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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Congress Must Step Into Leadership Vacuum on Middle East War...

Where is Congress? Where is the 2nd tier of the United States Government? When are they going to act? Are they going to go along with this marginalization of the country's Constitutional mandates?

This War Against Libya is a travesty. A mockery of the American public and the American way.

The world is truely upsidedown! The Noble Peace Prize winner ordering a war. A community organizer attempting to run and country and wars on three fronts. A man who's never managed a hotdog cart managing the world's largest economy. What's up is down and what's day is now night.

Where is the opposition? Where are the voices of reason? No debate? Just "War is the answer", again! It hasn't worked and it won't work.

In case nobody has noticed, the U.S. is currently locked into the longest protracted armed conflict since Vietnam. The reasons are just as murky and the over extension of our reach and resources much more obviously clear. We are headed for colapse like the house of cards we have become. Hello?

So if the President won't act responsibly, Congress...oh who am I kidding?

We taxpaying citizens are just along for the ride. Our only worth is that we are the ones who will ultimately pay for all this. But are we absolved of responsibility? Are we absolved of guilt?  I think not.

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