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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bombs Feed People

It’s an economic miracle. It’s crazy it’s hysterical.

But that’s just what they do. In the United States at any rate. They're probably not doing anybody else much good however.

Yes, the same munitions that kill the “enemy” also provides a good living for the designers, builders and the people who pull the trigger. It’s a vital part of the American economy to manufacture, sell and distribute the most effective killers of men the world has hitherto ever known.

And the money the bomb makers receive goes into employing painters, carpenters and landscapers for their houses and teachers, bus drivers and soccer coaches for their children.

And with our perennial military proving ground we casually refer to as The Middle East, we can be assured that American arms are the very best battle tested and effective arms. Years of Research & Development went into bringing you name it, we build it. We build the best so we can sell the best. It’s what we do.

The United States sells almost twice as much as second place Russia in the armaments race. Heck, we’re such good salesmen, we’ll even arm the opposition so that they can put up a better fight. But in the end it’s all just a game to us since we can end it all with just a push of a button if we were really pushed to do so. But it doesn’t pay to end a war. The weapons aren’t an end to themselves. Weapons need targets.

Yes, what good is buying weapons and letting them sit? You won’t be buying any more unless you use up the supply you already have, right?

Of course!

So what we need are enemies. Without enemies, how can you use your weapons? You don’t have a gun? How are you going to shoot people if you don’t have a gun?  Here, try a free sample…on us.

What are you going to do, let ISIL get you? Look what they do to people? Here, watch this video of them throwing people with their hands tied behind their backs off of a two story building. How would you like that? Ok, how many can shoulder fired rockets can I put you down for? You want CS gas with that? Great! You are very kind. I thank you, Northrop and Raytheon corporation thanks you and the American municians manufacturers thank you.

We also need “evil empires” to scare the voters back home into allocating the funds to keep the spigot on and the munition factories moving to crank out the very latest in weapons.

A good example is ISIL. We knew the Iraqis were going to drop everything and run for their lives in the face of an ISIL onslaught. It’s how we trained them. So it was  in this fashion we managed to get the weapons to ISIL without anyone thinking we were betraying the nation. Now ISIL is a force to be reckoned with and now we can sell the “good guys” the higher end equipment to beat them.

"Our representatives are ready to take your call! You know ISIL has US tanks now so you'll need an entire TOW missile system setup. What, are you sure? Well, it's YOUR funeral. Yess they aren't cheap but don't worry, we can fit it into your budget. Have I mentioned our payment plan? I'll put you down for two."

And back home it looks like Congress is ready to print up more money to pay for all of this military spending. After all, we can’t win against terror without these crucial building projects, right?

Let’s hope that we will finally vanquish the Muslim Hoards that are on the move though the Middle East and Europe. But not too quickly, we don’t want to queer the deal, do we?

It’s a living.

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