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Saturday, March 8, 2014

EU Motives, Propaganda, Ukraine and Russia

Not a whole lot of truth coming out of the Western press right now on the Ukraine/Russia standoff.

I immediately wonder when I read reports of  Russian troops storming command posts and guarding the borders, do they actually mean to say “Crimean militia troops sympathetic to Russia” or actually, from across the border Russian army troops?

There has been very little distinction between these militia forces which are home grown and who consider Russia to be their homeland and the so called “Invading Russian Army”. Since there are also Russian bases inside Crimea, how would that be an invasion?

The fact that Ukraine has just been taken over by a political faction that is, to be kind, diametrically opposed to a pro-Russia view, it stands to reason that Crimean militia and Crimean based Russian forces would want to isolate Ukrainian troops stationed there. The media is making this look like aggression when it is common sense. I find it remarkable that neither side has fired a shot with bad intent, an unusual result considering who we're talking about. It appears that nobody is looking for a fight on this except the EU and the new Ukrainian regime since the U.S.and EU want to force Russia off of the Black Sea and Ukraine doesn’t want to lose the income from the Crimea which by most reports is doing better economically that the rest of Ukraine.

And nobody really knows how many troops are currently in the Crimea or who they belong to so why is the U.S. media relying on obviously biased statements from the Ukrainian military for a troop figure? It makes no sense since they are clearly going to overstate the number of Russian troops in the area to “prove” a violation of the 1997 Ukrainian agreement that actually allows Russian troops to remain in that region. This is what passes for journalism in the Western hemisphere these days. Why not admit it's impossible to know instead of issuing misleading information? Because it serves the interests of the U.S and EU, that's why.

Can Russia really “seize” a country that is going to vote to join it in two weeks by national referendum? Just wondering. If the Ukraine votes in its new EU friendly government which is very likely, Crimea, an autonomous region with it's own separate system of government it has been reported, can certainly vote to decide where its own fortunes lie. If that’s Russia, well then, the Ukraine would most certainly march against them. Crimea has every reason to believe that the new Ukraine will come after them to forcibly bring them into the EU fold even if they vote to remain separate from both countries.

This is what I see the danger in the region to be, not Russian aggression but EU coercion. These regions have been divided between Western and Eastern leaning factions for ages and none of this is a new thing by any stretch. This is why the EU and especially the United States should stay out of it. Washington, so adept at squandering our resources, our good will and our tolerance for war with its useless, make-work wars over the last number of decades, has gone to the well too many times for the people to get behind them on this. Only perennial war mongers like John McCain and Sean Hanity will think that would be a good idea. People are tired of it all and by the way, we’re broke!

So why shouldn’t Crimea get to vote? Ukraine is going to vote.
Is it because Crimea is going to vote “wrong”? Is this the way of the EU, to recognize the people who will vote “right” and to deny the other? Aesop had a proverb about this: “Any excuse serves a tyrant”.

And Obama’s so called solution is a joke! We all know that outside observers either from the U.N. or the OSCE are totally useless and much like the U.N. itself, has not managed to protect anybody but looks on while people get killed all around them. History has shown that the U.N. has only served to prolong conflicts, not solve them. The OSCE group cannot be trusted in the first place since they work for the EU. Nothing independent about their point of view. Gee, I wonder what they're going to report? Good idea letting those spys walk around the place.

But I think the Whitehouse is welcoming this distraction since it would rather have you looking at the Ukraine "Crisis" than at your own paycheck which continues to shrink as the government programs they have implemented suck your resources and drive you and the company you work for to the poorhouse."Look, Russians on the boarder!" is the old familiar ring from the late 1950s, "Forget about us screwing with Libya, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan et al, the Russian's are violating the sovereignty of a country! We've got to do something by God!"

And why don’t we just pledge to give Ukraine $100 Billion? We don’t really HAVE the $ 2 Billion anyway so what’s the difference?

One really has to laugh when CNN has earlier reported that some Ukrainian television channels inside the Crimean territory have been replaced by “state run” Russian channels. Considering here in the U.S. CNN is just one of many, many state run television channels. Can't help but stifle a chuckle when I read about "Russian Propaganda" these days. Thanks CNN for the laugh.

I don’t see the crime here other than the escalation of rhetoric and innuendo reported as fact. These days I find I trust the words of Barack Obama and David Cameron much less than those of Vladimir Putin. At least Putin has lied to me a whole lot less. Who'd of thunk that?

And so as I write this, the U.S. seems now willing to send ships and ordinance in the European region to “help”. What this never ending continuation of military blunders coming out of Washington will most likely do is increase the chances of starting WW III since the last two world wars started in Europe and we all know Russia is not going to give up it's access to the Black Sea. It means too much to them as a nation and what it would take to dislodge them from Crimea even if we had the political will to actually attempt it would be too large a price to pay for the world.

Would we destroy the Crimea to save them? Hell, we've done it before, just look at Vietnam, a country we spent a decade to "save" from the Communist Threat by killing upwards of 7 million people there. All in a days work for the United States.

Hold onto your hats!

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