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Friday, March 11, 2011

Public Workers Have a Right to Your Money…

Watching the machinations of this nations public employees who seem to have no qualms about ditching work for a week or so to storm the palisades of the Wisconsin state house, I have been moved to ponder that perhaps these vast masses of well paid, well fed and dedicated public employees have a point.

They really do have a right to your money. Of course, that would now make it “our” money, comrade, but still they really are entitled to our tax money and should get what they want.

I mean, they’re fighting so hard for what in reality amounts to a small reduction in benefits and funds even to the point of breaking down the structures of Democracy itself, don’t you wish you had co-workers or employees with that much drive? I wish I had the pluck to threaten the person who has the never to sign my paycheck with mayhem. Perhaps I’ll try something like that at this years review where, I’m quite positive, I’ll be told  that I won’t be getting a raise again this year.

But it’s ok because now I realize that my money…sorry, OUR money, is going to good, hard working public servants who go that extra mile to be heard.

Why shouldn’t they enjoy more benefits than us? We haven’t been smart enough or connected enough to get a public sector job, have you? After all, it takes effort and ambition to wheedle ones way into a high paying public sector job like, say, Toll Collector where one can make $80,000 a year, get 4-6 weeks vacation and retire early with 80% pay. It takes a special person and that ain’t YOU.

And they’re right. Hell, I couldn’t do it and I’m a pretty smart guy. 

So just because you went to college and work for a growing concern that makes a profit doesn’t mean you should be able to hold onto that money because there are more deserving people who work for your government who want to spend it too.

So while the public sector’s kids enjoy private school educations, plenty of vacation time and trips with the folks and the best medical attention money can buy, I’ll just explain to my kids that it’s all for the best that they should go without such luxuries in order to support those hard working folks for they are the elite, the cream of the crop and we should just be happy we have the privledge of paying to support their standard of living.

I’m surpised they put up with us.

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