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Monday, March 7, 2011

Gangster Government...

Michele Bachmann has been questioned about her remarks in reference to the current administration as a "Gangster Government" and she's right. It is a gangster government but it's not just this administration, the government in general and the federal government in particular have been pushing  the US citizenry around for quite some time with it's ill conceived Central Social Engineering. And it goes beyond the so called Democrat/Republican divide since I believe that they are just two sides of the same coin. I always seem to have a hand in my pocket. Is it a Republican hand or a Democrat hand. Who cares, there's still a hand in my pocket!

What we have gotten is a government that has no qualms about sending in troops to places where Congress has not declared war (War Powers Act), spending taxpayer money on countries that hate us, social programs most of them don't use and projects we don't need or want and then tells you how to spend your life and what you should be buying.

How else can you explain how the Federal Government, the entity that is really only there to provide protection for our borders, national planning for infrastructure and a level playing field for business has become the ultimate micro-manager that they now tell you what kind of toilet you can buy, what kind of light bulb you must use and that you have to buy into the national retirement plan or health plan whether you want to or not?

Needless to say, this is not freedom of choice or free will. You have no choice.

And, in true government fashion, none of this stuff works! The toilets need an extra flush! The light bulbs have mercury in them (where are the environmentalists on this?), are dim and don't last. The retirement and health plans are just Ponzi schemes and cannot stand for long.

But it doesn't matter. It's not the point is it, that this stuff works. Even if it did, YOU don't have the right to choose what's best for you and you're family while sucking funds from your personal economies to pay for other peoples services. Only the STATE knows. They now dictate the terms.

Just like a bully.

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