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Monday, July 22, 2013

Obama's New Economic Recovery Campaign #3

Oh look honey, it says here that President Obama is going on tour to speak about the economy...again.
As we are approaching year six of the so called Great Recession, President Obama is once again taking the initiative in a new campaign to outline his agenda for the nation’s economic recovery.

So what’s he going to talk about this time?
Raise the nation’s debt ceiling: This time let’s just raise it to $100 Trillion so we won’t have to come back to Congress to raise it again until maybe 2019.  

Increase taxes: Once again Obama’s solution for “Economic Inequality” is to drag people down rather than lift people up. We all know what will spur economic growth but Obama’s Socialist “Spread the Wealth” ideology won’t let those solutions happen.
More Stimulus: Why not? It’s all just paper anyway so why care about how much the mint prints?

Blame Congress: It’s not Obama’s fault the economy isn’t taking off, Congress won’t pass any of his initiatives and only seeks to hurt the minority population of this great nation. When Obama needs new revenue to repair the "crumbling" infrastructure of this country so "people can get to work", he really just wants money to send to the public unions in each state. This worked out real well with his "Shovel Ready" stimulus of his first term, or is anybody really paying any attention? Apparently nobody cares that no private sector jobs were created. What good is a new road if you don't have a job to drive to?
Obama never had an idea on the economy so it’s hard to say he’s out of ideas. He has never run even a hotdog stand and had only ever gotten his community activist money through government grants. His socialist theories have run into the grime facts of economic reality: Redistribution of wealth at the hands of government does not work and never has.

July marks the month in 2007 where the shit really hit the fan in the U.S. economy. The housing bubble burst and the rest just slid into the hole it left. Nine million private sector jobs disappeared seemingly overnight and the government moved…to bail out the big banks and the public sector.
There has been no recovery. For all the glad handing of the economic numbers, nobody with eyes believes things are getting better. What we have going on right now is, to quote Margaret Thatcher; "Things appear to look better when they stop getting worse".

But there is a looming debt problem in this country that is threating to deal the U.S. economy another blow. The debt is either government sponsored or government incurred. Government is too big and too expensive and has its tentacles in every facet of the marketplace whether it’s over regulating business to the point where profit margins suffer or by competing directly with private industry offering services people don’t need.
The lone answer to economic recovery is simple: Get the Federal Government out of the marketplace; all of the marketplace, the student loans, student lunch program, mortgages etc., reduce the tax burden on consumers and shrink the size of government.  Government must get out of the way of small business and allow the invisible hand of the marketplace to give people a chance to work and earn and to grow the economy.  Only this way will people use their buying power and freedom of choice to gain economic independence. But this is not what our government is about these days. It's about dependence, control and dominance.  

So if government really wants people to go out and buy things they first have to put the taxpayers money back into their pockets.
You won’t hear Obama say that.

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