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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Folly of Empire...

Hail Ceasar for he can order the empire's armys at will into any conflict he sees fit, regardless of his Senate. Hail Ceasar for he alone dicates the path of men and give orders when he wishes for only Ceasar need know the plan.

Perhaps what he sees is that the Empire can negotiate with the new regime and perhaps nurture the budding dictator who will eventually rise to the top of the rebel hordes to become their lord. A person with wants that we can deal with so sayeth Ceasar, a person who will run things the way we wish and we will raise his status in our eyes and the eyes of the world. He will pay us tribute and we will make him rich! Give us the oil and we will give you the means to stay in power for as long as you so choose!

But a deal with the Empire is a deal with the devil. If the new man finds a mind of his own or dares buck the will of the Empire, we will depose him too and send him back to wence he came for we are the stronger and so dictate the rules. Ceasar does what the previous Ceasars have done.

Budding dictators everywhere, be warned.

But now that we've taken this step, where do we go from here?

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