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Friday, September 23, 2011

Government Sponsored Solar Power Company Pleads the 5th...

Much like the Wikilinks release of the Anti-Capitalist Environmental "Scientists" emails, revealing collusion and the spread of propaganda as fact, let today mark the first day of the end of the Green Movement.

The executives of Solyndra sat before Congress and said...nothing. Nothing about what happened to the $535 Million that they secured through the Obama administration. Nothing about how they got the money and nothing about how they behaved and how they feel now. Nothing.

Yes, a company, any company going out of business is the natural act of capitalism. But this is not. Solyndra was heavily subsidized by taxpayer money through a government who constantly is trying to pick the winners and losers of industry. This wasn't just "seed" money, this was money taken from every town in America, from every street and from every pocket that could have been better spent if it were left where it was in the first place. But now is wasted. Thrown down the rathole of a Big Lie: That solar power can make money. It doesn't and it can't.

Oil is the atom of industry. It's cheap, it's plentiful and it carries more energy per ounce than any other substance on the face of the earth. Somebody dispute this. Go on, lets hear it. It's a fact.

Until we can find something like that, oil isn't going to go away. We in the former Republic of the United States now have an Autocratic government that can declare oil off limits with a wave of a hand, an executive order. They can order to ban the distribution and use of oil in the United States. But they can't stop the world. The world will continue to use oil even if we don't. The difference is that we as a nation will be competing against a world that has cheaper energy. This will never work.

Solar and Wind power are expensive. Very expensive. And to a business that expense goes into something called "Overhead". Overhead is the cost of a business to bring a product to market. And since we now live in a global marketplace, that product will sit on a shelf with other products from around the world. Products with lower overhead. Which prices will be lower? Good answer.

Not so say Solar and Wind aren't a good idea since clean energy is a worthy pursuit but the Federal Government should not be in the business of subsidizing business. The Solyndra deal smacks of corruption, party patronage and the systematic central planning that ran the Soviet Union right into the ground.

But the most insidious crime against the American public is that we never got to see what all this $535 Million never got the chance to do had it been left in the hands of the people to spend and invest in whatever power they would like. We never got the chance to see all this take flight since it was confiscated and given to the politically connected. People who obviously didn't know what to do with it and squandered it all.

Let today mark the beginning of the end of the government's distribution of wealth, of it's interference in the marketplace or it's heavy handed regulatory roll. Let's get government out of the way of industry. It's time to end the Obama regime's anti-capitalist ideas that clearly have no place in a free society. Let us begin today to return to a free market that will give all forms of energy an opportunity and so we can see the best American can produce.

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