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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Whooping Cough and the South American Boat People

Immigrants that play by the rules and go about citizenship the right way are now set at a disadvantage. They were suckers for trying to follow the laws of their adopted country. They should have just broken in, made themselves at home and let the big business lobbyists do all the heavy lifting for them. It’s the new American Way.
Even though this latest mass of migration from  out “neighbors” to our south has been the result of the clarion call of the Obama Administration that has made no secret that they will not uphold their bargain to the citizens of the United States and uphold the law to defend our borders, the prime mover is that there is nothing for them in the countries of their origin.  

These are the FAILED STATES of South America. Their corrupt governments have decimated their economies by adopting pie-in-the-sky Socialism and have killed off the business class, sucked out opportunity, never offered an education worth a damn and have put their people on the move a la Fidel Castro back in 1980 when he “allowed” people who wanted to leave Cuba a chance to do so and then emptied his jails and was also rumored to have emptied the mental hospitals on top of that.
And here we are.

There are no perceived consequences to any economic action in South America. Argentina defaults on loans it took out to cover the massive debt it accumulated to cover for its destruction of successful private businesses and then becomes upset that some of their creditors, who lost big heaping wads o’ cash, actually have the gall to want to be paid back. It is they, Argentina cries, who are destroying the Argentine nation. Oh really? And they make this accusation with a straight face without a hint of irony. It takes real balls to say something so disconnected from reality.  
And there isn’t much left to be said about Venezuela. There is no place to go but rock bottom for them.

With the exceptions of Columbia and perhaps Peru, South and Central America is just one big graft-fest and their governments have pretty much acknowledged that fact by telling their people to go to the United States. Let them feed you, let them educate you, let them take care of you.
But guess what? We can’t do it either. The public schools in every major city are crap. The same goes for the housing.  You will leave your third world slum for a first world slum but it’s still a slum except that our slum neighborhoods come with cable TV and indoor plumbing.

But with the influx of South American peoples attempting to gain entry into the United States and the many who are successful, a new issue is dawning on the mental giants behind this move: These new arrivals haven’t had their shots!
This has proven to be a big problem here because diseases that were heretofore though gone from our townships and cities have made sudden reappearances. And one of those diseases that is rearing its long forgotten head here in the U.S. is known as Pertussis or the Whooping Cough.

“Whooping cough? You mean that viral cough that my grand-mother told me about? It disappeared sometime in the 1960s until it "cyclically" came back into the southern states in the early 2000s and has only spread since then. That Whooping Cough? “
Yes, that Whooping Cough

But Wal Man, many experts say that these diseases are just following a natural cycle, how do you know they were carried by illegal aliens?
If that were so, we’d be hearing about Whooping Cough outbreaks from all over the nation but that is not the case. These "outbreaks" are isolated to the Border States with Mexico: Texas, Arizona and Southern California. It is absolutely unheard of in the Midwest and the formerly industrialized Northeast. 

Sacramento, California, which not so long ago had declared itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens to live without fear of deportation, now appears to be at the center of the epidemic. Perhaps this is no small coincidence. Neighboring states like Washington and Oregon have managed to avoid the same fate.

Does anyone truly believe that a nation sending so many people who can't read and write their own language let alone speak a word of English and seemingly have never set foot in a school but somehow they all have gotten a vaccination?
In contrast, a child can't enter a school in the U.S. without a vaccination certificate. Some people have fought this over the years but they get a battle every time and every adult my age has a vacination scar on their right shoulder.

Whooping cough may not have totally disappeared in the U.S. but it has truly been unheard of on any newsworthy level until its re-emergence beginning in 2003 where cases spiked to approximately 11,651 and have risen every year to where it reportedly stands at 24,231 according to the governments Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) if one is to believe such things.

All I know is that Whooping Cough was only something I ever heard of as a child and then only told as a legend along with Goitre, the abnormal enlargement of the Thyroid Gland just under the Adams apple, that people used to get prior to the introduction of Iodine into America’s table salt in 1924. Throughout the 1970s and most of the 1980s, Whooping Cough cases seldom exceeded 3000 per year.  Rates began to rise beginning in 1986 which is, coincidently, after Ronald Regan sign

The Bubonic Plague also seems to have turned up in the Southwestern part of the country and has been in the news with multiple reported cases. The last time I heard of anybody getting THAT in the Americas was back during that little altercation in Peru with the Conquistadors and the Incas in 1532. 

If we keep this up we will see more of every disease and our capacity to combat them overwhelmed.  

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