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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Future of ObamaCare

There is no future for the Affordable Care Act, it’s unworkable.
Call it Ghandi meets Martin Luther King Jr.

Just don’t participate.
You are not powerless against the implementation of this plan. You are not powerless against this government.  Regardless of the law, you have choices.

The government Screwheads have no clue as to how to really pay for their socialized medicine plan. They are relying on the segment of the population in their 20s to pay for much of it. But for most of their 20s these people are exempt from buying into ObamaCare. They can stay on their parents plan until they’re 26 years old. But what if they don’t buy a plan when they turn 27? And what if they can’t?

Right now the people in their mid to late 20s are facing great financial pressure. A larger cross-section are either unemployed or under employed, carry a large amount of student loan debt and now are expected to pay high fees for a health plan they don’t particularly need since, well, they’re young and will stay relatively healthy for the next decade or so. Forcing them to buy into ObamaCare will reduce their purchasing power, already curtailed by debt and lagging opportunity, to practically nothing.

So what if they don’t pay?
But the IRS will enforce ObamaCare, they will be fined and hounded to pay. But where are they going to get the money? It’s the “blood out of a stone” cliché’.  They going to jail these people?. The healthcare plan will be the last priority for them. They won’t even have money for the fines  But these are the people who are expected to carry the burden for the “Affordable Care Act”.  Good thinking.

Having seen my health care deductible double from $500.00 to $1000.00 in two years and expecting it to go to $1500.00 next year, I can no longer easily pay the bills off as they come in so I started sending them $30.00 every other week. I make my own payment plan and send them what I can. If it goes to collections, I ignore them and continue sending the money directly to the receivable department.  My insurance, for all the money my employer pays to them, provides for less and less until it seems I don’t really have insurance at all. They can wait for the money.
Legalizing 12 million or so Mexicans won’t work either. What makes you think THEY’RE going to all of a sudden pay taxes and buy health insurance?  The U.S. government does but that’s just plain naïve.

The illegals have been getting along quite nicely on the underground economy and they should be in no hurry to get off that gravy train. We’ll have to see about how that plays out but I’m thinking buying into U.S. citizenship won’t be the payoff the government thinks it will be.
Private employers are also not powerless in the face of ObamaCare costs and mandates. They will be jettisoning workers from the full time roles and spinning off companies to stay under the employee limit. Part-time employment ie: underemployment, is already growing faster than full-time employment ObamaCare is driving up the cost of full-time employees so it stands to reason that we will have less full-time employment. Duh!

ObamaCare, like the RomneyCare plan we have in Massachusetts, is already cash starved. RomneyCare has never been in the black and neither will ObamaCare.  The attempts at cost controls have all fallen short. The plans will require more and more money that will not be coming from the taxpayer base. There are so many groups and people already NOT paying for these services, the people who do pay will be hard pressed to keep up. I don't see how we'll be able to do it.

By people and companies not participating, not paying and ignoring the health exchanges in favor of continuing to go to their regular clinics and by even paying cash, the Affordable Healthcare Act will not stand. It’s dead on arrival.  

It’s unfortunate that this plan relies on force to implement rather than the people’s desire and free will to participate and this is actually the basis of the plans undoing. It, like most of President Obamas policies, is against nature and the natural order of things.
So if you don't like what's going on, you need do nothing.

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