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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Status Quo of Republicans and Democrats

For way too long in this country we the people have been thinking in only a two dimensional fashion. We think that in the realm of politics there is only two sides, the Democrats and Republicans or as I refer to them, the Demilcans and Republocrats and finally, I’m not alone.

There’s a hand in my pocket. What do I care if it’s a Democrat hand or a Republican hand? There’s a hand in my pocket!

Hasn’t anybody noticed that no matter what party the president is from, the same things happen? Obama wants to legalize the illegal aliens currently residing in this country, boo hiss. Ronald Regan DID legalize 10 million illegals when he was president. What’s the difference? Both presidents spent money that wasn’t produced yet. GW Bush spent more money than any other president right up until Barack Obama broke that record this year. And what did they spend all this money on? Entitlements and Stimulus. Money that went out and has never found it's way back. Money for THEIR interests, not the interests of the American public.

Each “Party” spends taxpayer money. The Democrats on their social “services” which serves to buy the vote of the “downtrodden” of the American culture and, of course, fuel the public jobs sector which vote in lockstep with the people who keep the money coming. They’re all about Welfare, Public Education and Government Services such as Unemployment, Medicaid and Medicare. All giveaways designed to strengthen their political hold.

The Republicans spend on “Defense” and the “War on Drugs” and other Red, White & Blue pursuits and have also created their own public sector loyalties. This may explain why we’ve been at war since I’ve been alive and have huge bloated bureaucracies like the Department of Defense and the giant Corrections sector.  Then there are all those “Resort” style military bases we have all over the world complete with clubs, spas and weight rooms. All set up to bolster their political position.

And each party has managed, through it’s building up of government and by spending Billions in taxpayer dollars, to increase taxation and regulation to the point where businesses are strangled. The cost of doing business in America is just too high. 

Enter the Libertarians. Libertarians know that no matter who occupies the office of the presidency, he’s essentially the same guy. He works for the same people and the same interests that put him where he is and the same things happen for the American public: War or Welfare. 

The Tea Party is made up of mostly working people registered as Independents and it is they who are fueling the current Libertarian revival. There is much common ground but without having to read a book to explain the way they feel let it be simply put that they are a representation of a public that is sick of seeing their interests ignored and their money gone to pay for the usurping of the basic principles of work, prosperity and sacrifice. This movement has come about because of a government that no longer promotes the principle that a person stand on their own two feet, be responsible for their actions and not doing even it’s most basic job of protecting the rights and beings of it’s citizens. We are a public grown tired of a government that acts more like an Empire than a representative Republic. 

The last thing we need right now is another Demilcan or a Republocrat in the White House. There’s another choice out there.

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