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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crumble, Crumble Goes Socialist Venezuela

The growing protest movement in Venezuela, organized by those opposed to Socialist Crazy-Man Nicolas Maduro and his total ignorace of everything economic and logical, will end badly.
When people are pushed to the breaking point, they will fight back. The freedom loving people of Venezuela will conclude that rather than waiting at home for the end, either by being murdered by thugs, dragged off by Maduro's undercover police or just shear starvation, that it would be better to die fighting than by any other means currently available in that South American Socialist Paradise that is the country of Venezuela.

As the country goes the way of all other Socialist nations, either being held together by walls or by guns, the Libertarian can once again look into the mirror and say, "Oh well, right again."

This isn't really about economics any longer, mainly because Socialism isn't based upon economics, it's based upon buying support of the uneducated majority and using them as a hammer against the educated and productive. With the exception of todays United States, nowhere has this been more evident than in Venezuela where the lower classes are kept down not by the upper classes so much as the government they've grown to rely upon for everything from their daily bread to the clothes on their backs. The government needs them so why the hell would they want them to advance themselves?

But these great unwashed, uneducated and devoted Socialist masses remain a force to be reconded with. With the government's blessing and support, they will fight the anti-socialist forces and mix their blood with the grime of their Venezuelan slums that they've never seemed to improve upon even though they has supported the government for the last 12 years.

The oposition had better be ready to fight because their freedom from Maduro's idiotic repression and total abandonment will not by given. It has to be taken. Walks for Peace ain't gonna cut it with the people with the guns and the will to use them. There is a decision to be made.  

It looks like years of hardship has taken it's toll on the thinking population, those people who work their jobs and businesses to make a living for themselves and their families. The loss of even the most basic items we take for granted everyday and without which makes living in an atmosphere of fear, scarcity and no future truely hard to bear.

They may not be able to dislodge Maduro but the Opposition can marginalize him. They can take back their townships and run them in a practical and functional way and dare Maduro and his minions to march against them into the countryside where their influence is not as strong. And like every revolutionary, the Opposition must contemplate the consequences of their actions and resistance. Under the present circumstances the choices are few.

People can only be pushed so far.

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