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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Obama's Speech on the Economy and Job Creation.

Let me see if I can guess what he's going to say. For starters:

More money for important infrastructure: Don't know if we'll hear about that hi-speed rail project again but roads and bridges blah, blah. Like we're not spending enough on that already. Where is all that gas tax money going these days?

More money for educational opportunities for the young folks: They won't have a job and they won't be smart enough to understand why the government schools haven't prepared them for the future but they'll know how to organize a "Flash Mob" outside the statehouse whenever the governor says that the schools are spending too much and achieving too little. It's all because today's students are too busy with anti-bullying, racial and sexual tolerance and environmental issues to deal with Math, Science and History.

More mortgage relief for troubled homeowners: If the banks were allowed to go out of business when the market collapsed, we'd probably be on the other side of this by now. But since the Feds devoted big heaping wads of taxpayer money to propping up financial institutions that, through their own negligence and greed would have failed, we are left with a limping and unwieldy financial system that is just stumbling along and will most likely collapse under its own weight down the road anyway.

Relief for the long term unemployed: Going on three years of unemployment benefits, whats one more year? By the way, if it's been three years it's not unemployment any longer, it's the Dole. 

So to paraphrase Obama's proposals: More government jobs. There is no ailment that government can't help.

Fast track amnesty for illegal "workers": It's naive of the administration to think that all these illegal aliens will now suddenly start paying taxes and buying Gucci bags from Macy's if only they were made legal.

Throw in an attack on the "Partisan" GOP Congressmen for not participating in the destruction of the US economy.

Saved you the time of tuning in. Now go watch the game.

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