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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Federal Government and Overt Aid to Illegal Aliens

Now there is absolute proof that the Federal Government is not only allowing illegal aliens to stay in this country where they can also illegally collect aid paid for by the American Taxpayer but has for decades provided them the means to evade detection and gain the status that many legal immigrants have waited years to achieve.

With the DWI arrest of Obama Oyango, President Obama’s uncle and an illegal alien, the fact that he was not only in possession of a valid drivers license but also a legitimate Social Security Number has shown light on how our government is working and for whom. The news reports do not say if he also had a Mass Health entitlement card.

But Mr. Oynango is a known illegal and has been on the "deport” list for a very long time. He got help but from who? Why the government of course. Government welfare agencies are not required to ask about immigration status but it goes beyond that. These are not only today’s dependents but also the dependents of tomorrow. Independence is bad for business.

When you take this money please remember, it’s all you are ever going to have. You may think you’re getting away with something but you really aren’t. You are now bought and paid for. This starts the downward cycle of dependency that taxpayers decry and government cultivates. It’s all fun and games in “other peoples moneyland” until the ever expanding government strangles the ever shrinking private citizens that fund this ‘Money-Go-Round”.

But that's not the only problem.

A check of the voting records shows that the President’s uncle had never voted but very well could have.

What’s to stop a person with a valid SS# and a drivers license from voting?

It is still reportedly unknown how Mr. O managed to get his SS# but I’ll save everyone the time. The government GAVE it to him when he asked. Or they TOLD him he would need the number when they GAVE it to him. Take your pick. Nothing lofty or sinister, he just walked up and got one. And he’s not alone. He CAN’T be alone. How many more are out there? Hundreds? Thousands?

Yes, it’s all out in the open. It is the Federal Government itself that is undermining the vote, giving out Social Security Numbers to the undocumented and providing above the board Amnesty for all. Although people of European extraction need not apply. I mean, are they doing this for Canadians?

But now that we know, what do we do now?

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