is when some nameless faceless central planning committee that deems itself the entity to “know better” than the individual themselves what is good for them do we have such a rule of tyrants.

The government has run America’s health care system into the ground by its increased intervention and its continued participation will only lead us to more problems.

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