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Monday, July 21, 2014

Hamas Losing Control of the Message

Hamas wants it both ways. They want to be free to bring in fuel and food through the Rafah Crossing with Egypt AND the rockets they use to shoot at Israel.

“How can they want a cease –fire when they won’t let us smuggle in weapons?” complained a Gaza “civilian” of Egypt. “Israel says they want to be our friends but they won’t let us shoot at them!” seethed another.  “As long as Israel continues to keep us from importing rockets and other weapons to shoot at them, there will be no peace!”

Logic like this is hard to argue with.

The national Leftist newspapers like USA Today are trying to help Hamas control the spin on their latest campaign when they offer quotes from a Gaza resident as describing Israeli tank fire as “random” and that “even ambulances came under fire”.  Did the reporter SEE this happen? No, but he has it on good authority because somebody in Gaza TOLD him. This is important to notice. These are not off-hand quotes; they are ‘’weasel words” meant to tilt the opinion of the reader.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Hamas “doesn't give a whit about the “Palestinians”, all they want is more and more civilian deaths.” And it looks like the majority of the world is now more willing to believe him. They can see it clearly with their own eyes if they care to.

In an incredible display of the the bold-faced hypocrisy of their words when compared with their deeds, Hamas obviously thinks we’re all fools. But to be fair, Hamas didn't just jump to this conclusion on their own, the actions of the rest of the world all but convinced them that this is true.

Up until now the Gaza wing of the Arab Assault Force (AAF) on Israel has relied upon the intervention of the UN and other countries like the United States and the European Union to stop the Israelis from retaliating with full force once they initiate their attacks. 

Their whole propaganda machine is geared towards “showing” the world how unfairly they are being treated just because they have shot a few harmless rockets at Israel in frustration at being unable to get the materials they need to prosper. They would be “somebody” in this world if it wasn't for those spiteful Israelis, Goddamnit!

So the EU, the U.S. and Egypt negotiate a settlement, Israel stops it’s shooting and then Hamas re-groups and re-supplies and comes back just a little bit stronger, a little bit more resolved in their belief that they can fulfill their ultimate calling: Driving the Jewish State to its knees. So with the help of the rest of the world, who don’t seem to like the Jewish State much either, Hamas lives to fight on. This is a tiresome cycle. 

But there are growing signs that the world is tiring of their act and sees through the staged “destruction”, the human shields, the staged "man in the street" media interviews and the “casualties” who have been known to get up and walk once the pictures have been taken.

Even the politically ambitious and leather lunged U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry has come out to decisively straddle the situation when he said that Israel is justified in taking action to protect itself. 

This is a departure in message. Gone is the knee-jerk denouncement of Israel’s defense, replaced by "concern' over civilian casualties.

When you go to the well too often, the well runs dry.

Some have described Israel giving up Philadelphi Corridor, the 14km long, 100 meter wide swath of land that once separated Gaza from Egypt as a big mistake. Or giving up Gaza for that matter 2 years earlier but if those two events have lead the region and the world to where we are right now: Finally believing that it Hamas is the sole driver of this conflict. They have only used such concessions as an opportunity to import the rockets that fly over Tel Aviv today.

Had they held onto Gaza and the Corridor, Israel would always be on the defensive about the speculation of what kind of state the disenfranchised “Palestinians” could have achieved had they gotten the opportunity.

Well now we know don’t we? They have fashioned an armed camp out of what once was not and filled it with cannon fodder that pass for people. They have manufactured an incredible honey comb of a land where armed men and weapons can be moved across the area and never have to be exposed to the surface. They have fashioned a state so twisted in its single-mindedness of purpose to kill Jews that they have neglected to build any other industry of worthy of merit.

So the plan to keep arms out of the hands of Hamas never was workable since Hamas always manages to get the weapons. The next best plan then, is to make them pay a BIG PRICE when they use them.

To the radical Muslims there are no civilians in their cause.  Everyone is an enemy soldier and every State an obstacle. In order to defeat these people, their way of fighting and their immutable way of thinking is to beat them down and after that, to beat them down again until they come up, pardon the use of an American colloquialism, “a Christian”.  History holds many examples of where this strategy was applied with success. 

My philosophy professor in college opened our first class by asking the question; “Suppose you lived in a society that did not value life and when walking one day you passed over a bridge and upon looking down you noticed someone was drowning. What, given the society you were living in, would you be inclined to do?”

I answered that I would most likely have just stood there to watch that person drown.

I see no difference in that question and the kind of society that has sprung up in Gaza.

So now, regardless of how they actually feel, the world's politicians seem to be more inclined to watch how it’s done while Israel finally moves to at least attempt to solve their problems with a society upside-down in its thinking, upside-down in the purpose for which they live their lives and with the people who support it financially from the sidelines safely out of harm’s way.

Let's hope for civilizations sake that Israel prevails in their mission and that they maintain the resolve to take their fight to its successful conclusion. And afterwards, some reflection will be in order for Hamas, the UN, Iran, and Arabia upon their rolls in this conflict and the world at large but also reflection is called upon for the European Union and these United States. 

All the condemnation, all the scolding and all the threats towards Israel over the years for the crime of self-defense from an organized and sometimes praised hate group has had to be hard to bear for them.

And heaven forbid any nation should have John Kerry foisted upon them as much as he has been upon Israel. Imagine Mr. Kerry coming to your office and basically talking you to death. 

That is also a crime against humanity.

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