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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Obama Presidency Is A STINKBURGER.

Or how about we call it a “Failwich”.

At any rate, anyway you try to market it, Barak Obama’s presidency has ended in failure.
Yes I know he’s still got TWO YEARS left in office but we all know where this is heading. Anyone with eyes sees the socialist policies and the communist economic control that, rather than causing the economy to rise, is actually ringing in America‘s first Japanese style LOST DECADE.

Obama's presidency is not going to end well.

We have recent college graduates scrounging for bank teller positions and holding two part-time jobs while their hefty college loan bills come due. We have 20-somethings living at home with their parents when they should be out on their own learning how to make new social contacts and working towards a career. We see automobiles out of reach of the average American teen when once you could throw down $500.00 for the car and $200.00 for the insurance. Now its the insurance and the gas they can't afford never mind the car. It all spells "No Future" for America's young under 30s.

Here we are seven years after the economic meltdown of 2007 and six years after the rise of President Obama’s regime, the country is not rolling along. It’s not really even shuffling along. It’s just shiftlessly slipping into decline. Less opportunity, more debt. Less growth, more debt. Less accountability and clarity of purpose, more debt.
Everything has gone up. You’re income taxes, your property taxes, your healthcare premiums and the gasoline you put in your car AND your car insurance. If you weren’t part of the 9 million people who initially lost your job, a job that wasn’t and hasn’t come back, you are worried that you will lose the job you have. I know I am.

While promoting his wrong-headed Minimum Wage hike in Michigan, a state that can really NOT afford the consequences of such a move btw, President Obama attacks Paul Ryan’s budget proposal without a hint of irony considering Mr. Obama has only submitted one budget on time and every one without fail contains tax hikes, increased borrowing and more public sector spending. I'm sure the Obama administration struggled to come up with such a well thought-out budget plan. But as the Say Anything president, president Obama will say anything.
“Well, if we raise the minimum wage, people will have more money to spend. This will put more money in the economy. " Says Mr. Obama. "How's that not going to help people?"

Now I don’t believe for a moment that President Obama actually believes this to be true because it’s foolish to believe that just because the government passes a law to pay people more money that businesses, especially the small businesses that have been hit hardest over the last seven years, are just going to pay it. 
What becomes clear is that the President is obviously an adherent of a great American, an entrepreneurial man, a businessman, a man with hustle and who started a great circus when circuses used to cross this vast continent entertaining people in small towns and big cities. That man’s name was PT Barnum and although he died back in 1891, he would be right at home in the Obama administration. He coined the phrase that BH Obama lives by today and it goes like this:

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

American small business is on the ropes in this country and one can only look at the empty storefronts everywhere you may go here in the formerly industrialized Northeast. Granted that the foundation they staked their fortunes on was made of Government Sand as a direct result of the partnership of the Federal Bank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the big banks that facilitated the housing-based economic bubble, they still put their money down for their chance at independent living. The ones who have held on until now are only find higher taxes, higher healthcare premiums and a forced minimum wage as their reward.
But only a fool will think that they’re just going to pay the higher wage. The more likely scenario would be that the small business owner will lay off that worker and put in more hours themselves. If you’re working on a thin margin, anything at all can cause you to stumble. And plenty have and more are joining them every day.

No, no, nothing Mr. Obama has done will last. It can’t. Not his domestic policy missteps, not his foreign policy disasters, too numerous and obvious to discuss any further unless he can find a country we haven’t yet heard of to ruin to go along with the rest. Not his blustering about “mean” Republicans and not his incredulous, straight-face diatribes on how he can’t see how cutting federal spending will help the economy.
Everything will eventually be swept aside either by voter might or utter economic failure.
It would be far more encouraging for the future of our nation if Mr. Obama’s final rebuke would be from voter might.

And hopefully we will see another one of PT Barnum’s quotes ring true: “The public is wiser than many imagine.”
Hope so.

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  1. Hi. Was reminiscing with my wife about shitty Boston bands of the 80s (and the few that have stood the test of time like H.S.R.) and trying to find one we could not recall the name. That's when I stumbled across your blog. It is nice to see somebody who retained their brain and was not afraid to shed thier liberal preconceptions mistakenly held which some contemporaries continue to embrace along with their nostalgia for that crappy Mission of Burma scronk-fest and their Rock against Reagan or Rally against Racism "badges" - their precious world-view ossifying intoirrelevency like a dried out band flyer. Anyway nice blog and I'll file STINKBURGER/failwich right next to douchenozzle for words to describe jerky leftists

    Barry Tilles now shocked to find robotic identity 'cos 3 tries at squiggly text no can do