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Friday, October 3, 2014

The Great Alaskan Walrus Ice Melt Hoax

From the usual suspects in the National Media: CNN, The Washington Post, NBC News and PBS comes the “Great Ice Melt Beached Walrus” crisis.

Yes, walruses are gathering in record numbers on the Alaskan shore Point Lay because the ice that they live on has melted and they must go ashore, all 35,000 of them.

It’s unprecedented!

That would be incredible…if it were true.

It’s not and N.O.A.A. the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration and some shadowy organization known as The World Wildlife Fund knows it isn't true.

Witness this interactions on National Public Radio between Judy Woodruff of PBS and Margaret Williams of the World Wildlife Fund.
JUDY WOODRUFF: So why are the walruses doing this? What’s going on?
MARGARET WILLIAMS: Well, walruses are one of the many species in the Arctic that are highly dependent on the Arctic sea ice.
So the mothers raise their calves on the sea ice. They use — these animals use the sea ice as a platform from which to dive to reach their food. Walruses like the eat clams and shellfish. And when the sea ice melts, as it is right now, they have to go somewhere to rest and to reach their food.
So they’re coming ashore in large numbers. And the sea ice is melting so rapidly. It’s melting earlier in the summer and later every — and forming later in the spring. So the Arctic sea ice is changing dramatically.
Now check this next answer and how well it is carefully couched. I heard this on the radio this afternoon and it is word for word what was said on the radio…just before I shut it off in disgust.
JUDY WOODRUFF: So, how unusual is this? Has it ever happened before?
MARGARET WILLIAMS: This is the largest number of walruses we have seen in Alaska. It’s a sign of tremendous change. It’s a sign that Arctic wildlife distributions and life’s history patterns are actually changing pretty much before our eyes.
We have seen large haul-outs on the Russian coast. And World Wildlife Fund works closely with Russian scientists and communities. So they have told us about these large numbers on the Russian side. But this is first time these numbers have been seen in Alaska.
That was not an answer to her question. The answer would be: YES, this has happened before.
The ice melts EVERY YEAR. The walruses either land on this side or the Russian side. We are given no numbers concerning how many walruses have ever been known to gather on the Russian side. I could guess maybe...35,000 or so?
And how long have they been counting walruses in Alaska in the first place, the 1970s maybe? This isn't even a blip on the radar of climate history.
So why be so evasive in answering a simple question?
Because Margaret Williams KNOWS this has happened before. Her answer is only that this is the first time walruses have been seen in these numbers on the beaches of Alaska. That’s it. That’s all. It was a Weasel Answer just short of a lie, In that case, they could have been there every year but this is the first time they've SEEN them. Weasel Words for a misleading weasel report.
This is what passes for journalism? If this what our tax dollars are going to support on the Public Channel? This is what we are supposed to believe is a result of GLOBAL WARMING? Excuse me I mean, GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE! Wait, I mean GLOBAL CLIMATE DISRUPTION?

The World Wildlife Fund is just another anti-capitalist front group of dead-ender environmentalist fascists who would rather make up reasons not to allow freedom in the marketplace and the pursuit of happiness for people with fewer means to achieve their dreams in this world so that they can instead force them to turn to government for their sustenance. They aren't in if for the wildlife, the environment or the people, they are in it for their own power and control of the means of production so that YOU will need THEM instead of relying on YOURSELF.
Anyway, here’s the rest of the propaganda session:
JUDY WOODRUFF: So what do — so, in other words, they need sea ice for survival.
JUDY WOODRUFF: So, what are the implications for the walrus, for other marine mammals, for humans, if there are any?
MARGARET WILLIAMS: Well, the humans are absolutely connected to the story of the walrus, because this is a story about climate change.
The walrus depend on that sea ice habitat, just as polar bears do, just as bowhead whales do. The Arctic is an incredible sea ice environment. And, as it changes, the Arctic Ocean is changing. And there is increasing evidence that changes in the sea ice are influencing the jet stream, which then has implications for weather patterns in the Lower 48 and really around the country.
JUDY WOODRUFF: What can be done about it, Margaret Williams? Is it — it seems like it’s so — such a remote area. Can humans do something specifically about these walruses?
MARGARET WILLIAMS: They absolutely can. And we’re so lucky to have fabulous scientists with NOAA and the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service out working with communities.
And communities have taken a great role in protecting the walruses while they’re on shore, both in Russia and Alaska. So, they’re trying to reduce disturbances while the walruses are ashore. Walruses are very skittish when they’re in these great numbers.
This really is tiresome. They think we're all stupid.

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