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Monday, September 5, 2011

Payback is Obama...

The term I first heard for what is taking place in American society today is “Comupins” or rather “Comeuppance”. To shorten the definition by a lot, it means “Payback”. And that’s just what is happening to the working taxpayers of this country or in another view, the “Privileged”.

It’s hard to imagine working class Middle America as oppressors but apparently that is how they’re viewed by people on what I call “The Take”. Just like the big boss at work who has the nerve to sign your paycheck, how dare we strive for better when all they’re getting is subsidized housing, health care, food and, now we know, social security and drivers licenses from the government. It hurts their self esteem.

When you grow up subsidized, you grow up thinking you can’t make it any other way. You have to have your government stipend, your government tuition money, your government union, you’re Affirmative Action because as soon as you can understand what’s being said you’re told you have to have these subsidies because others are keeping you down. The more subliminal message is: You can’t compete or not fairly at any rate because you are different because of the color of your skin.

So you have to fight for what you get…from others. And you hate them for it. And you want to get even.

And the champion of the people on The Take is Barak Obama, a man who grew up subsidized and who is not just a Marxist but a home grown race warrior. But he’s not fighting for a race of people but against a race of people: This is the “Cumupins” I was referring to. And he won't be accomplishing his goals by bringing his people up but by bringing the other people down.

The target of this derision by the government subsidized peoples in this country, the "others", is none other than the people of European decent who have formed the base of success in this country since the very beginning. Seriously though it's not just them since it takes more than one group of people to make a country run, but successful people of all colors who took risks and worked hard to make a better life for themselves and their families despite the interventions and pitfalls.  

And just like the fact that it wasn’t only white Americans that were murdered in heart-rending fashion on 9/11, neither will it only be white Americans hurt by the economic destruction that is being forced upon this country. Just as a good economy floats all boats, so will the bad crush the people on the bottom first.

Even Nicolai Lenin, once he realized his Marxist policies were killing Russia’s economy and causing businesses and people to suffer, tried to reverse some of them to ease the damages. That’s when he got shot.

But there’s no quit to Obama. His message has been unwavering and clear to all who will listen and he will never run the risk of suffering Lenin’s fate, he’s all in on it regardless of the havoc it will bring.That part does not trifle him.

This leads me to mention the African country of Zimbabwe. President Robert Mugabe has lead a race war against the countries minority white farmers which has resulted in white farmers being killed or chased off their lands and having their farms confiscated by organized violent mobs. This resulted in Zimbabwe, once the strongest economy in all of Africa, to plummet to being the worst with widespread shortages, inflation and disease. A country once thriving was reduced to its inhabitants drinking out of mud puddles. 

Apparently nobody else could run a farm.

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