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Monday, June 25, 2012

States Lose Right of Self-Determination

The very fabric that has held the Union together today was torn. The fears of the founding fathers has been realized and the usurpation of the Constitution is complete. These United States are no longer a more perfect union under God but a direct extension of the Federal Government lead by an all-powerful leader. The autonomy of the States has now been dissolved. The President now dictates to all the mandates he and he alone feels that are best for the country. There is now no power higher that can stand up to the position of the US Presidency.  There is no law but Federal Law.

It really didn’t matter what the Supreme Court determined today in regards to the Arizona Immigration law, the President would have just issued an edict circumventing it anyway. Who could stop him? Will it be Congress? They wouldn’t even try. Perhaps Mitt Romney, the supposed “opposition” candidate? Nope, he’s really there for show. Even if he should ascend to the Presidency, he would only do the same, just like GW Bush before him. They all work for the same syndicate.

But now that Barack Obama has finally achieved what the government monarchs have been aiming for these past decades, will he be able to hold onto this power? History tells us he can’t and while he’s busy running the US economy into the ground; he jeopardizes his already shaky Fiefdom. The collapsing economy will only throw more and more people out of work and the more they are extended a government “helping hand” the quicker the spiral downward. Without wealth to grow, the economy can only shrink. Everybody can’t be on assistance. Right? Well, we’ll find out won’t we.
President Obama’s victory will be a hollow one in American history but perhaps there won’t be an American history after this.

The trouble with the plan is that the Obama regime doesn’t actually know how to run a country. Without the empirical knowledge of organization, division of labor, open markets and allocation of resources that was, like it or not, first developed and employed by the Europeans in their self-driven elevation from Tribe to Village to City-State, a country cannot stand. Obama’s America could very well look like North Korea in the decades to come: A virtual presidential dictatorship ruling a nation of despair, subjugation and of no cultural or economic value to anybody.

Just like the useful idiots from the slums of Venezuela that have kept Hugo Chavez in power for the last 12 years, Obama’s minions will ultimately end up with little. They’ll get to go to school but where will they work? Will the government employ them all? And with what will they pay these educated and privileged masses?  Only a Soviet style que awaits us all.

There was triumph in Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe and his hordes of “oppressed” farm workers managed to “overthrow” the white European farmers who they had worked for all those years and were paid little when compared to the farmer’s prosperity. After all, it was they the farm workers, who made the farm produce. So they took the farms for themselves and rejoiced in their revolution. Now things were going to change for them. And they did. They starved. They took the most successful thriving economy on the African continent and within the year reduced it to the least. The farm workers, now destitute were drinking out of mud puddles and dying of Cholera in the streets. And why was that?
Because they didn’t know how to run a farm.

And here we are.

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