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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Liberals Blame the Other Guy...

It happens every time. When the Left's Liberal policies crash and burn, it's everybody else"s fault. It can't be that the President does not know how to actually fix the financial mess created by his own runaway spending plans, can it? No, it's GWB's fault, it's the Republican's fault or it's the Tea Party's fault. Blame the other guy. "It would have worked if it wasn't for X, Y or Z.
This is why the Left never changes their view of things. They're in denial. They believe that their beliefs of wealth distribution, welfare and a "depend on gov't" state would work if only it was allowed to be implemented correctly. If only it wasn't held back by the "Non-believers".
Well it has been applied correctly this time and many times before this and it not only doesn't it work, it really can't work. You can't suck money out of the productive sectors of our economy and give it to the unproductive. You can't lift a people up by tearing the prosperous down. We can't spend ourselves into prosperity. No, it has never worked and talk of people paying "their fair share" hasn't proven to be very fair at all in its distribution and use by the government. If fact it's been wasted.
Like Obama said, it's not class warfare, it's math. And the Left, apparently, can't do math.

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