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Monday, February 10, 2014

The U.S. Fear of a Successful Russian Olympics in Sochi

Can the U.S. Government's fear of a successful Russian Olympics be more obvious?
The U.S. media machine has declared that Russian leader Vladimir Putin has "staked his reputation" on a safe and successful Olympic games and then has proceeded to trash everything about it.

With every buerocratic knucklehead also throwing in their two-cents and talking down the Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the value of their words, not worth much to begin with, simply fall by the road to Perdition that they have guided us down. Everybody knows that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D - California) is a drug-addled idiot and that Senator Lindsey Graham (R - S. Carolina) is a war monger.

How dare a country other than the so called "Free World" put on a successful world display! We'll get back at Mr. Putin for making us look bad.

And this is why everybody in the government has been talking down these Winter Olympics. This is why the State Department, no strangers to criminal behavior, bullying, intimidation and corruption, has issued terrorist warnings about traveling to Sochi. They are delibrately trying to scare spectators away. This is the way we win friends and influence people. It's embarassing.

And it's not so much Putin making the Obama administration look bad, it's the Obama administration making themselves look bad. How dare Russia thwart our war making in the Middle East! Our "bombs first" diplomacy is wearing thin around the world and it's certainly tiresome here as well since our best and brightest are battling in a foreign land while the country is losing the war for it's borders, language and culture right here at home.

How is it that I can be more thankful of Vladimir Putin these days than I can of our President Barack Obama? I am thankful that Putin has given haven to Edward Snowden, a man of concience who would otherwise be persecuted for having the gall to reveal how the government, OUR government, has been spying on it's citizens in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Oh, don't worry, it's for your own protection, remember? But who will protect us from our government?

Can I be thankful that President Obama has chosen not to enforce certain laws and circumvented others? How trusting can I be of our gun running Justice Department? Can I be thankful that Mr. Obama and his Socialist minions have attempted to force Socialized medicine upon this nation and blown a huge hole in our economy? How about taxing away job opportunities for young workers and old and instead putting them on food stamps and the Dole? Can I rest easy knowing that the nation is $17 Trillion in debt, a sum that equals a full year of the country's GDP? How restful these next three years are going to be for me, my job and my bank account of which I am earning $ .15 in interest! And how "Putin-like" is it for the Obama administration to target opposition groups with IRS audits and holding up there legal right for tax exemptions while favoring more liberal groups? Where is the moral high ground? No where.

I am also thankful, in a way, that Putin has stepped into the path of the U.S. war juggernaut in the Middle East. We had no real cause to be anywhere but Afghanistan and even there we have been involved for way too long to do any good to anybody and should have gotten out long ago. Then there are the interventions in Libya and Syria. Enough said.
In short, Vladimir Putin is the least of OUR worries here in the U.S. these days. Let the Russian people deal with him if they don't like him. We have a bigger Marxist right here that's killing our businesses and opportunities in true unintended Bolshevik fashion. Nexy ot Obama Putin looks like Ronald Reagan.

And if anyone can't seem to recall, the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta had some big problems that we can compare to what we're being told is going on in Sochi: There was the overcrowded Olympic Village, the athletes complaining about the quality of the food, the massive transportation fiasco with it's traffic jams, late buses and epic snarl, the stupid opening ceremonies with it's 500 cheerleaders and 30 pickup trucks was a low-light along with the over-the-top crass commercialism of the games themselves that had the world shaking it's collective head AND THEN a bomb went off in Centennial Olympic park killing 2, wounding 111 and leading to libelous accusations that the only security person who gave a shit, the late Richard Jewell, planted the bomb himself in order to be a hero.

But in spite of everything, these games in Sochi are a BIG DEAL to the Russian people and it's too bad the U.S. has missed yet another opportunity to lead in the world.

But it's not just about winning is it? Others must fail.

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