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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Will Romney Run?

The rumors of a planned Brokered Convention, or rather, a convention where a candidate is not decided upon during the first ballot and further deliberation and voting is required until a candidate is chosen, is more than likely a story cooked up by the national media since the race for at least the Republican nomination could be over by next Tuesday. What will they have to write about then?

There hasn’t been a brokered convention in the Television Era and there will not be one now. The party conventions only serve these days as a confirmation of the leading candidate after the grueling primary process. It is a jumping off point for the party platform heading into the last step of the presidential race. For someone to “Jump the line” and try to gain the party nomination without busting their ass on the trail and spending all that money and energy will be impossible to pull off today. Visually and politically it will be a disaster. 

What group wants to cast further doubt upon the validity of the electoral process when the people who support Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are already wary of the establishment attempting to step in and correct what they have built? Are the primaries something to ignore if the “wrong” candidate is chosen?

Predictability of outcome is not a part of a free and fair election process. If something should happen that makes the people feel their votes have been ignored, only chaos will follow. And if you are a party to such a thing, do you want your name associated with something like that? History is a harsh judge.

I don't believe for a moment that the story is true of Mitt Romney entering the 2016 presidential race at this late stage or of him being offered as a viable candidate in a brokered convention. If people get that the fix is in they will certainly turn on both him and what's left of the Republocrat party. 

Plus, if Romney should enter the race at this stage he will be crushed.

The one thing that Mitt Romney will never shake as long as he lives is that HE is the father of ObamaCare.

RomneyCare NEVER ran in the black. It ran deficits right from the beginning and nothing changed except for the name on the program. To cover up the deficits that the Massachusetts exchanges were running, Obama's pal and former governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick used the general highway funds to cover the shortfalls so it looked like it was holding its own. This is why all the roads and bridges in the state are in bad shape and the legislature is always trying to raise the gas tax...again…and again.

ObamaCare, as predicted, is blowing a hole in the nation’s economy. This is why we are stumbling along in the Obama Years and never getting ahead. Any economic gains are offset by growing debt. It's a catastrophe that Mitt will have a difficult time washing his name off of. 

Mitt Romney left a terrible legacy for the state of Massachusetts. If he had run again for governor instead of running for president the first chance he got, he would have been in a better position today in the presidential sweepstakes and of more importance he would have kept Deval Patrick out of the governorship. We paid dearly for that move and more has yet to be revealed. 

So now Mitt has come out at the behest of the establishment and launched an attack on the leading candidate of, subject to dissagreement, his own party. And it's over something he got hung out to dry on himself in 2012, his tax returns. This is going to endear him to the electorate? 

Donald Trump is right, Mitt Romney is a fool! 

Romney's political career is one of hurried missteps, hesitating miscalculations and failures to make the correct decision at the correct time. 

Mr. Romney, it's over.   

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