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Friday, February 19, 2016

Tim Cook Right to Refuse FBI Request

“The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. We oppose this order, which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand.” – Time Cook – CEO Apple Inc.

In America we still have the right to say “no”, especially to the federal government.

Tim Cook, the Apple Executive who has just thrust himself and his company into the biggest battle he and his company ever faced over his refusal to have the corporation he leads aid the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, in cracking the encryption algorithm on the Apple iPhone5 which the fanatical Islamic Terrorist couple, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik had in their possession at the time the FBI caught up to them and shot them full of holes after they shot 14 people to death in in cold blood at a rented hall in San Bernardino during a holiday party.

You know, it’s the Federal Government who let these people into the country, didn’t investigate them, gave them JOBS, free college, free health care, government paid apartments all funded by the U.S. taxpayer and basically kissed their asses right up to the point where these "Huddled masses yearning to be Free" rewarded all this altruism and kindness by killing a bunch of people and spitting into the eye of the American public.

And now the FBI wants Apple to help. NO, they DEMAND that Apple help.

And I say “Screw Them!”

Does this resemble at all another little incident from the not-so-recent past where President Obama and his minion, form Attorney General Eric Holder, allowed guns to cross into Mexico, fall into the “wrong” hands ie: The Mexican Drug Cartel, get a thousand plus Mexican citizens killed plus a U.S. border agent, Brian Terry, and then turn around and blame the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights for allowing people in America to own guns?

Damned Skippy it does!

The FBI isn’t investigating SHIT when it comes to these Islamic refugees who they are flying into our towns. The level of indoctrination into this cult religion that they are possessed by is on a scale of fanaticism the world hasn't since the 15th century. To label most of these characters as moderate or even conservative does not come close to how they think. Let's not continue to kid ourselves. 

So you would think just for the sake of a concern for our citizenry that someone in our government would have bothered to ask, “Well, how do you suppose these people are going to cope walking around in an open and free society?”

Well, we have the answer now don’t we, they aren’t coping very well, are they?

Radio "Conservatives" on Wrong Side of Issue

Two notable radio talk show people who are on the wrong side of this issue and thus have lost all credibility with me since their lack of consistency on Truth, Justice and the American Way is startling.

One cannot rail against the government for their over intrusive methods day after day, year after years and then suddenly say,, “Well, Apple should help out he FBI, after all, it’s for our own good.”Are you kidding me? How off the fucking rails is that?

Michael Savage is one. He’s a national figure. He’s been banned from entering Great Britain for…I don’t know, something he said if you can believe that excuse. Of course this is the same band of British idiots that have been debating banning Donald Trump so who knows how they think.

But Michael Savage, the man who's mantra of "Borders, Language and Culture" has made him a national icon seems to have taken a turn to the Left on the Right to Privacy and the increased infiltration by the government into every facet or the American people's daily lives.

On the radio today Savage asked a question: "Why would you trust that big conglomerate guy Tim Cook more than FBI head James Comey?"

And my answer is: "Yes, why WOULD I trust that big conglomerate guy Tim Cook more than FBI head James Comey?"

There are plenty of reasons but the big one is that James Comey works for the Government. Tim Cook doesn't trust the FBI and I don't trust the FBI. That's our new bond.

What an absurd question. If he hasn't lost his marbles, he certainly has lost his moral high ground so I don't know what's next for him after this. All he'll have now is his money. Good luck with that Michael. 

The second radio wag is Boston’s own Howie Carr. Not as prominent since his act of “I hate everything” probably doesn’t play well nationally. He goes on about how "we're taxed too much, too much is given to people who don't work, the government thinks they can tell us what to do etc" but at the end of the day, he's on their side. What a hypocrite. 

The Bill of Rights

You cannot pick and choose which Amendments of the Bill of Rights you want to uphold and defend, you take them ALL or you take NONE and attempting to apply them for some things but not others is hypocritical and arbitrary. Not the stuff of legendary or lasting governance.  

This is not about Liberty for ME and not YOU. It's Liberty for ALL and if we can't all enjoy the same liberties in this country no matter who you are or what you do then perhaps we deserve what we get. Imagine for a moment what this country would be like without the Bill of Rights and the constant struggle to keep the United States for it's citizens and not for it's government. Why, we'd probably be like Germany or the UK, where the government just decides what it wants to do and you, you unfortunate son of a bitch, well, you just have to lump it! That's how Germany got all those killer immigrants. You think there was a vote on it?

Freedom, it ain't free. And it isn't just the government we have to fight but the short-sighted among us who are all too willing to give up their rights just because they think the government can and is even willing to protect them.

There is nothing more annoying to hear someone say "I'm all for the Bill of Rights BUT...this is different" or "I'm all for the people's Right to Privacy BUT...this is different." Or those idiots who  would let the police just search their house because..."I've got nothing to hide."

That's not the point, stupid! Like the police have never brought anything with them to "find" before.

And everybody is for the Freedom of Speech right up until they hear something they don't like. Even the late and great Supreme Court Justice Anthoney Scalia ruled against the right of free speech for that wackado Westboro Baptist Church who's members show up and picket the funerals of U.S. soldiers killed in our endless wars in the Middle East and shout "Thank God for dead soldiers" while the deceased's family are burying him. Yes, they have a right to do that. In America there is no "Free Speech Zone" every public place is a free speech zone.

You may not like it but you should defend it because if a time ever comes and you want to speak out about an affront or perceived injustice and couldn't, then where would you be?

Of fair weather Patriots, there are many. How easily someone abandons principle in the face of controversy and a little peer pressure. How would you like someone like this packing your parachute?

Many states in the Union have in the past here and there attempted to pass “Duty to Rescue” laws. These are laws that were written and passed to compel citizens under penalty of law to intervene if they happen upon a situation where someone is in danger or about to be killed. These laws made the person, who in no way did anything to put these victims in danger; liable if the victims were injured or killed. Some of the laws merely compelled people to call 911, others had stricter and more demanding wording. These laws have always been a failure. You cannot compel a person to act against their own interests.

Apple Inc

And in the case of Apple Inc., the Federal Government is demanding they act in opposition to the best interests not only of the company but also our Constitution of the United States. Complying with the government's demand will undermine the entire organization and drive it's value into the ground.

Would you trust an Apple product again if they did? 

There are a lot of people and organizations who don't like Apple Inc. They don't like it that they are a big successful organization that have brought products that people want to the marketplace and have become a major company employing thousands of people worldwide and have created wealth where none existed before. Many on the political Left and Right are just hoping to see Apple Inc fail and our left-leaning national news services report with glee the coming showdown with the government.

Many people let their feelings about Apple's position in the marketplace cloud their thinking. They may be a rich company but they can still be right when it comes to defending their business and the rights of their paying customers against Federal Intervention. And they are.

So say the Feds do manage to compel Apple to comply with their demands. Once they got their hands on the ability to get into the iPhones, it would be THEY who would then be trading it away to foreign interests with something to barter and the desire to know. Don't let 'em kid you.

No, this is a big fight. This is bigger than Apple Inc and bigger than San Bernardino. What there is to be gained at this point from the killer's phone is nothing compared to what that phone represents to the freedom of all Americans. This is a fight for the rights of every citizen to be secure in their homes and property, not from terrorism but from the people we THINK are going to protect us. I hope Apple fights this with every resource at their disposal. Let's hope. 

Make no mistake, it has been the Federal Government that has been negligent in their handling of the refugees and now that their behavior has been exposed as not acting in the best interests of the American people, they want to point the finger of blame at Apple and use the blood of 14 dead as the reason they should help them.

I don’t believe the deaths of 14 people, when stacked up to the millions of lives lost in the defense of our nation and the bedrock we have built it upon, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be a good enough reason to comply.

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