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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Turkey Trots Out Big Lie in Syria

Where are the bodies?

Russia reportedly hits hospitals and schools and kills 50 “civilians in rebel held Northern Syria yet the videos show no bodies! A couple of guys run by the camera with a pile of blankets in a stretcher. Lots of shouting and people digging in destroyed buildings while a voice-over in English describes the destruction.

This is the Big Lie come back into plain site in the warm up to continued intervention into the Syrian Civil war. While earthquake videos always show people being dragged out of crumbled buildings, here in Syria there is no such vision. Not even a snapshot has come out of this with a corpus delicti.

In a war of pictures in the television age, the one thing that would best sway the hearts and minds of the people seems to be missing: Evidence of a Crime.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, always a reliable source for truth and justice in this situation since it it Turkey that is supplying arms to the anti-Assad forces, said that Russian missiles hit a “children’s hospital” and that many civilians and children were killed. There’s plenty of footage of the buildings but where are the dead? There is nothing, not a second of footage of bodies anywhere. You know why? Because the only bodies they pulled out of those buildings were SOLDIERS!

Now we’ve all seen the bullshit setups the Palestinians love to film where one minute someone is lying under a concrete slab and the next minute they’re walking around with a crutch. There seems to be a limit to the number of actors these guys can come up with so you’ll have to forgive me for being skeptical having seen the so called “Palestinians” shoot their own people because they were in the presence of a foreign journalists video footage so they could claim that Israeli soldiers did it. The footage was remarkable because it depicted a man and his teenage son caught in the crossfire between the opposing forces and he was shielding his son with his back not to the Israeli forces but to his own supposed protectors because he knew as well as they did he was on camera. 
There is little coming out of Syria right now in the form of “News” that I am inclined to believe so one thing I will believe is when I see footage of actually bodies being pulled from the newly minted wreckage. If this existed I am positive that the rebel forces would have had no qualms about showing them to the world. Where is it?

Everybody filmed the Japanese Tsunami in 2011. Everybody filmed the World Trade Center Towers coming down. Nobody got this? No, next week will be too late so if the archivists for ABC, CNN or Reuters are going through old video footage right now, forget it. It won’t fly. It’s all a lie and it’s an Obvious lie given the circumstances of Assad being on the verge of victory. “This cannot stand” say the forces of good in Europe.

Just like the unbelievable stories of gas warfare being reported by the French, again no friend of Russia or Assad, which they attributed exclusively to the Assad regime and yet not proof was ever presented. Surely the accusations of the French, who only hold the best interests of the world in there heart, should be enough to begin more armed conflict in the region. Where is the footage? In an age where everybody is walking around with a God Damned video camera in their shirt pockets, there is no video escaping into the world to document these “atrocities”. And for these accusations, Europe will again look the other way when Turkey is bombing the shit out of the Kurds. But since when have the Kurds gotten anything out of their efforts whether they fight on the side of the U.S. or on the side of Assad. No difference there. 

Any excuse will serve a tyrant and here we are with yet another U.S. with Turkey as our puppet to setup an excuse to reign more warfare upon the people of the Middle East just when things are about to be settled. BUT not settled the way we like it.

Good must triumph over evil. 

And it ultimately will. 

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