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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Looming Gov't Shutdown and the Compromise of the GOP...

"Since I am an Anarchist by nature, I would like to see the whole current order of things grind to a hault and come crashing down so we can rebuild it from scratch...but since I am also a Pessimist, I don't believe that we'll get it right then either." - Wal Man

Ok, so I'm quoting myself. I can do that. Moving along...

If the Republocrats in Congress cave in and take only $40 Billion in budget cuts, that should be the end of them come the primarys for 2012. They probably wouldn't have made it anyway but they're ouster should be a guarantee since they already never even got close to the $100 Billion in cuts they run up the hill with. The $40 Billion would be concidered a lose by those who gave them their faith. That'll show 'em.

I'd like to see the gov't shut down, of course, so a compromise isn't what I think the US needs right now. What we really need is the $100 Billion in cuts. More really but I'd take that as a good start.

The cuts I've seen seem to be aimed at the Leftist Machine that has been created to buy the vote and fund the leftist propaganda machine ie: Head Start, PBS and let's not forget NASA's Global Warming prone weathermen. Didn't realize just how much money went to those organizations until I saw what they wanted to cut. Over a $Billion just from Head Start! How much money have they been getting? Of course, what good is Head Start if the country goes bankrupt. Not much.

I saw CNN sniffing earlier this evening that the GOP didn't go after defense spending and I almost fell off my bike at the gym I was laughing so hard. This is how Obama shoots that arguement in the foot. Three years ago he was talking of ending the wars in Iraq and Afganistan and closing Gitmo. Not only does he not do ANY of that, he then manages to open a third front in the Middle East. Now who's going to mention cutting defense spending? If the President had done any of what he said then an argument could be made but three wars? Talk about a third rail in politices. A nice try for the perenially breaking news channel.

There is no dialog in Washington. This is a staring contest and Obama is going to hold fast and see if the Republocrats blink, which they will. There will be no significant cuts in spending. The economy is going to crash sooner than later and the sooner you face the facts and make your plans on how you're going to hold onto your dough and deal with the aftermath, the sooner you find peace of mind.

Life is alot like the boxing game: Protect yourself at all times. Don't expect anybody to do it for you.

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