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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Reason Behind US Intervention in Libya.

The US lead NATO forces have finally decided to put a more muscle behind their efforts to topple the Ghaddafi regime in Libya. The last few weeks they have poured more ordinance onto the Ghaddafi government's army than at any other time since the initial assault. It remains unspoken if there are any troops on the ground but who doubts that NATO "advisers" are on the ground "helping" the rebels take aim. Let's face it, NATO has been disappointed in the lack of "chutzpa" the so called rebels were demonstrating on camera so they had to finally put the hammer down and write a better ending. But will the ending be so rosy?

Besides simply ignoring the War Powers act and in doing so, delegitimizing Congress itself, our Autocratic Empire steams on as it invests a tidy sum of money in the overthrow of this small but oil rich nation. And although the last president was accused often and openly that his incursion into Iraq was a "War for Oil", there doesn't seem to be the same response this time. No outcry at all from the formerly energetic, staunch, principled and conscientious anti-war people who so dogged President Bush, picketing his ranch in Texas to much television coverage. But perhaps this time the war wasn't for oil at all.

Once again the United States, aka NATO, brings disaster to the world theater. One has to wonder what is to be gained by this latest action. The Intervention in Libya can only follow the same path as much of the "Arab Spring" who's only noticeable change has been to destabilize standing, not so radical Muslim governments and replace them with totally radical Muslim governments.

Heard about Egypt lately? Their glorious US encouraged revolution has managed to turn the country into yet another launch pad for attacks on Israel. Having previously been the only Arab nation to make peace with Israel, Egypt has reversed course. Here’s a handy quote from Mohammed Adel, a leader of the protests that toppled former Egyptian leader Mubarak commenting on Egypt’s recent withdrawal of their ambassador to Israel, “It proves to all that the Egyptian revolution is capable of imposing its rules on the Israeli enemy.”

Sounds like change we all can believe in.

This is the old Communist "Domino Theory" turned on it's ear. Instead of fighting to prevent a country from embracing hard-line rule, the US is fighting to bring the hard-liners into power. Remember that old mandate of administrations past? To bring Democracy to the world? Not that this was such a great idea either but it sure beats the hell out of what's going on now. This is more like “bring Sharia Law to the world”. The real winners of this reorganization are the Mullahs, the Muslim aristocracy and leaders of the new Muslim Expansion aided and abetted by the still weighty resources of the American Taxpayer.

Of course this kind of off-the-wall speculation can only play into the conspiracy theorists view that Barak Obama’s only plan is the willful and methodical overthrow of European influence in the US and the world while simultaneously collapsing the US economy, bringing on a totalitarian state of our own.

And so when the President directs our military to open a third war front during a time where the nation’s GDP is running $Trillions in the red, it may be theorized by crazy Tea Party types and those misguided Ron Paul hypnotized Libertarians that this goal can be realized. “In so many ways", I can hear them loudly rant, "are US Taxpayers funding our own demise at the hands of a person who owes no loyalty to the American Way.”

Who knows if radical Islam could have achieved the consolidation of a Muslim Caliphate in North Africa through their own terrorist actions but now, thanks to US military might, we are no longer left to ponder such a question.

But all this is just crazy talk…right?

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