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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Media Fans the Flames of Racial Division (03/27/2012)

The media has gotten it wrong, AGAIN! Or was this what they were after in the first place?

First there was the incident between Harvard “Professor” Henry Gates being arrested by a Cambridge policeman after being questioned about why he was breaking into his own (Harvard University’s) living quarters.

Instead of explaining that he locked himself out, the then 58 year old Gates starts in on the white officer about going after a black man. Gates not only accuses the officer of being a racist but also tells the officer “He has no idea who he’s messing with.”

With such an engraved invitation, the officer couldn’t help but arrest the imperial Mr. Gates. This poor excuse for a collegiate professional then goes on the offensive in the media about how he is being persecuted for being “a black man in America.” So much for a college education these days.

But the story that was beamed all over the globe was that of Mr. Gates. The police officer’s story came later, after the angry diatribes of the misinformed turned the man's life upside down. The flames of racial divide had to first be stoked so that the morons who still believe what they read in the papers and hear on TV can march into the streets in their misguided outrages.

Only then does the truth come out. And here it is: Henry Gates is a Jerk! And an unapologetic jerk at that. A fine image for the folks at Harvard to hold up as a shining example of responsibility for one's actions. The officer, Sgt. James Crowley, was doing his job since the public pays him to ask questions when he sees someone breaking into a house. Duh! He doesn’t know how “important” Gates is until he asks him. And of course Mr. Gates told him in no uncertain terms just how important a guy he is. Now we’re all informed.

But truth doesn’t sell news papers or TV ad space. It doesn’t sell fear and it doesn’t sell outrage. Not revealing all the facts can do that nicely however and the national media has taken race-baiting for cash to a high art form.

Now we have the Treyvon Martin case.

Even though it happened a month ago, we are at first led to believe that Treyvon was minding his own business when a “white” Hispanic “law enforcement wannabe” shoots him dead. For nothing! The people of Florida march into the street once again over yet another tragic, racially motivated outrage.

Or was it?

Now, apparently it wasn’t so cut and dried. Did the boy deck Mr. Zimmerman? There are witnesses that say it is so. How can a story a month old be packaged and sold in such pieces? Nobody deserves to be shot dead but the real circumstances had to have been known prior to the first reports that we have heard (and they were). Was this another instance of the general public being played by the media? Looks like it.

Why does the media do this? What was once an industry born to inform and bring the truth to the people all while selling you dish soap and cigarettes has turned into a tool of propaganda, lies and the expert telling of the half-truth. For what?  Just for the money?

Or is there something more to it. Will social change result from such manipulation? Will any good come from such misinformation? Eventually the facts do come to light and that just triggers more anger. Or, since there probably isn't any money in social change either, is this all a charade to keep our minds off of what’s really going with the way our country is being run?  

Did you hear about how the Political Establishment has a direct link to the tax records of their political opponents and have been using the IRS as a political weapon for who knows how long? Bet you didn't. How 'bout the Fed issuing more bonds to fund our country’s massive debt? How about those gas prices? They have been predicted to rise all summer long. Did you catch that? How about our President’s negotiations with the Russian president Medvedev? Oh, missed that too, have ya? How about the scrutiny of this year’s Democratic National Budget? Ha, caught you on that one! That was a trick question because the Democrats have not submitted a national budget for the last three years! There is no Democratic budget.

But you think you know all about the Gate’s and Martin cases, don’t you?

So there are many reasons for the media to foster racial “incidents” and to broaden divisions in the American people, and although many don’t believe it, we are the American people: white, black Hispanic, Asian and others. We are all under assault by this manipulation. We are all threatened by the chaos and upheaval it could bring. I think they call it "Divide and Conquer".

If you’re tired of jumping through the hoops being thrown at you on almost a daily basis these days by the propagandists in our national media, my question is:

Why are you BUYING this crap from them?  

Smarten up, will ya?

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