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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The ObamaCare Pyramid Scheme

The “Individual Mandate” is the cornerstone of Obama’s national healthcare program. It is the key element to have the full weight of the Federal government behind the enforcement of mandating participation of every man, woman and child in America in this “Healthcare” program. 

The purpose of this is, of course, to keep this new pyramid from tipping over too quickly, much like the older Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare scams before it, by insuring a steady flow of cash from everybody into the program even though some will pay more and others will pay not at all. 

Taxpayers must be compelled to pay into the system so that the government can continue to give away healthcare for “free” to their core constituency groups, mainly illegal aliens and their support groups, sympathetic businesses like MacDonald’s Corp, GE, General Motors, the Catholic Church and the Public Unions in every state in the nation. Given that only about 50% of the American population even manages to pay taxes anymore, participation by people who do pay taxes is a necessity. Not for it to work in the long run, because really there is no long run, but for the plan to work right now because once it gets going, people will grow to expect it and it can always be "fixed" down the road, right?

So to make Socialized Medicine work, people must be forced into the program, and private insurers out of it. There must be plenty of bricks to kick under the pyramid in the event it starts to hemorrhage red ink. And it will take a lot of money. In truth it will take more money than the world currently has to keep this boondoggle afloat for even a couple of years of full operation never mind into perpetuity. There will be shortages of everything from cancer medicines to doctors. Finding a doctor will become a big issue and the prices of  pharmaceuticals will climb.

And this administration makes no bones about how the Affordable Care Act is based soley upon a Pyramid Scheme of epic proportions. Every Commie associated with this deal, from Kathleen Sebelius to Charles Schumer has said that the plan will work "if" many able bodied young people sign onto the plan. That's a pretty big IF concidering that under ObamaCare, todays 20-somethings don't even have to participate since they can stay on their parents healthcare plans until they're 26 years old. How's that for farsightedness?

But also this young demographic is most likely the largest group of underemployeed and unemployeed people that reside in this nation. Many are carrying crippling college loan debt that they won't pay off for over a decade and so how are they going to pay the premiums when they turn 26? Perhaps the Federal Government will then enact yet another loan program so that they can borrow money at low interest from the government to pay for their health plan that, since they are young and healthy, they won't likely be using so that they can pay for other people to use the plan. This is a bad deal for America's young people no matter how you look at it. For them it's a robbery.
Usually bad policy takes decades to start to smell bad. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are prime examples. They started small and unobtrusive but they slowly grew over decades to be the national budget busters they are today. But its the newer bad policies coming out of Washington that just stink right away like GW Bush's “No Child Left Behind” and the “Drug Benefit Plan” tacked onto Medicare which were labeled failures the day they were passed into law. 

And on the local level the predecessor to Obama’s health plan, an entity that is referred to as “RomneyCare”, started in the red and has been running deficits ever since. Contemplate this for a moment: The MassHealth plan started losing money right from DAY 1 and has gone downhill ever since. It has only been held up by Obama's friend, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick with funds from somewhere else in the state's general tax fund. They're not about to release that information.

But the National Healthcare Plan, slap-dashed together by a Leftist Congressional majority and even then only barely rammed through over every reasoned objection has reached the pinnacle of bad policy and bad precedent. It will stand as the biggest increase in taxes that the American public will have ever seen and the final straw.

The ACA is yet another Federal plan that the American people are forced by the stern blade of an overlord government to pay for even if they never receive a dime from it. I was going to say that never before in the history of the United States of America has there ever been a product or plan that made it mandatory that a citizen to participate in but I’d be lying. Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are all plans that a majority of citizens are pushed into participation and have to pay for. With the exception of public employees that is. Public employees are exempt from being forced to pay for Social Security and Medicaid taxes. 

So ObamaCare is not so much a health plan as it is a DRAFT. We are all now Conscripts in Obama’s war against private markets. We are now destined to be Cannon Fodder, thrown to the front and compelled to go over the top in Obama's Communist power grab and the struggle to keep what we as individuals have worked for our whole lives. We have been impressed into this monumental economic error and will be sacrificed on its altar of failure. 

And it will fail. The takers will always outnumber the payers.

So is it Constitutional?  Never mind that there is no Constitutional mandate that the Federal Government should even get involved in providing healthcare to individuals. All federal duties not specifically outlined in The Constitution are left to the States, so to mandate state participation in a Federal plan not therein outlined, and that includes Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, would be unconstitutional out of hand.
But it makes no difference if the Supreme Judicial Court lets the Individual Mandate stand or not since ObamaCare is already inflicting its economic damage on our lives. 

It would be great if the SJC would strike down not only the IM but ObamaCare in its entirety but it’s a Dead Plan walking regardless. The only difference would be the level of pain it would cause if allowed to go forward.

And it doesn't stop here. The next step is the so called "Single Payer" plan where the GOVERNMENT is the sole provider of health care in the country. Look at how well the Veteran's Administration has handled the Single Payer system with America's verterans.

Don't get sick.

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