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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Congress Must Step Into Leadership Vacuum on Middle East War...

Where is Congress? Where is the 2nd tier of the United States Government? When are they going to act? Are they going to go along with this marginalization of the country's Constitutional mandates?

This War Against Libya is a travesty. A mockery of the American public and the American way.

The world is truely upsidedown! The Noble Peace Prize winner ordering a war. A community organizer attempting to run and country and wars on three fronts. A man who's never managed a hotdog cart managing the world's largest economy. What's up is down and what's day is now night.

Where is the opposition? Where are the voices of reason? No debate? Just "War is the answer", again! It hasn't worked and it won't work.

In case nobody has noticed, the U.S. is currently locked into the longest protracted armed conflict since Vietnam. The reasons are just as murky and the over extension of our reach and resources much more obviously clear. We are headed for colapse like the house of cards we have become. Hello?

So if the President won't act responsibly, Congress...oh who am I kidding?

We taxpaying citizens are just along for the ride. Our only worth is that we are the ones who will ultimately pay for all this. But are we absolved of responsibility? Are we absolved of guilt?  I think not.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Folly of Empire...

Hail Ceasar for he can order the empire's armys at will into any conflict he sees fit, regardless of his Senate. Hail Ceasar for he alone dicates the path of men and give orders when he wishes for only Ceasar need know the plan.

Perhaps what he sees is that the Empire can negotiate with the new regime and perhaps nurture the budding dictator who will eventually rise to the top of the rebel hordes to become their lord. A person with wants that we can deal with so sayeth Ceasar, a person who will run things the way we wish and we will raise his status in our eyes and the eyes of the world. He will pay us tribute and we will make him rich! Give us the oil and we will give you the means to stay in power for as long as you so choose!

But a deal with the Empire is a deal with the devil. If the new man finds a mind of his own or dares buck the will of the Empire, we will depose him too and send him back to wence he came for we are the stronger and so dictate the rules. Ceasar does what the previous Ceasars have done.

Budding dictators everywhere, be warned.

But now that we've taken this step, where do we go from here?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libyan Intervention...Bad Idea!

There is no comfort in the President once again sidestepping Congressional approval to go to war by use of the War Powers act, an act by the way, that is blatantly unconstitutional because of the clause that states that only Congress can declare war. Congress now only declares war after troops have landed and casualties taken. They are an afterthought. This sits in violation of the Constitutions separation of powers. Nobody cares but it is a violation just the same. The President holds too much power and our balance of powers is out of balance in favor of one person. Bad idea.

But the intervention in Libya is uncanny in its scope of stupidity. Not only are we opening a conflict on a third front, not only are we broke and firing off 100 missiles that cost $1 mil each, we are intervening in a civil war of another sovereign country. AND we don't have an agenda. Why are we doing this? To save Libyan civilians? That's our job now is it? Since when? Sell 'em the guns if you want, extend them credit but don't put our boys on the ground or American missles in the air. The Libyans want to fight for independence so bad, let them do the fighting. Hell, we did and just because they lost a few battles doesn't justify US battle cruisers swinging into action against the Libyan gov't forces. Bad idea.

This will not gain the expected result. I recall another intervention by a united force in the Bolshevik Revolution. Now that one worked our real well didn't it?

Why this? Why now? Isn't there enough to deal with or is this step taken so we DON'T have to deal with the other problems. Is this a calculated distraction from the harsh realities of our economy or just an effort by the President to look like a military man of might? Having run on a platform of ending the wars we're already fighting, starting another one seems...a contradiction.

What does the liberal left of this country say, after having said for the last two years that it takes time to end the wars, Mr. Obama can't just pull the troops out, it takes time. Well now what? I'm listening. When it comes to war, the President is just like the last guy and the guy before that and the guy before that.

But a direct intervention runs counter to state sovereignity, run counter the American ideal and certainly defy our econonic state. There are problems, big problems here at home Mr. President.

There were times in the history of the United States where Europe wanted to intervene in the Civil War. They didn't but they wanted to. What a terrible precedent this sets. And it can come back to haunt us in the future. A slippery slope this is and it has been undertaken with little thought of the consequences.

Bad idea, Mr. President.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Public Workers Have a Right to Your Money…

Watching the machinations of this nations public employees who seem to have no qualms about ditching work for a week or so to storm the palisades of the Wisconsin state house, I have been moved to ponder that perhaps these vast masses of well paid, well fed and dedicated public employees have a point.

They really do have a right to your money. Of course, that would now make it “our” money, comrade, but still they really are entitled to our tax money and should get what they want.

I mean, they’re fighting so hard for what in reality amounts to a small reduction in benefits and funds even to the point of breaking down the structures of Democracy itself, don’t you wish you had co-workers or employees with that much drive? I wish I had the pluck to threaten the person who has the never to sign my paycheck with mayhem. Perhaps I’ll try something like that at this years review where, I’m quite positive, I’ll be told  that I won’t be getting a raise again this year.

But it’s ok because now I realize that my money…sorry, OUR money, is going to good, hard working public servants who go that extra mile to be heard.

Why shouldn’t they enjoy more benefits than us? We haven’t been smart enough or connected enough to get a public sector job, have you? After all, it takes effort and ambition to wheedle ones way into a high paying public sector job like, say, Toll Collector where one can make $80,000 a year, get 4-6 weeks vacation and retire early with 80% pay. It takes a special person and that ain’t YOU.

And they’re right. Hell, I couldn’t do it and I’m a pretty smart guy. 

So just because you went to college and work for a growing concern that makes a profit doesn’t mean you should be able to hold onto that money because there are more deserving people who work for your government who want to spend it too.

So while the public sector’s kids enjoy private school educations, plenty of vacation time and trips with the folks and the best medical attention money can buy, I’ll just explain to my kids that it’s all for the best that they should go without such luxuries in order to support those hard working folks for they are the elite, the cream of the crop and we should just be happy we have the privledge of paying to support their standard of living.

I’m surpised they put up with us.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Don't Buy New!

You feel that Government is out of your control? Don’t like how your tax money is being spent? Control what you CAN control; your spending. Why are you buying BRAND NEW stuff and paying the taxes? If consumer spending is three quarters of the American economy, why are we acting like we have no power? 

Legal working American citizens are taxed at close to 1/3 of their incomes. Check the phone bill. Check the electric bill. You still have CABLE? You wanna watch tv? Get an antenna. 

Gasoline is taxed at $.41.9 per gallon in MA ($.62 avg. nationally). Every time you buy something or pay for a service, a percentage of that transaction is tax.  The more you consume, the more they take. That is, if you go to a taxed marketplace.

Yes, it’s your money and if that’s how you want to spend it, great, but quit complaining about your government and the taxes it imposes. You’re not just a slave to fashion; you’re just a slave.

It's time to reduce your "Tax Footprint". 

This is not about denying youself the things in life you want to spite the government, it's the opposite really since you can get what you want but go about it in a fashion that will save you money and deny the taxman any chance you get. So it's time to make those opportunities for yourself, that's the Libertarian way.

The only alternative to the vote we as Americans have is to vote with our feet and go on strike. Why purchase taxed goods when you’re under the gun? It’s called “The Underground Economy” and here’s how you can join:

·         Shop the outlets: No not the trendy high fashion outlets in these big suburban retail clusters but the real outlets that sell direct from the manufacturer. We have one in this area, the VF Factory Outlet, in N. Dartmouth, MA. They have Lee, Vanity Fair, Wrangler, etc. Good clothes, cheap.
·         The Internet: Utilize the Internet Marketplace while it’s still tax-free. Many items ship free also.

·         Craigslist: You can find anything here from high-end bikes, washers & dryers, musical instruments; it’s all on there and there's free stuff too. It's the oldest form of consumption; buying from another citizen. This transitions one person’s stuff they no longer use to a person who will use it and get a good portion of their money back rather than not. The Craigslist online market place is a big plus for the frugal consumer. Just think of an item you might want to buy, anything at all and plug it into the search bar. It's a beautiful thing.

·         Thrift/Consignment shops: It’s no secret now but for a long time these places were only frequented by students and starving artists. The Salvation Army stores have good stuff at great prices.

·         Flea Markets: Not like you remember them. With the low overhead, even new clothing, socks, laundry detergent and other sundries can be had cheaply and untaxed. Many entrepreneurial types set up shop there. Where do you think the illegals shop?

·         Out of State: For us in Taxachusetts it’s New Hampshire, of course, where there is no sales tax. Don’t like the beer tax? Next time you’re up that way, stock up. Every little bit helps.

·         The Income Tax: Don’t use the U.S. Government as a savings plan! Declare “1” on your W-2 form. Don’t give the government an interest-free loan by holding onto your money for the whole year. Smarten up!

The major chain stores are stocked to the gills with cheap Chinese goods. They are low priced all right but are also of extremely low quality. Buying better is also buying smarter. Buy what lasts. The alternative to China is India.Indiaproduces higher quality textiles at the same price point. 

I’d like to tell you to look for the “Made in USA” label but that doesn’t happen anymore so look for the “Made in India” tag instead. They also LIKE the USA as opposed to other countries that try to sell us their goods. Why would we buy anything from countries that don’t like us? It makes no sense. 
Maybe you can’t change what the government does with your money but you can control how much of it they take and feel better about yourself and our situation. What else do you have to lose? Shop smart and you can keep more of your money in your pocket and not put it into the misguided hand of government.  And if you think about it, you can probably find other places to shop smart in your town. Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.

Good Luck.



Monday, March 7, 2011

Gangster Government...

Michele Bachmann has been questioned about her remarks in reference to the current administration as a "Gangster Government" and she's right. It is a gangster government but it's not just this administration, the government in general and the federal government in particular have been pushing  the US citizenry around for quite some time with it's ill conceived Central Social Engineering. And it goes beyond the so called Democrat/Republican divide since I believe that they are just two sides of the same coin. I always seem to have a hand in my pocket. Is it a Republican hand or a Democrat hand. Who cares, there's still a hand in my pocket!

What we have gotten is a government that has no qualms about sending in troops to places where Congress has not declared war (War Powers Act), spending taxpayer money on countries that hate us, social programs most of them don't use and projects we don't need or want and then tells you how to spend your life and what you should be buying.

How else can you explain how the Federal Government, the entity that is really only there to provide protection for our borders, national planning for infrastructure and a level playing field for business has become the ultimate micro-manager that they now tell you what kind of toilet you can buy, what kind of light bulb you must use and that you have to buy into the national retirement plan or health plan whether you want to or not?

Needless to say, this is not freedom of choice or free will. You have no choice.

And, in true government fashion, none of this stuff works! The toilets need an extra flush! The light bulbs have mercury in them (where are the environmentalists on this?), are dim and don't last. The retirement and health plans are just Ponzi schemes and cannot stand for long.

But it doesn't matter. It's not the point is it, that this stuff works. Even if it did, YOU don't have the right to choose what's best for you and you're family while sucking funds from your personal economies to pay for other peoples services. Only the STATE knows. They now dictate the terms.

Just like a bully.