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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Right Wing Media Stupid to Defend Gov Christie

Looks like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just found out he’s really a Republican after all.

With the barrage of investigations, denouncements and pronouncements of being a bully, of being politically vindictive and a liar all from the very Democratic associates he’s been trying to cultivate since his second term, Governor Christie’s feelings of betrayal must go beyond the beratement and firing of a trusted aide.

No, the Governor has discovered, Democrats do not have Republican friends. It’s just not the way they play the game.

But the most embarrassing part of this “sudden” revelation that Christie is a bully with a long memory for me is that the Right Wing Radio wags have swung into full spin mode without knowing or caring about the facts in the exact same fashion the Liberal media does on a daily basis. And it looks and sounds bad.

What is the difference then if the Political Right blindly defends a "Conservative" and the Political Left blindly defending one of their own who holds the office of the Presidency?

The glad talking of the economy and the economic situation in the U.S. by the Leftist Media is supremely embarrassing to listen to and hard to ignore. There just aren't any bad economic numbers anymore only "less than robust". The jobless are merely shuffled off onto the American version of The Dole and the homeless have inexplicably disappeared only to return if a conservative should ever again gain the White House.

It's a real shame since I'm sure when these handsomely paid media automatons were studying their craft in college they must have dreamed of one day finding acclaim with groundbreaking investigative journalism and biting commentary but the only work they can find are these crumby propaganda jobs. What a waste of a career.

So I find this role reversal to be wholly uncomfortable and disturbing. There is NO DIFFERENCE between Left and Right in the media. They seem to be playing the same game and that game is Fear.

But what really set me off on this track was the recited rationalization of "Well, it's not Bengazi"

 Aarrg! Not the point. Sure, the attack on the U.S. embassy in Bengazi and the administration’s efforts to make it go away is a criminal blunder that not only offers insight into how alien foreign policy is to the Obama administration but also underscores the lack or responsibility they have to anyone who serves them. Anyone associated with these people must realize that they are a disposable commodity and that they are TOAST should they find themselves in a bad situation. This was perhaps Ambassador Stevens' big mistake. The poor sap actually thought he was there to do some good in that part of the world.

But to use this to defend Governor Christie's actions is basically admitting; "Yes, he’s a snake but he’s OUR snake." Perhaps the Political Right has just decided the high ground only leaves you exposed and that this no longer is a good strategy. The consequence of this attitude is that yet another snake makes his way to the Oval Office. Leave the brandings off, a snake is a snake.

Here is the GOOD NEWS. There is nothing better right now than having Chris Christie's presidential ambitions and the ambitions of his political machine DERAILED.

It is better for the believers in Limited Government in this country that this has come to pass (and let’s hope it sticks). And it is important for the present set of Republocrats that we are saddled with running Congress to realize that running a “Moderate” candidate against a Social-Democrat is the SAME THING and that the Left will always vote for the real, indoctrinated Leftist over anyone with an “R” by their name regardless of how much of a Socialist they really are.

And Christie is no better than a Democrat. He just happens to be a Democrat that is still concerned with New Jersey’s bottom line. But he has no qualms about sucking up for Federal Funds however and that’s still OPM (Other People's Money).

No, this is a good thing for the Tea Party, those working people who would rather be playing in the yard with their kids than organizing political events. The faster the focus is off Chris Christie, the quicker the focus can be on a more Libertarian/Conservative candidate.

The country doesn’t need a "more of the same" guy like Christie. Others are waiting.


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