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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crumble, Crumble Goes Socialist Venezuela

The growing protest movement in Venezuela, organized by those opposed to Socialist Crazy-Man Nicolas Maduro and his total ignorace of everything economic and logical, will end badly.
When people are pushed to the breaking point, they will fight back. The freedom loving people of Venezuela will conclude that rather than waiting at home for the end, either by being murdered by thugs, dragged off by Maduro's undercover police or just shear starvation, that it would be better to die fighting than by any other means currently available in that South American Socialist Paradise that is the country of Venezuela.

As the country goes the way of all other Socialist nations, either being held together by walls or by guns, the Libertarian can once again look into the mirror and say, "Oh well, right again."

This isn't really about economics any longer, mainly because Socialism isn't based upon economics, it's based upon buying support of the uneducated majority and using them as a hammer against the educated and productive. With the exception of todays United States, nowhere has this been more evident than in Venezuela where the lower classes are kept down not by the upper classes so much as the government they've grown to rely upon for everything from their daily bread to the clothes on their backs. The government needs them so why the hell would they want them to advance themselves?

But these great unwashed, uneducated and devoted Socialist masses remain a force to be reconded with. With the government's blessing and support, they will fight the anti-socialist forces and mix their blood with the grime of their Venezuelan slums that they've never seemed to improve upon even though they has supported the government for the last 12 years.

The oposition had better be ready to fight because their freedom from Maduro's idiotic repression and total abandonment will not by given. It has to be taken. Walks for Peace ain't gonna cut it with the people with the guns and the will to use them. There is a decision to be made.  

It looks like years of hardship has taken it's toll on the thinking population, those people who work their jobs and businesses to make a living for themselves and their families. The loss of even the most basic items we take for granted everyday and without which makes living in an atmosphere of fear, scarcity and no future truely hard to bear.

They may not be able to dislodge Maduro but the Opposition can marginalize him. They can take back their townships and run them in a practical and functional way and dare Maduro and his minions to march against them into the countryside where their influence is not as strong. And like every revolutionary, the Opposition must contemplate the consequences of their actions and resistance. Under the present circumstances the choices are few.

People can only be pushed so far.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

As Obama Wings It on Health Law, A Weary Nation Sighs

He can delay it all he wants, no economy in the world is ready to sustain government directed Socialized Medicine. Just the spectre of it's impending implementation has sent thousands to the unemployment line and has created a food stamp class of working poor.

It smacks of the old Soviet Union where they were always waiting for the economy to be strong enough to handle their commumist initiatives. But it never was.

It's almost like the Obama administration thinks that if it can get this Albatross off the ground then somehow it will stay aloft on its own. That trick has never worked and it will fail again. In fact, it already has failed it's just that these dictatorial types in Washington these days just can't manage to let a bad idea go. They will sacrifice the nations economy and it's citizenry to try to save their half-assed national takeover. And what do they get to lord over and dictate to? A Welfare State, WooHoo! That's the part I don't get; Who wants to be known throughout history as the lord and master over a failed Socialist State? The Age of Pericles this isn't.

But what I think the real plan in all of this might be is to force the countrys best and brightest workers into big corporations for their livelihoods and survival and the rest can just lump it in the junkyards of the nation. The Obama regime is crushing the small business owner under it's corporate-loving, tax-loving, regulation-loving Cuban Heel. It's driving up the cost of doing business, any business, to the point where only the large corporations can either pay the freight or can get a pass on it all together. And for the most part they are getting a pass.

This is because thousands of individual small businesses cannot combine their political clout or nor can decide even where best to place their resources to buy influence in government like a big, nameless, faceless corporation can. Large corporations with boards of directors, anonymous to you and I on the ground, can weild large sums of money and put it to good use in one collective objective to gain favor for...The Corporation. Small businesses do not have the organizational wherewithall to accomplish this. Thus they cannot buy the favor of government like a big corporation regardless of the fact that small businesses employ the majority of Americans in this country and always have.

So while more and more people shutter their own businesses and empty their storefronts, they turn to big businesses for their living. There is no other place to go now that they've been put out of business by the policies of their very own government.

So now these big businesses can pick and choose who they want from the hords of these educated unemployed. They know you have to go to them, that the deck is stacked in their favor. But do they want you or should they go for the H-1B guest worker? The mind boggles.

This will continue until we can't even afford a Happy Meal never mind an iPad. Where will the revenue come from then, a printing press? Tried that one already.

Barak Obama has continued to improvise a way to make his unworkable schemes work. He has delayed and put off and revised until the right time. But there is no right time. But there is no way to do it. He only has ideology as his refuge and his Communist minions as his solace and that isn't going to put Doctors in offices and people back to work. The only way to do that is to quit robbing the average American Citizen. But he can't do that. How else is he going to pay for all the good he's doing us?

As the weeks and months drag on until the next presidential election, we are stripped of our optimism that anything is going to change. We can only now hope to hold onto what jobs that we have left and the money that the government lets us keep. We will not buy what we like but only what we need and hold onto what we can until the day we too are thrown out of work.

It's all so tiresome, so predictable and it was all preventable.



Monday, February 10, 2014

The U.S. Fear of a Successful Russian Olympics in Sochi

Can the U.S. Government's fear of a successful Russian Olympics be more obvious?
The U.S. media machine has declared that Russian leader Vladimir Putin has "staked his reputation" on a safe and successful Olympic games and then has proceeded to trash everything about it.

With every buerocratic knucklehead also throwing in their two-cents and talking down the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the value of their words, not worth much to begin with, simply fall by the road to Perdition that they have guided us down. Everybody knows that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D - California) is a drug-addled idiot and that Senator Lindsey Graham (R - S. Carolina) is a war monger.

How dare a country other than the so called "Free World" put on a successful world display! We'll get back at Mr. Putin for making us look bad.

And this is why everybody in the government has been talking down these Winter Olympics. This is why the State Department, no strangers to criminal behavior, bullying, intimidation and corruption, has issued terrorist warnings about traveling to Sochi. They are delibrately trying to scare spectators away. This is the way we win friends and influence people. It's embarassing.

And it's not so much Putin making the Obama administration look bad, it's the Obama administration making themselves look bad. How dare Russia thwart our war making in the Middle East! Our "bombs first" diplomacy is wearing thin around the world and it's certainly tiresome here as well since our best and brightest are battling in a foreign land while the country is losing the war for it's borders, language and culture right here at home.

How is it that I can be more thankful of Vladimir Putin these days than I can of our President Barack Obama? I am thankful that Putin has given haven to Edward Snowden, a man of concience who would otherwise be persecuted for having the gall to reveal how the government, OUR government, has been spying on it's citizens in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Oh, don't worry, it's for your own protection, remember? But who will protect us from our government?

Can I be thankful that President Obama has chosen not to enforce certain laws and circumvented others? How trusting can I be of our gun running Justice Department? Can I be thankful that Mr. Obama and his Socialist minions have attempted to force Socialized medicine upon this nation and blown a huge hole in our economy? How about taxing away job opportunities for young workers and old and instead putting them on food stamps and the Dole? Can I rest easy knowing that the nation is $17 Trillion in debt, a sum that equals a full year of the country's GDP? How restful these next three years are going to be for me, my job and my bank account of which I am earning $ .15 in interest! And how "Putin-like" is it for the Obama administration to target opposition groups with IRS audits and holding up there legal right for tax exemptions while favoring more liberal groups? Where is the moral high ground? No where.

I am also thankful, in a way, that Putin has stepped into the path of the U.S. war juggernaut in the Middle East. We had no real cause to be anywhere but Afghanistan and even there we have been involved for way too long to do any good to anybody and should have gotten out long ago. Then there are the interventions in Libya and Syria. Enough said.
In short, Vladimir Putin is the least of OUR worries here in the U.S. these days. Let the Russian people deal with him if they don't like him. We have a bigger Marxist right here that's killing our businesses and opportunities in true unintended Bolshevik fashion. Nexy ot Obama Putin looks like Ronald Reagan.

And if anyone can't seem to recall, the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta had some big problems that we can compare to what we're being told is going on in Sochi: There was the overcrowded Olympic Village, the athletes complaining about the quality of the food, the massive transportation fiasco with it's traffic jams, late buses and epic snarl, the stupid opening ceremonies with it's 500 cheerleaders and 30 pickup trucks was a low-light along with the over-the-top crass commercialism of the games themselves that had the world shaking it's collective head AND THEN a bomb went off in Centennial Olympic park killing 2, wounding 111 and leading to libelous accusations that the only security person who gave a shit, the late Richard Jewell, planted the bomb himself in order to be a hero.

But in spite of everything, these games in Sochi are a BIG DEAL to the Russian people and it's too bad the U.S. has missed yet another opportunity to lead in the world.

But it's not just about winning is it? Others must fail.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Right Wing Media Stupid to Defend Gov Christie

Looks like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just found out he’s really a Republican after all.

With the barrage of investigations, denouncements and pronouncements of being a bully, of being politically vindictive and a liar all from the very Democratic associates he’s been trying to cultivate since his second term, Governor Christie’s feelings of betrayal must go beyond the beratement and firing of a trusted aide.

No, the Governor has discovered, Democrats do not have Republican friends. It’s just not the way they play the game.

But the most embarrassing part of this “sudden” revelation that Christie is a bully with a long memory for me is that the Right Wing Radio wags have swung into full spin mode without knowing or caring about the facts in the exact same fashion the Liberal media does on a daily basis. And it looks and sounds bad.

What is the difference then if the Political Right blindly defends a "Conservative" and the Political Left blindly defending one of their own who holds the office of the Presidency?

The glad talking of the economy and the economic situation in the U.S. by the Leftist Media is supremely embarrassing to listen to and hard to ignore. There just aren't any bad economic numbers anymore only "less than robust". The jobless are merely shuffled off onto the American version of The Dole and the homeless have inexplicably disappeared only to return if a conservative should ever again gain the White House.

It's a real shame since I'm sure when these handsomely paid media automatons were studying their craft in college they must have dreamed of one day finding acclaim with groundbreaking investigative journalism and biting commentary but the only work they can find are these crumby propaganda jobs. What a waste of a career.

So I find this role reversal to be wholly uncomfortable and disturbing. There is NO DIFFERENCE between Left and Right in the media. They seem to be playing the same game and that game is Fear.

But what really set me off on this track was the recited rationalization of "Well, it's not Bengazi"

 Aarrg! Not the point. Sure, the attack on the U.S. embassy in Bengazi and the administration’s efforts to make it go away is a criminal blunder that not only offers insight into how alien foreign policy is to the Obama administration but also underscores the lack or responsibility they have to anyone who serves them. Anyone associated with these people must realize that they are a disposable commodity and that they are TOAST should they find themselves in a bad situation. This was perhaps Ambassador Stevens' big mistake. The poor sap actually thought he was there to do some good in that part of the world.

But to use this to defend Governor Christie's actions is basically admitting; "Yes, he’s a snake but he’s OUR snake." Perhaps the Political Right has just decided the high ground only leaves you exposed and that this no longer is a good strategy. The consequence of this attitude is that yet another snake makes his way to the Oval Office. Leave the brandings off, a snake is a snake.

Here is the GOOD NEWS. There is nothing better right now than having Chris Christie's presidential ambitions and the ambitions of his political machine DERAILED.

It is better for the believers in Limited Government in this country that this has come to pass (and let’s hope it sticks). And it is important for the present set of Republocrats that we are saddled with running Congress to realize that running a “Moderate” candidate against a Social-Democrat is the SAME THING and that the Left will always vote for the real, indoctrinated Leftist over anyone with an “R” by their name regardless of how much of a Socialist they really are.

And Christie is no better than a Democrat. He just happens to be a Democrat that is still concerned with New Jersey’s bottom line. But he has no qualms about sucking up for Federal Funds however and that’s still OPM (Other People's Money).

No, this is a good thing for the Tea Party, those working people who would rather be playing in the yard with their kids than organizing political events. The faster the focus is off Chris Christie, the quicker the focus can be on a more Libertarian/Conservative candidate.

The country doesn’t need a "more of the same" guy like Christie. Others are waiting.