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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Democratic Debate: No Questions For Hillary

Why did the Democrats even have a debate? And why should they even bother to have another? 

As a candidate for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton can, at BEST, be described as Scandal Ridden. She has holes in her stories you can drive a phalanx of Libyan terrorists through. 

She has decades of greed and avarice chronicled in the pages of a thousand newspaper archives across the country. Her attitude of entitlement and the way she treats people around her are the stuff of legend. 

So do you think that one the these cardboard cutouts called her Democratic "opponents" would mention something about ANY of that? 


In fact, that PUTZ Bernie Sanders, he of the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" party, even defends her email "issues". 

Apparently this actually IS a coronation and not a primary race for Hillary like it has been reported. 

Hillary as the Democratic nominee for the Presidency IS inevitable!  So much so that nobody wants to even challenger her or ask her a possibly "disturbing" question. 

Nothing about Benghazi, no questions about her emails or even why she ran a server out of her New York mansion without getting permission or not telling anyone about it, no questions on what she actually did as Secretary of State and certainly nothing about how she managed to get a $1 Million return on a $10,000.00 investment that started the Whitewater investigation.

Just vote for Hillary already and then shut up and sit down!

But is this really doing her any favors? Eventually she will have to face the voters unless, of course, that little issue has been taken care of already in advance. 

Real people may actually want answers to the many questions that surround Ms. Clinton's dealings in business, her stint as Secretary of State where we only ever saw her with a drink in her hand and that incident where Argentina President Christina Fernandez was making strange overtures towards her. And what about the goings on at The Clinton Foundation and all those paid speeches husband Bill did in Russia?  And where did her hyphenated last name "Rodham" go?  

These questions would appear to be too “complicated” to actually ask so nobody will ask them. Perhaps people will just forget about them. 

Hillary Clinton always reminded me of that original Star Trek episode; “Turnabout Intruder” where a jealous archaeologist, Janet Lester, rigs an apparatus to trade bodies with an unsuspecting William Shatner as Captain Kirk. You see, she felt that it was SHE who was wrongfully kept from a Federation Captaincy and that SHE should, rightfully, be in command of the USS Enterprise and not Captain Kirk.

But in the end she couldn't fucking do it. Turns out she really couldn't handle the job and couldn't pilot the ship. She was found out by an astute crew and her evil plan thwarted. Captain Kirk was of course re-installed into his rightful body and resumed the helm.

That was Hillary Clinton back when husband Bill was the President and that is Hillary Clinton today! She feels that SHE has been denied greatness because THE FOOLS cannot see her talent and aptitude. She will show us ALL how wrong we were and we will PAY for our BLUNDER!

Such a tragic figure this woman who would be king. Poor, poor little rich girl.  But when you've always been able to get all the money you want when you wanted it, what else is there to have? That would be POWER of course.

So Ms. Clinton will win the Democratic Presidential nomination for 2016. All she has to do after that is show up for the general election and then her dream will finally be fulfilled. The goal is the Presidency where she will make history and after that, who knows how much money she'll be able to make for a speech?

History is a funny thing however. In the United States, we pretentiously talk of HISTORY like it is a finite thing. We kid ourselves into believing that our nation will last forever and that practically everything we do or that happens today is somehow HISTORICAL

But there have been many, many past civilizations, and we know of them only because we've found their language stones but no other traces of them, that have been lost in the sands of time and this should give even the most casual observer the perspective that history is actually very fleeting. 

This also brings to mind that the Roman formula for Concrete was lost for 2000 years and that the concrete we use today is but a pale comparison to what they had first developed and that has yet to be rediscovered. I'm sure the Romans thought that Rome would always stand...right up until it stopped standing. Think about that the next time your football team or favorite golfer makes “History” or when the day is the “Hottest Ever Recorded”. 

The Earth will not even be bothered to respond to such claims.

So what good is history if the nation crumbles and falls and actually becomes History? What good will the marble steps of the capital serve if the building is inhabited by Visigoths? Not a whole lot, will they? 

So Hillary Clinton can be our president. Another Socialist in the Whitehouse. Great! And then what? At some point these powerful Cartoon Characters will have to lead and we already know what will happen next. They won't be able to do it. They'll be too entwined in giving perks their Union constituency or their NAACP voting block or you-name-the-group lobby. They won't be able to make hard choices even when the hard choices are forced upon them. 

How many of these "cash strapped" cities and states have declared bankruptcy? Very few. It's much easier to raise taxes on the working class in order to preserve the status quo for the Party Loyal since filing for bankruptcy would render ALL Union contracts null and void and open to renegotiation. Hillary's base will clamor change. 

It shouldn't take a Rhodes Scholar to realize that even illegal aliens will won't get anywhere with another Socialist in the White House. Immigrants, both legal and illegal want to progress as much as anybody so why go with another wealth distributor? So you can get more food stamps? Great, if that's all you ever want for you and your heirs, go for it. But if you want to actually make something of yourself or have a better future for your kids, you're going to have to work for it. A government handout will only keep you poor, stupid and a slave. 

You can't work if the economy is crashed no matter if you have no degree or five degrees. No work means no work and as you can see, every company with under 100 employees is hurting big time. The ones that are still in business anyway. The Obama administration has crushed small business. We have many many empty storefronts disguised as businesses here in the formerly industrialized North East.

So go ahead, give Hillary the Democratic nomination. Hell, give her the Presidency. 

She won't be able to handle it. 

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