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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Libyan Intervention...Bad Idea!

There is no comfort in the President once again sidestepping Congressional approval to go to war by use of the War Powers act, an act by the way, that is blatantly unconstitutional because of the clause that states that only Congress can declare war. Congress now only declares war after troops have landed and casualties taken. They are an afterthought. This sits in violation of the Constitutions separation of powers. Nobody cares but it is a violation just the same. The President holds too much power and our balance of powers is out of balance in favor of one person. Bad idea.

But the intervention in Libya is uncanny in its scope of stupidity. Not only are we opening a conflict on a third front, not only are we broke and firing off 100 missiles that cost $1 mil each, we are intervening in a civil war of another sovereign country. AND we don't have an agenda. Why are we doing this? To save Libyan civilians? That's our job now is it? Since when? Sell 'em the guns if you want, extend them credit but don't put our boys on the ground or American missles in the air. The Libyans want to fight for independence so bad, let them do the fighting. Hell, we did and just because they lost a few battles doesn't justify US battle cruisers swinging into action against the Libyan gov't forces. Bad idea.

This will not gain the expected result. I recall another intervention by a united force in the Bolshevik Revolution. Now that one worked our real well didn't it?

Why this? Why now? Isn't there enough to deal with or is this step taken so we DON'T have to deal with the other problems. Is this a calculated distraction from the harsh realities of our economy or just an effort by the President to look like a military man of might? Having run on a platform of ending the wars we're already fighting, starting another one seems...a contradiction.

What does the liberal left of this country say, after having said for the last two years that it takes time to end the wars, Mr. Obama can't just pull the troops out, it takes time. Well now what? I'm listening. When it comes to war, the President is just like the last guy and the guy before that and the guy before that.

But a direct intervention runs counter to state sovereignity, run counter the American ideal and certainly defy our econonic state. There are problems, big problems here at home Mr. President.

There were times in the history of the United States where Europe wanted to intervene in the Civil War. They didn't but they wanted to. What a terrible precedent this sets. And it can come back to haunt us in the future. A slippery slope this is and it has been undertaken with little thought of the consequences.

Bad idea, Mr. President.

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