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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gay Community Should Arm Itself

When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

And President Obama anxiously awaits his next anti-gun press conference.

So rather than being a government propaganda tool as a dead person, it would be ok to choose to learn how to defend yourself and avoid the whole political tussle.

When you are a target, and gays have been targets from the beginning of the age of Christianity, then perhaps you would take an interest and responsibility for your own protection because, let’s face it, nobody is in a better position to do it than yourself.

More women are arming themselves than ever before and successfully defending themselves too. Although as a general rule the National Press tend to suppress news of people successfully fighting off attackers and robbers. They wouldn’t want people getting “ideas” that they could actually stop crime when it happens to them.

If someone in the club had a gun on them beside the detailed police officer, who was not enough, then they could have popped this guy Mateen. Preferably, when his back was turned.  It has happened where someone in an establishment under attack had shot the attacker. In fact, this has happened many, many times.

If we were talking about a segment of society that made up 50% percent of the population then we wouldn’t be talking about gays being shunned and attacked as often since only minority populations are targets of discrimination and prejudice. Gays are a minority population and despite the laws passed to protect their rights and freedoms they are still subject to ridicules and violence not experienced by most straight people. 

Turning our attention to the shooter, Omar Mateen, a 1st generation American citizen as well as a radicalized Muslim terrorist, his father made a totally bullshit statement about the shooting not being “about religion” since his poor unfortunate son witnessed two men kissing in public and THIS is what drove him to shoot up the gay nightclub. I’m glad he took the time to straightened that out.

Most people aren’t driven to kill upon witnessing such things but the most likely characteristics of those who do seem to be Muslim. The Muslims are attacking people in Europe. Attacking women in Brussels and Munich, attacking women without headscarves in their own country and attacking non-Muslim people everywhere. Muslims are throwing gay people and people just plain suspected of being gay, off of two story buildings with their hands tied behind their backs in Libya, Iran and Pakistan. Gays are being hung in Saudi Arabia. Everywhere in Muslim countries gays are being HUNTED and KILLED.

But this shooting in an Orlando gay club, it’s not about religion. It’s just about killing gay people.

That’s all. We should just understand this. 

To clarify a major misconception concerning so called “Assault Rifles”. These are just semi-automatic rifles, a rifle that resets the trigger using a “blow-back” system that was first invented before the Civil War. Today it is a very common device that is in almost every firearm made and legal in every state. To think that these are going to go away regardless of what the Obama regime attempts is naive at best. Whether the gun is displayed in a classic wooden stock or in a rather fierce looking black polymer encasement, it is still the same weapon. Under the Clinton syndicate's Assault Rifle ban back in 1994, the oft-demonized Colt AR-15, with it's lightweight polymer stock and sleek black design was branded an assault weapon while it's wooden-clad competitor, the Ruger Mini-14, was not. Of course the sale of the AR-15s really took off because of the ban and it remains the country's most popular rifle.  

When the government media speaks of "Automatic" weapons, they are actually referring to these semi-automatic weapons to purposely mislead the uniformed. Automatic weapons can only legally be possessed by law enforcement and military personnel. Civilians cannot have them legally.

If these guns or even ALL guns were banned in the United States, then they will just come into the country from someplace else. Our borders are unsecured, remember? The same inaction by our present government that allows illegal aliens to enter also allows goods and materials not allowed in this country to come in also. China and Russia among other armament manufacturing countries will find a ready market for their guns here in the U.S.  If we can’t keep drugs out of the country to the point where we are legalizing them, what makes any thinking person think that we can keep guns out?

So the message should be clear: Protect yourselves at all times.If you won't do it, who will?